Family Medical Center
3811 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92105 (Directions)
1.7 out of 5
Family Medical Center
3811 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92105 (Directions)

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1.7 out of 5
6 ratings, 6 reviews
I like this drs office, many times you see the PA but they are very good & always follow-up the the doctor! They offer natural alternatives instead of just prescribing a pill! Of course if you must take prescriptions for health like BP you need it but they do not over subscribe!
April 09 , 2019
You never see the actual Doctor, it's only the PA's. My boyfriends first ever appoint with his PA never did a metabolic panel too check if all of his levels were okay as any doctor does when they first see a patient. And should been done annually if any of what they are testing for are high or abnormal. They never showed us his results they just talked about it. This is the first health care professional that actually listened to his concerns, but she kind of lets me down when it comes to being proactive about figuring out whats going on and just doing the basic things a health care professional should do.
May 13 , 2019
Horrible, completely incompetent staff.
August 27 , 2015
Where to begin? They don't return calls. It takes weeks to get an appointment. Simple tasks like refilling a prescription or getting info from their office to another provider takes weeks, continuous phone calls, and constant follow up. Nothing is easy or efficient. Count on them messing up or failing to follow through. I've had to use them based on my insurance. In nearly two years I have yet to actually see or speak with the actual Doctor. If you have other options, use them instead.
May 08 , 2016
This office uses all the staff mainly young girls that don't know what's going on, they simply don't return phone calls, at all.
June 30 , 2015
Patients never see Dr. Recalde only Physicians Assistants. These PA's act like They are not concerned and they could be detrimental to your well being. The staff try to be helpful but they are also all bi-lingual and expect you to understand their language. I am not impressed and I am trying to find another health care provider.
July 01 , 2016

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Family Medical Center
3811 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92105
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