Althausen Mcgovern Assoc Inc
1 Hawthorne Pl, Suite 109
Boston, MA 02114 (Directions)
4.6 out of 5
Althausen Mcgovern Assoc Inc
1 Hawthorne Pl, Suite 109
Boston, MA 02114 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
36 ratings, 36 reviews
His cheerful personality and encouragement are good matches for his superb skill and knowledge of urology.
October 15 , 2010
He is very personable and knowledgable. I would highly recommend.
March 31 , 2012
I highly recommend Dr. mcgovern. He performed my surgery in 2013. I am doing great and following up with him every year. I recently retired from the medical field at age 65. I think I have a good instinct when choosing a doctor and I was certainly right on with Dr. mcgovern. Thank God for talented people like him.
February 22 , 2019
Pays attention, always learning, dedicated to the craft and practice of surgery. One of the best!
October 27 , 2017
Dr. McGovern was a great doctor. He operated on my father who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am a nurse and deal with many doctors on a daily bases. Dr. McGovern went above and beyond to take the time and explain everything to my family. I would defenitly rate him as exceptional. The surgery went great and my father was very pleased with the results, as well as the rest of us. We have been reccomending him to all of my fathers friends who have now found them self in a similar situation. Me and my family are very greatful for Dr. McGovern.
May 19 , 2011
every time I have visit I feel comfortable with him been seeing him almost 20 years now.
July 20 , 2015
I am very thankful to have found Dr. McGovern. Certainly his qualification and skill is well known; but even more importantly his personality and style make him one of the best. I was diagnosed with stage 1 (later upgraded to 2) prostate cancer. Frank recommended surgery, but sent me to the chief of medical oncology and to a top radiation oncologist to confirm the recommendation. The radiation oncologist opened with --I have reviewed your case, and as the radiation guy Im recommending surgery. There are only two people I would allow to operate on me, and Frank McGovern is one of them.-- (Makes me wonder who the other one is!). From biopsy to diagnosis to surgery to recovery Dr. McGovern has been top-notch! I followed his post-op instructions and am almost fully recovered 10 weeks after surgery! Two final points: First, the office staff is great. From my first phone call with Sasha to my first contact with Dr. Lauren Pelski to nursing and reception, everyone has been friendly, competent, professional, and encouraging. Secondly, I appreciate that Dr. McGovern answered every question before it was asked and spoke as much to my wife as to myself. I highly recommend Frank McGovern.
January 04 , 2018
I am a new patient of Dr Mc Govern. I had ovarian cancer in 2017 and a very small lesion was discovered in my right kidney. We met yesterday. Scheduled for biopsy and if positive a procedure hopefully will be done by Dr McGovern. His staff is amazing really. Very thorough and professional. Funny too! I felt at ease right away After reading the reviews I feel that I am very fortunate To have him taking care of me After operating through the day he met me at 5:30 pm. Unheard of right? I didn’t feel rushed at all. He was very encouraging And professional. So I’m not sure what lies ahead but I feel confident no matter what the outcome of my biopsy I’m in the best hands possible!
July 10 , 2018
Frank McGovern is a blessing given unto Boston. There arent enough synonyms for --outstanding-- to accurately describe his level of surgical skill and bedside expertise. He took time to address each and every one of my concerns, was at my bedside repeatedly through my recovery, personally introduced EVERY member not only of his team but of the oncology team Id be following up with. There were no --uhs-- or --ums-- with Dr. McGovern, if I had a question, he had the answer. The staff who took care of me in the post-op unit couldnt praise upon him enough. A doctor nurses love is a doctor you want on your side. His easy demeanor and quick smile put me at ease the moment I met him, his clear command of the complications of my illness shed a lot of light in a dark time for me. Dr. McGovern saved my life. Period. If you need a urologist then you need Dr. McGovern.
September 13 , 2010
Dr. McGoverns knowledge and skill are evident. He is a confident surgeon, meticulous and a obviously well regarded among his peers (as evidenced by the many comments from other urologists I had spoken to. He is respectful of patients and his staff, with a wonderful bedside manner. I was fortunate to have him as my surgeon during a difficult time. Highly recommended
December 24 , 2010
Cant say enough good about Dr. McGovern. He operated on my husband, he had a very quick recovery and was very pleased with the care he received.
August 19 , 2010
Exceptionally well regarded - deservedly so. Thorough, extremely competent. A good man doing outstanding work.
March 03 , 2008
Dr McGoverns thoroughness to pursue a minimal intermitting unrelated symptom saved my life. I went to see him for my prostate and even with normal kidney functions he discovered early stage renal cell carcinoma. He recommended me to see Dr. Libertino at Lahey Clinic who found a second tumor and saved eighty percent of my kidney. Dr. McGovern was elated to see me two months later. It was his passion and patience that saved me.
May 08 , 2011
Dr. McGovern is ABSOLUTELY the best urologist out there, especially for difficult surgeries. He does not hesitate to bring in someone else to assist in the surgery, if he deems they have a specialty that he does not, pride does not get in the way! Great bedside manner...very informative and caring. The BEST!
September 04 , 2012
Dr McGovern saved my husband. There are no words to express how wonderful the doctor and his staff was to my husband. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a doctor on the north shore. This doctor told my husband no rush, dont worry. Dr McGovern operated four weeks after meeting my husband. The cancer broke the cavity. Thank God my husband got a second opinion. Thank you! Dr. McGovern.
April 14 , 2022
My husband was dx w/ renal cell carcinoma, amazing, gifted surgeon Dr. McGovern is, removed his tumor and only partial kidney. my husband back to work after 5 weeks and gets to run around w/ his 5 grandchildren still. Dr. McGovern is GIFTED?
May 16 , 2016
Thanks to him. Nerve sparing prostatectomy.
April 11 , 2019
Met him in 2006. He removed my prostate gland in December of that year, and follows up every year with me. A warm, kind, and gentle man with a vast knowledge of mens health problems. Hes on a crusade to ensure everyone gets the best health care. I am extremely fortunate to have him as my doctor. Im looking forward to retirement now, and a long healthy life because of him. Through the years Ive been going to his office I have met the nicest people working there. I wish you all have the good outcome Ive had.
May 14 , 2019
Dr. McGovern is a rock star! His significant skill, coupled with his great bedside manner, personality and sincere interest in his patients are a phenomenal combination. My local urologist had painted a fairly bleak picture with my prostate cancer diagnosis. Not so with Dr. M! He was both confidant and reassuring in his diagnosis, and here I am 5 weeks post-op doing well and feeling great. Post surgery he gave very explicit instructions, and told me that if I do exactly what he tells me to do I will have a strong recovery. And he was right! His instructions are frequently updated to reflect feedback from his patients, so he is directing you towards the best practices across his patient base. I was told by several people during my journey that he is --the doctors doctor--, and I can see why. When you need the best urological surgeon you can find RUN to Dr. McGovern. And his office staff are all incredible, too. An entire group of people who are really good at what they do, and clearly love their work. He saved my life. I am blessed to have found him.
May 24 , 2016
I can--t say enough about Dr. McGovern. He saw me on very short notice, was a little early on the appointment, set-up the procedure within just a few days, and followed-up twice afterwords, (Once on a Sunday, and the other time at eight PM). He was very thorough , and his manner was terrific. His great reputation is well deserved, and I am grateful that he is looking after me.
June 28 , 2018
Excellent MD and person! Class all the way! The best Urologist in MA and beyond....I totally recommend!
June 20 , 2014
His Talent, skill and education are second to none. A true world class Dr.
April 13 , 2011
Dr. McGovern was clear, concise and exceptionally considerate and very understanding of our (my wife and I) concerns. Dr. McGoverns authentic ability to directly address our concerns instilled the needed degree of trust requisite to accepting his recommendations. His recommendations (to an exceptional oncologist) proved to be true and accurate and provided a path of treatment that has led to my now healthy and well restored ability to appreciate life.
November 10 , 2011
Great man, great doctor! He basically saved my life. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November of 2014, met with Dr. Francis, had surgery on 12/24/25, labs came back, he went deeper and wider during my 1/15/15 surgery, labs came back and I will live to see my 9 year old daughter grow into adulthood!
January 24 , 2015
When my husband had agressive prostate cancer, Dr. McGovern allayed our fears with his vast and updated knowledge in the field. Very patient, kind and cautious. Spends time with every patient, explaining all aspects and outcomes. He had someone call us 10 minutes into the operation and again while he was closing. Then met with us as soon as surgery was complete. Surgery was a huge successs in every way! We count Dr. McGovern as one of lifes blessings!
July 24 , 2008
Dr. McGovern is not just a great doctor, he is a great person. His ability to put the prognosis in perspective, design a plan of action and follow up with a personal touch is something I never expected from a doctor. Ive always perceived doctors to be aloof/arrogant, but Dr. McGovern could not be further from that perception. He actually cares about the patient and the immediate family. I would recommend him to anyone who has a renal problem, and his staff reflects his personality, because they are also very nice each office visit.
December 07 , 2012
His medical knowledge and skill as a surgeon make him one of the best in the field. His ability to connect with patients on a personal level makes him the best. Dr. McGovern is patient, honest, and very direct. Consider yourself fortunate if you are one of his patients. Everyone in the office is fantastic as well.
June 08 , 2016
Outstanding physician. He is everything a doc is supposed to be. Had a radical prostatectomy and a great outcome. Staff is extremely good. They make you feel like you are a valued customer and that they are 110% committed to your care.
April 11 , 2021
From the first day my biopsy came back the staff got me in within 2 weeks to see DR Mc Govern who took the time to explain my options and was truthful about possible outcomes and treatment options . I chose to have a radical prostatectomey and everything wentaccording to book and was released from MGH next day . I have made full recovery and recovery thanks to Dr McGovern and his great staff .
November 17 , 2012
My Prostrate Cancer was in the early stages. I had all options available to me for treatment. A nurse relative suggested that I consult with Dr. McGovern. He set me up with appointments with the heads of Oncology and Radiology departments, allowing me to make the appropriate decision. I decided to go with surgery with Dr. McGovern. Mere words cannot express how satisfied I was with Dr. McGovern and his staff. I have talked to many people who have had surgery with other doctors/hospitals/methods and my experience and outcome topped theirs.
December 17 , 2012
I was very nervous prior to my exam and procedure. Dr. McGovern and his staff were welcoming, kind,knowledgeable and most of all professional and caring.A most welcomed surprise was the fact that all looked great in his opionion but he went a step further and asked that I have one more procedure to make absolute sure nothing was missed. Thats the kind of physician everyone should want, the one that goes just one more step further than the norm. I highly recommend his experitise.
August 25 , 2011
Kind, thoughtful, bright, great bedside manner and a great reputation at MGH with lots of different level staff (not just peers).
January 16 , 2007
Saved my life bladder cancer, saved my bladder as well.His staff is also excelent in particular Jan his nurse one of the nicest persons I have ever met.God bless them all.
May 07 , 2007
Wasn’t pleased. Nice man but does not offer laparoscopic surgery. Dated experience.
February 24 , 2018
I was not happy with results of my minor surgery and he basically told me to see plastic surgeon.... His goal was "to adress issues" while he is not concerned maintaining body anatomy. It makes me wonder how he deals with internal organs!?
January 23 , 2022
"I was not happy with results of my minor surgery and he basically told me to see plastic surgeon.... His goal was "to adress issues" while he is not concerned maintaining body anatomy. It makes me wonder how he deals with internal organs!? "
January 23 , 2022

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