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Wichita Urology Group PA
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5 out of 5
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Dr. Joudi, Thank you for being so thorough with the care you provide. We are very grateful and blessed to have you as a doctor. You really care about your patience and it shows! Sincerely, Gary & Chris Meitler
January 12 , 2023
I appreciate everyone that has helped me get to this point in my health journey.
October 12 , 2016
Everything went exceptionallly well. Everyone I encountered from the first visit through the hospital and every appointment after has been great. Very nice and professional. Dr Joudi and his team has been great!
August 22 , 2017
Totally terrified going to a doctor but he made me feel safe and comfortable with his approach and bedside manner. I would highly recommend him to everyone if he could see them all! He has a great staff as well! Thank you!
July 31 , 2017
Highly recommended by peers and rightly so. Excellent surgeon and very easy to talk to.
March 28 , 2014
I have been a patient of Dr. Joudi for at least 8 years. He has always been dedicated to my health. He is prompt and is interested in my personal well being. Everyone loves him. When I am asked who is my surgeon/Urologist and I tell them Dr Joudi, everyone always has nice things to say about him. I had cancer in part of my kidney and Dr. Joudi took care of it all for me! He called me personally with results. Not only is he an expert in his field but he is also a very compassionate and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Joudi to anyone needing a urologist.
August 06 , 2019
I was very nervous about my upcoming surgery UNTIL I saw Dr. Joudi. He took very good care of me! I felt safe with him doing my surgery. Everything went very smooth, smoother than I can ever dream. I hope I dont need him again but if I do I will definitely come back to see Dr. Joudi. Everyone from reception to his medical team was great.
September 24 , 2019
I was referred to Dr. Fadi Joudi by my Cardiologist that found cancer in a recent sonogram. It was the best decision I have made regarding my healthcare. Dr. Joudi was able to remove all parts of the cancer. I am 4 weeks Post Op and I am doing so much better. I am very happy with the results and for Dr. Joudi and his team. Dr. Joudi has been compassionate, attentive, and always reassuring to me and my family. I highly recommend Dr. Fadi Joudi to anyone.
July 23 , 2019
Dr. Joudi is very good at paying attention to his patient, gives you straight forward answers to your questions and is an excellent surgeon.
November 15 , 2018
Dr.Joudi was so thorough and asked just the right questions to make sure I got the best care. I really felt he took the time to find a solution that will help me. The staff was just exceptional! Michelle H.
February 10 , 2019
He spent time with me, he didnt make me feel rushed when I had questions to ask and he is very caring.
April 07 , 2017
Dr Joudi gave me alot of hope on our first consult for quality of life. My condition gradually got worse over the course of five years. I am 4 weeks post op. and feeling more comfortable and can easily and completely void my bladder. It the best feeling!! I had minimal pain with the surgery. Dr.Joudi did a wonderful job. I feel lucky to have been referred to him. I highly recommend Dr.Joudi!!
December 10 , 2019
I met Dr. Joudi in the ER. He had me come into his office and have a procedure done. Dr. Joudi recommended surgery. I feel confident in the decisions we made regarding my surgery. Dr. Joudi answered all my questions and was always reassuring. Surgery was easy to schedule. Surgery went well. I am 5 weeks Post OP and doing so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Joudi to anyone needing a Urologist.
July 23 , 2019
Dr.Joudi did a great job. Top of the line work for sure!! I came to him not being able to void. He found out that my prostate was causing the problem. I quickly got into surgery and he performed the Rotor Rooter. Im 6 months post op and I feel like a new guy. I can sleep without having to get up all the time!! Thanks Dr. Joudi and team!
May 26 , 2020
I am very grateful that Dr Joudi is able to come to Kingman to see me! I just happen to be visiting with my pcp regarding another issue of mine when I was instructed to get a CT scan. The next day I came back in to review the results and I was informed that I had a kidney tumor. Luckily that same day Dr. Joudi was in Kingman and he got me right in. I was having surgery the following week! I am 4 weeks post op and feel great. I always had confidence in him! I’m very pleased with his work! I highly recommend him and his team! Thank you for coming to Kingman!!
October 30 , 2020
I met Dr. Joudi several years ago in Pratt, Ks. We have been battling against cancerous bladder tumors. Throughout the past several years with all the recurrences Dr. Joudi has always been honest and up front. Thats what you want in a doctor if you ask me. Dr. Joudi has always had an ethical and professional way of speaking with his patients. I highly recommend Dr.Joudi and his team to anyone. Thanks again Dr. JOUDI. Im cancer free!!!
September 05 , 2019
We are very pleased with the Hospital and the Doctors we saw. Dr. Joudi and all the Doctors where very thorough.
October 23 , 2018
When I first came to see Dr. Joudi the check in process was very quick and easy. I was very comfortable in Jessica, his medical assistants presence. She explained in detail what the procedure would be like. Kasi, his nurse helped me with my medication and also handled sending a copy of my plan to my PCP. Both were wonderful. Dr. Joudi is very caring, compassionate and very detailed. He explained everything about the procedure and surgery in detail. Surgery went great. Recovery is going good. Dr. Joudi reached out personally to see how I was doing. That meant a lot to me. Thank you Dr. Joudi and staff. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
April 23 , 2019
I had severe bladder prolapse. I was referred to Dr Joudi from my PCP. From The very beginning he was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and concerns he reassured me that he could help me and that I would feel better. I was very impressed with the robotic procedure. I came into Wichita to have that done. I’m very happy that he can see me in Kingman that is very convenient. I don’t have any more leakage or prolapse issues I feel great I can live my life normally I highly recommend Dr. Joudi and his team!
January 22 , 2021
He is clear and decisive. He has great confidence and friendly. When we heard the bad news he was very understanding and soothing.
September 12 , 2017
He is very informative and is very professional. He helped me understand what was going on with all of my appointments every time.
June 06 , 2017
I was referred to Dr. Joudi for a renal mass. We consulted with him and I trusted in his knowledge and decisions regarding my surgery. He was able to get me in the following week for surgery to partially remove my right kidney. Dr. Joudi is very personable. He called me at home post surgery to check on me. He also visited me several times in the hospital. His staff and team are great. I highly recommend Dr. Joudi to family and friends
July 10 , 2020
He is very personable, and he listens to the patient.
September 18 , 2018
He was very efficient, and thorough. he has a great bedside manor. I was happy that he put up with me. His personality is very warm, friendly and caring. I have no complaints at all. my surgery went very well and have every faith in his ability to save my life and keep me well.
January 22 , 2019
I was very comfortable and confident about my procedure and the follow up that Dr. Joudi provided.
October 16 , 2017
I feel like a new woman!! Thank you so much Dr.Joudi. I have been struggling with urinary leakage for 20+ years. I was referred to Dr.Joudi by a patient of his. Within a few weeks of consulting with him I had my surgery. The surgery was scheduled at 7:30am and he was ready by 7:15am! He was prompt and ready to go. I am so happy with my results. I literally jumped and gave Dr.Joudi a huge hug at my Post Op appt. I feel like he has given me my life back. I can stand,jump and even dance without leaking. What a wonderful Dr!! Staff has been great as well. I highly recommend Dr.Joudi to anyone.
December 02 , 2019
I was referred to Dr. Joudi by the VA. I heard a lot of good things about Dr. Joudi! We decided to go along with the surgery and I couldnt of asked for better outcome. I was very satisfied with Dr. Joudi. He has great bedside manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Joudi to anyone.
September 26 , 2019
I was referred by my endrocronlogist to Dr.Joudi I needed a adrenalectomy. Dr. Joudi was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable with the decision of having the surgery. He was great in surgery! I was able to leave the hospital the next day. I am 1 month PostOp and I feel good. Everything is healing nicely. I highly recommend Dr.Joudi and his team.
June 11 , 2020
Great doctor, I feel great! I feel like I could go out tomorrow and run a marathon because he took such great care of me!
April 19 , 2017
I met Dr Joudi in the hospital. He was referred to me by another physician. Making a follow up appt with him in office was easy and everyone was very helpful . We decided to go ahead with the surgery. I wont forget how my family and I felt when Dr. Joudi took time to visit me after hours. I was in horrific pain when he arrived. He showed up and took over my care. He showed up at the right time! He saved me that evening. I felt like I wanted to die from the pain He is on our A list of doctors.
September 24 , 2019
Number one, I have felt great after surgery and I owe that to him. He takes great care of me and has a great team. He came highly recommended to me. His personality is a plus and makes you enjoy coming to the doctor instead of dreading it. I was fortunate to be referred to such a pleasant and professional doctor.
July 25 , 2017
He is very caring and thorough doctor. He explained the whole procedure and I had a very great outcome from surgery. He has a great bedside manner as well which is comforting. The entire staff of Wichita Urology has been wonderful.
July 03 , 2018
I was a bit weary when I first met Dr. Joudi because he looks so young and I was worried about his qualifications and experience. Dont let him fool you, though. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He made sure I understood my diagnosis and treatment options. He has a great staff and facility. I highly reccomend him to anyone and everyone.
October 05 , 2017
I was completely satisfied and very happy with Dr. Joudis team. He took great care of me and his staff was very friendly.
April 19 , 2018
He’s has manners a sense of humor and good looking too. His staff is always pleasant and concerning. As I lay here in stirrups (lol) I know I have a great doctor and knowledgeable staff. Love this crew.
February 19 , 2019
Dr. Joudi took the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions for me during the original consult. He is very personable and caring. Dr. Joudi used robotic surgery to remove my prostate in July of 2015. The surgery was performed at 8 am and I was released at 2pm the next day. All follow-up visits have been very pleasant and comfortable during my conversations with him.
March 31 , 2016
Very caring staff, Kasi was very helpful, very competent doctor
July 18 , 2016
December 06 , 2021
He is a very professional and in my opinion is the best. I cannot explain how well the surgery that he performed has helped me. I was referred to a few doctors and I took the time to research them, he is and will be always be my first choice and I will refer him to everyone. He has a great bedside manner as well.
May 09 , 2017
I was referred to Dr. Joudi by an ER Dr. I had my first consult immediately after leaving the ER. Appt was scheduled with ease. Everyone at the front desk took good care of me. Wait time wasnt very long. Dr. Joudi was worried about another health condition I had at the time and he made sure that I checked out ok before we did my kidney surgery. Surgery went well and I even got to go home a day early. I got a personal phone call from Dr. Joudi explaining my results and was excited to receive the news that he got all the malignancy out. His team is amazing as well. Would highly recommend Dr. Joudi and his heath team to anyone
September 03 , 2019
Dr. Joudi is an awesome doctor. He finds the problem gives you different options and then fixes the problem. He very experienced and he doesnt sugar coat or waste anytime. With all that being said he lets you know that he cares and makes you feel comfortable. My husband and I are very pleased with the whole experience. Thank God for Dr. Joudi
February 11 , 2016
Dr. Joudi found a mass on my left kidney through a CT Scan. I was brought in for a Partial Nephrectomy. Surgery went well no complications. Dr. Joudi is very knowledgeable and helpful. Good bedside manner. He explained everything and answered any questions I had. Post op appt went great. I feel great. I would highly recommend Dr. Joudi. My family have used Dr. Joudi for Urology issues in the past. He is great!
March 09 , 2020
Dr. Joudi was fantastic! He saw my husband every day in the hospital after his partial nephrectomy. We had many questions after diagnosis and he took the time and answsered them all.
April 17 , 2009
I was referred to Dr. Joudi by my PCP. On my first visit we set the date for my partial nephrectomy. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor and his team was wonderful. Dr. Joudi was good at explaining the procedure and gave me several options. I would highly recommend DR. Joudi to my family and friends.
August 27 , 2019
Very well run office for wait time, ease of appointment. Dr Joudi was able to diagnosis my problem where other urologists failed. Bedside manner and time spent was wonderful. Would highly recommend.
April 09 , 2014
Bladder sling with cystocele repair. Dr. Joudi is the best! Great communication. Easy recovery. I wish I would’ve had it done sooner.
August 02 , 2022
My experience was wonderful prior to surgery, the day of and after. Dr Joudi and his staff were always there to answer questions. They also worked great with other healthcare providers to provide the right diagnosis and care.
August 17 , 2020
I appreciate how everything went with my Joudi performed by Dr. Joudi. I have not had any complications. Very minimal pain.
June 03 , 2021
Dr. Joudi is excellent. He was very thoughtful and explained to me all questions that i had. His staff is very nice and welcoming.
February 12 , 2018
He took care of my issues, fixed my problems, am no longer in pain! I am happy!!!
April 10 , 2017
The procedure went extremely well, there were no problems at all. I was talking to the nurses, went to sleep, woke up talking to nurses. I felt great! I felt so good that I wanted to drive home but the nurse wouldnt let me.
October 31 , 2017
He is an extremely skilled doctor. Very good about keeping patients informed. Very reassuring and inspires confidence. I highly recommend him.
January 14 , 2016
I felt confident in him as soon as I met him, he gives great care and has a great team to assist him.
June 14 , 2018
I first met Dr. Joudi a few years ago I was in the hospital with a kidney stone. He was great! So I decided to come visit him again with another problem I have and he is still one of the best Urologist around. He checked up on me when I was in the hospital and the follow up visit went great. I would highly recommend to anyone.
June 10 , 2019
I searched up Dr. Joudi online and saw he was highly recommended. I then asked my PCP about him and they knew who he was. Im happy I found him. He did what you call a Roto Rooter. I was having problems with frequency and an enlarged prostate. I was maxed out on meds and had put this surgery off for 5 years. Im glad I came to see Dr. Joudi. He was excellent and the surgery went well! I highly recommend him and his teams
January 05 , 2021
He spent time with me and didnt make me feel rushed when I was asking questions. He took the time to answer them and made sure that I was comfortable. He has a great bedside manner and I would recommend him to everyone I know.
April 07 , 2017
He listened to me and he stood out from everyone else because he is so smart and answers all my questions. He has a great personality. Everyone I met here is good people. He is the best in the business.
July 17 , 2018
I came to see Dr. Joudi about some kidney problems I was having. We had no idea I would send up having to lose my kidney to cancer. Luckily, Dr. Joudi was able to get in there and removed what needed to come out. After I got the personal phone call from Dr. Joudi himself stating that the path report was negative and that I am cancer free, I am one happy man!!! Thank You so much Dr. Joudi and team!! I would highly recommend Dr. Joudi to anyone.
August 06 , 2019
He is very professional. He explains things very well and that is something that is needed for the patient experience. He answered all my questions which I really appreciated and he also used terms that I could understand so that I could understand what was going on. He can talk really well with his patients. He was great and I am very happy that he is my urologist.
January 11 , 2018
His communications are excellent, knowledge is excellent and a top rated doctor. I would recommend.
June 13 , 2015
Everyone was courteous and helpful. The hospital stay was absolutely awesome and I would definitely recommend Dr. Joudi!
February 07 , 2019

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