Oswego County Urology PC
17 S 1st St
Fulton, NY 13069 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
Oswego County Urology PC
17 S 1st St
Fulton, NY 13069 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
20 ratings, 20 reviews
professional,good hearted,brilliant!!!,and VERY thorough!
February 17 , 2016
Cant say enough. He was great in all aspects. very pleased and on my way to a good recovery. thank you Dr. Oben
June 01 , 2014
From the minute I met Dr Oben I knew I was in the right place. He worked hard to figure out and repair my problem. He was always compassionate and understanding during my difficult times. I would recommend him and have.
January 03 , 2019
Excellent Doctor! Great bedside manner and shows great care and compassion. Good sense of humor but knows how and when to be serious. Takes as much time as necessary to make you feel comfortable with both process and explanation of results.
May 14 , 2014
had a procedure done to stop wetting when sneezing or coughing. greatest thing ever done. i got follow up calls at home to see how i was doing
February 28 , 2010
Excellent doctor--caring,and compassionate-great surgeon.
August 30 , 2014
he was great i can now urinate with out pain i would go there again
September 17 , 2013
A wonderful Doctor--takes time wit me---accurate diagnosis--had minor surgery in his state of art operating room--excellent outcome,and great after care.Would highly recommend.
August 31 , 2014
I feel he is a great doctor as he squeezed me into his schedule at the last ,imute to review some results with me and was very helpful in starting treatment for my issue. i am still seeing him and would recommend him to anyone.
October 25 , 2010
courteous and intelligent, excellent physician and surgeon
October 31 , 2007
Immediately felt comfortable with this doctor. He took the time to explain everything to me and answered all of my questions. I had surgery and he was great in following up with me and addressing all of my concerns. He is always professional but somehow you feel like hes a friend too. The best recommendation I can give him and a sign of my trust and faith in him is that I had my 82 year old mother referred to him after my treatment.
January 16 , 2012
He is very good But I think he has done it so long that he has forgotten how painful this is and does not do enough for man in pain/
July 23 , 2010
He was very kind and showed genuine concern for my well being. His office discounted my rate for seeing him by over 50% since, I didnt have insurance.
August 21 , 2008
Horrible doctor my eighteen month old son had multiple surgerys and dr oben messed him up so bad he has to have three major surgerys just to fix what he done to my son and university said no matter what they do my sons penis will never look normal and Im getting a lawyer
August 09 , 2013
Terrible bedside manor. Treats with decades old treatments. Doesnt offer any pain relief during painful procedures. Stay away if you actually want to be treated for what is wrong with you!
June 29 , 2015
I have never been treated this poorly by a physician. I was scolded for asking simple questions about my condition, as I did not know the answers. This is an attribute that is important for a physician dealing with such a sensitive area to have- he does not. He makes nothing easy to understand for a patient and I did not feel comfortable asking him questions out of fear of being scolded like a child. I also had a procedure done here, and it was done inadequately- I have to have it redone, but definitely through another practitioner. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this office, and if you would like to be treated like a person and not a nuisance, I suggest you look for another Doctor. Talking to the receptionist on the phone (as I called many times with questions for the doctor/nurse about my procedure, but was ignored) was the most positive experience through this practice. That really says something about the character of a practice.
May 18 , 2018
He is terrrible. He has the worst bed-side manners. I was only 21 AND didnt have health insurance. I asked him if he would lower my bill because i owed 54,000.00 in medical and he said no. I still havent paid him the whole thing and do not plan to. He is the worst urologist i have ever been to. Thank god i have a good urologist now. Dr. Oben couldnt even tell me what was wrong with me. He should not be a doctor. He is so bad that i wrote a letter to the administrator at the hospital he works for and reported him. Dont give him a dime of your money. Besides, he can hardly speak english.
March 24 , 2007
Always always get a second opinion if you see this Dr and he recommends surgery!!! Insisted that my son needed surgery. Went with my gut and got a 2nd opinion at Upstate to find out if we had gone through with the surgery , my son would have been in possible pain for the rest of his life!
October 03 , 2012
Just horrible! Better off getting worked on by your local witch dr!
October 29 , 2021
Told us one thing, hospital prepped for another.
June 27 , 2019

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