New York Queens Medicine And Surgery, P.C.
1402 150th St
Whitestone, NY 11357 (Directions)
4.9 out of 5
New York Queens Medicine And Surgery, P.C.
1402 150th St
Whitestone, NY 11357 (Directions)

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4.9 out of 5
76 ratings, 76 reviews
great doctor. both professional and warm. Very collaborative when it came to making treatment decisions.
December 03 , 2017
I went to see Dr.shafizadeh for a complicated bladder issue that I have been suffering with for years. I had lost all hope but he spent time listening to me and explaining what could realistically be done to improve my condition. I am now 50 percent better,which is more than any other urologist ever did for me. He is a fabulous doctor..
January 15 , 2017
Great doctor, very thorough, nice office staff too
November 03 , 2017
great surgeon, very warm and caring. He did a bladder lift on me with great results. I have already sent him my friends and family!
November 02 , 2017
Went to Dr. Shafizadeh at the recommendation of my internist because of elevated PSA. I feel that I am in excellent hands because Dr. Shafizadeh consistently explains all of my treatment options at every step and we make decisions together.
December 13 , 2016
I went to dr. Shafizadeh because of female issues ( couldnt hold my urine!) Hr was amazing before, during and after surgery!
November 08 , 2019
Very happy and thankfull for my medical care by Dr. Shafizadeh. He is cating, kind, and professional.
March 10 , 2017
I cannot say enough about Dr. Shafizadeh, both as a surgeon and as a human being. My internist sent me to him when I had weird bladder issues. he quickly diagnosed me with bladder cancer. Dr. Shafizadeh always treated me and my family with respect and as equals in my medical care. He always explained what he thought was the best option as well as other options and listened to my concerns. In this day and age of rushed medicine to make a dollar, he is unusual- a man of equal skill and compassion. What a guy.
February 22 , 2017
wonderful doctor, very caring and obviously very smart. He has operated on both myself and my brother with great results. Could not be happier with our medical care. Great staff too.
September 22 , 2015
I went to Dr. Shafizadeh initially when my PSA began climbing up. Due to my complicated health issues and advanced age, he advised that we take a wait and see approach and to not rush to surgery as the end result could be worst that my elevated PSA. I liked him alot and was ok with his plan. But then my wife (who meant well I know) saw some urologist on TV and insisted that I go for a second opinion. Five minutes into our office visit with this other urologist, he had me booked for unnecessary surgery which has resulted in 2 infections and severe incontinence. Well, I went back to Dr. Shafizadeh who not only took me back as a patient but has been wonderful in trying to improve my quality of life. I should have listened to him the first time. He is a really compassionate, caring guy who went into medicine to help others.
February 23 , 2017
fantastic doctor, knows his stuff. And also very warm.
May 17 , 2019
excellent doctor. knows his stuff. He fixed my ED issue after 20 years of suffering!
June 29 , 2019
I went to Dr. Shafizadeh for a prolapsed bladder surgery (thanks to my 5 kids!) with great results. This is one of his specialties by the way. I am now getting laser treatment (its totally painless and in office) from Dr. Shafizadeh which has been AMAZING.
May 16 , 2018
After my kids and age took their toll on my body, I had all kinds of urinary issues and no matter who I saw, I got little in the way of improvement. I went to Dr. Shafizadeh b/c my neighbor kept telling me how great he was. She was right. three months post-surgery and I havent leaked once!! In addition to being a great doctor, he is also a very very sweet man.
April 12 , 2012
great doctor. I felt like he actually cared. nice staff as well. my surgery went very well.
June 01 , 2017
The doctor went out of his way to have his staff show me how to do a procedure at home . Very impressed with his approach to helping me deal with my medical problem. Staff was very professional.
March 11 , 2017
Dr. Shafizadeh was the 4th doctor I had seen. The other three just wanted to do procedures on me to make $ without really caring about what I wanted. Dr. S spent 40 minutes just listening to me and what I had endured all these years. He has managed my condition and I have a normal life for the first time in 20 years. I also love the girls up front! its a fun, busy office.
February 17 , 2011
Wonderful, kind doctor. Provided me with excellent care.
February 17 , 2018
What can you say about a man who managed to save your life from cancer while giving you back your... manhood? Did I mention that besides being brilliant he is also really really nice? When my wife and I first went to see him we had still not decided on which doctor we would choose to treat my prostate cancer. When we left his office, my wife turned to me and we both said this is the one. We felt that while he was incredibly humble, his brilliance was apparent, and we were right. I have since sent all of my friends and family to Dr. S and will continue to do so.
October 21 , 2011
So happy I found Dr. Shafizadeh. He operated on my bladder (he did a bladder lift for prolapse) and I am sooooo happy with the results.
September 08 , 2018
Great doctor. He was very knowledgeable and explained all of my treatment options clearly.
December 10 , 2016
Dr. shafizadeh cured my ED AFTER many years of my suffering.
June 30 , 2019
Wonderful doctor. Smart, with nice bedside manner
April 21 , 2015
My marriage and self-esteem had been suffering for years. I finally went to Dr. Shafizadeh, who is head of sexual health at the hospital near me and because he was on top doctors list. Not only is he smart, but he is so kind and easy to talk to about something very private and humiliating. It has been 6 months since I began treatment and I feel like a new man. There are no words to express my thanks.
December 01 , 2016
I went to Dr. shafizadeh after another urologist totally botched my last surgery. he has been amazing. wish I had found him first.
June 02 , 2017
Dr. Shafizadeh was so so helpful with my urinary issues! I have had several treatments thus far and I am already much better!
February 03 , 2020
I took my 81 year old father to Dr. Shafizadeh based on a recommendation from a friend. He was obviously very smart, but he also seemed to really care and listen to my dad, even to his old war stories! We never felt rushed he explained everything very carefully so that my elderly father knew what was going to happen and was thus not nervous on the day of surgery. Post-surgery, we had NO complications, everything went off without a hitch. We just made a follow up appt to thank the doc in person! What a guy
August 12 , 2011
I wound up going to dr. Shafizadeh after another urologist really messed up my procedure, leaving me incontinent and with all kinds of issues. I found dr. Shafizadeh through friends and he has been just amazing. I have back my quality of life thanks yo dr. Shafizadeh
February 17 , 2018
I was referred to Dr. Shafizadeh by a colleague who had been raving about him for some time. I walked in to a busy office- lots of people there. But I saw him quickly enough. But this is what set him so apart. For the first time in years, I did not feel rushed to get out or a doctors office. He asked me lots of questions, answered all of my many questions and then gave me some options with the pros and cons of each. Four months later, I am now sleeping through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom and I have a very happy wife. Dr. Shafizadeh is smart, which I guess all doctors are, but he is also a gentleman and a class act.
January 22 , 2012
Great experience with dr.shafizadeh. He clearly explained my treatment options and outcome scenarios. His answers to my questions were thoughtful and forthright which is why i had him operate on me and the results have been fabulous.
October 20 , 2018
Dr. Shafizadeh has been treating me for sexual dysfunction for the past 3 months and I can say that it has been live-changing!
February 02 , 2020
Very happy with the results of my bladder lift surgery. I also like his bedside manner.
December 16 , 2016
I received great care from Dr. Shafizadeh. The outcome of my operation was also excellent.
December 22 , 2017
My husband received wonderful care and treatment from Dr. Shafizadeh. Such a lovely gently person who also happens to be a superb doctor. My husband is in treatment for enlarged prostate and it has been quite successful.
October 11 , 2020
Dr. shafizadeh was a thorough doctor and skilled surgeon. he clearly explained my options. I never felt rushed.
June 26 , 2012
dr. Shafizadeh treated me for my prostate several times in the last few months. He is caring, thoughtful and really smart. My sister who works at a large city hospital sent me to him. Apparently, the friends and families of hospital staff go to him because the nurses think very highly of him. And they are right. I just referred my brother in law and my boss!
November 27 , 2011
I decided to do vaginal rejuvenation treatment once I hit menopause for a variety of issues. I chose Dr. Shafizadeh because he was the only one who was honest enough to say it may or may not work. He was very clear about what to expect because its not a cheap treatment. Loved tgat about him, and it worked for me!!
October 21 , 2018
So rare to find a caring, thoughtful doctor in this rushed age of quick, money driven medicine! 2 other urologists had told me I needed an expensive treatment not c over ed by my insurance. Dr. Shafizadeh explained that this treatment is not covered by insurance because they are not sure how well it actually works and that we should try dietery changes first. He was right! 3 months of good elimination and I am 75% better. I cant thank dr. Shafizadeh enough.
January 09 , 2016
"Thorough and knowledgeable doctor, skilled surgeon"
March 07 , 2022
Dr. Shafizadeh treated me for urinary issues (due to pelvic prolapse) and so far my results have been fantastic!
March 07 , 2022
wonderful doctor! dr. shafizadeh took excellent care of my husband. We love him!
May 23 , 2019
amazing experience with Dr. shafizadeh. great surgeon, thoughtful doctor. he is treating me for bladder issues.
October 29 , 2017
Amazing, kind, caring doctor. He saved my husbands life! I cant say enough wonderful things.
August 12 , 2018
dr. shafizadeh was attentive and thoughtful.
June 10 , 2019
Fantastic doctor, delighted with our choice of urologist
October 07 , 2014
Elevated PSA revealed prostate cancer. After carefully reviewing all of my treatment options I decided together with Dr. Shafizadeh on robotic surgery. He was great. My post-surgery appointments have also been great. Little to no side effects
May 05 , 2019
great doctor. seemed knowledgeable and caring. my visit and exam were thorough. I felt I was in good hands
December 10 , 2017
Dr. Shafizadeh came very very highly recommended by my internist, who was also his patient. I have visited fancy doctors all over NYC to treat my urinary condition, all of whom took my $$$ and did little for me. Dr. S met with me for nearly an hour and went over my medical history and other doctors reports with me (something NONE of the other doctors had done). It snow two months later, I have returned to the active, happy life I used to know! I am forever indebted to Dr. Shafizadeh.
December 13 , 2010
skilled, smart, caring. everything you need in a doctor.
November 05 , 2017
I went to Dr. Shafizadeh expecting another five minute office visit, but he and I wound up talking about my complicated urological history for more than 20 minutes and based on his thorough questioning, he was able to pinpoint where the problem has originated. I am finally on the road to recovery. amen.
November 27 , 2018
He seems to really care and is very thoughtful and does not rush you. I had great results after my surgery. I recommend him highly.
October 26 , 2017
Dr Shafizadeh is smart, very very smart, and on top of it a very sweet, caring and humble man. I was sent to him by my own internist who had sent his own father to Dr. Shafizadeh! He managed to avoid unnecessary procedures and operations and continues to care for me two years later. He is fantastic. I have sent all of my poker buddies to see him!
March 31 , 2011
Dr shafizadeh was very old school. Gave me thorough exam, took complete history, discussed all of my options, then told me to think about it and let him know if I had any questions! No. Wonder the waiting room was packed! His operation was also great
January 05 , 2019
"Fantastic doctor. Has been treating me for sexual function issues. He is thoughtful, kind, and very very smart. "
March 20 , 2020
dr. shafizadeh helped me with my ED issues when nothing else worked.
May 16 , 2019
Wonderful doctor, calm, measured bedside manner. explained my options thoroughly. My wife, who was very anxious felt much better after our first visit. Has operated on me already with great results
March 22 , 2015
I went to Dr. Shafizadeh after a supposed top robotic surgeon did unnecessary surgery on me which led to all kinds of complications. I should have gone to see him earlier, but I fell for advertising and the hype of the other guy. Dr. Shafizadeh is that rare breed of doctor today who is not all about the money, but about his patients. He has been able to help me manage al of the complications that resulted from my unnecessary surgery by that other doctor. Even my sexual potency has returned thanks to Dr. Shafizadeh and his willingness to try both traditional medicine as well as herbal medicine! Love this guy. Cant recommend him highly enough.
February 25 , 2011
Dr. Shafizadeh began treating me for urinary incontinence only 3 months ago and I am already 80% improved! This after suffering for 20 years.
March 21 , 2020
I needed surgery but for religious reasons, I will not have blood transfusions. It is very hard to find a New York doctor who is willing to work with this. Through word of mouth in my community, I found Dr. Shafizadeh. He was very respectful of my wishes and did the procedure in a way that adhered to my beliefs.
May 22 , 2012
Dr. Shafizadeh is a great doctor. Very compassionate and knowledgeable. He has been treating me for bladder cancer for 3 year now and I feel that he is a true partner in my care.
December 24 , 2017
really liked him. seemed kowledgeable and experienced regarding female urology issues. he did laser treatments which helped alot with my bladder issues
June 09 , 2019
excellent doctor. i found dr. shafizadeh thoughtful and thorough and my compmicated urgery was successful.
March 09 , 2018
I found Dr. Shafizadeh through word of mouth. I was initially nervous because his office seemed so busy and I figured he would spend five minutes with me and leave. But we spend nearly an hour together going through my complex medical history. Together, we agreed on a treatment plan incorporating alternative natural therapies, lifestyle changes (no more cigs and red meat!) and surgery. I am, finally, after years and years of suffering, feeling whole again thanks to Dr. Shafizadeh! He is brilliant AND nice, a rarity.
March 09 , 2012
I went to Dr. S because my doc told me this is his area of expertise and he was right. A few treatments later, and all systems are GO after more than 5 years. I cant thank him enough.
January 28 , 2020
"Great, highly professional doctor!"
October 18 , 2021
My husband received wonderful, skilled care from dr
November 13 , 2016
Very happy with the medical care provided by Dr. Shafizadeh and his staff. Caring and kind from the beginning. He seems to have actually gone into medicine to help people, which is rare in NYC. I have a relative who is here from overseas without insurance and who needed urgent medical care for a urological problem. I told Dr. Shafizadeh about it hoping he would tell me about some free clinics. He told me to send him my relative and he took care of him. You dont see that often.
November 04 , 2017
Dr. Shafizadeh is one of the few doctors I met in my 67 years of my life who is the most knowledgeable most accommodating and the best bedside manner. I feel as a family member of the patient that we were extremely lucky to be treated by him.he provides the best service in different offices in NYC as well as the Queens Presbyterian hospital.This hospital is so lucky to have such doctors who can be so brilliant and completed as a doctor should be he has done two surgeries that was life saving and we couldn’t ask for more. I give him 10 stars if I could but he is definitely 5 well deserved star doctor in NYC.
August 14 , 2018
Fantastic doctor- smart and caring
July 12 , 2022
i went to dr. shafizadeh for ED as a last resort. viagra, cyalis, none of the meds worked. he figured out the cause and re-assured me. he is worth his weight in gold.
April 06 , 2019
great doctor. very knowledgeable and caring. Gave me back my sexual function.
May 15 , 2019
Dr. Shafizadeh is a wonderful physician. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and he listens carefully as his patients describe their symptoms. He’s an excellent diagnostician and goes the extra mile for his patients.
July 07 , 2020
Dr. Shafizadeh has been treating my urinary incontinence for only 3 months. I am nearly 80% improved after 20 plus years of suffering!
March 21 , 2020
I was sent to Dr. Shafizadeh by my GP for prostate issues. He is very understanding and knows alot. He also seems to really care about his patients.
January 18 , 2017
I went to this doctor because he was highly recommend on here. I have urinary frequency and urgency. He had no idea what to diagnose me with and essentially wanted me gone. The second time I came he was in another room and I could hear him talking to his intern saying there is nothing I can do for this guy but he keeps coming back. Then he came in and prescribed me Flomax (after telling someone there was nothing he could do???). My primary doctor recommended pelvic physical therapy and I went to a physical therapist and it reduced my frequency by 60+%!!! I also looked up information online to cope with interstitial cystitis and changed my diet. This also had a dramatic impact. Overall Dr. Shafizadeh was not helpful!
September 19 , 2018
I went to this doctor because he was highly recommend on here. I have urinary frequency and urgency. He had no idea what to diagnose me with and essentially wanted me gone. The second time I came he was in another room and I could hear him talking to his intern saying there is nothing I can do for this guy but he keeps coming back. Then he came in and prescribed me Flomax (after telling someone ther was nothing he could do???). My primary doctor recommended pelvic physical therapy and I went to a physical therapist and it reduced my frequency by 60+%!!! I also looked up information online to cope with interstitial cystitis and changed my diet. This also had a dramatic impact. Overall Dr. Shafizadeh was not helpful!
September 20 , 2018

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