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595 N W St
Doylestown, PA 18901 (Directions)
4.1 out of 5
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595 N W St
Doylestown, PA 18901 (Directions)

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4.1 out of 5
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Never in my life did I think I would be told I had Bladder Cancer. Even though my father had Bladder Cancer and my mother had Skin Cancer I somehow thought I was exempt. Hmmmm...wrong. But somehow I feel a sense of peace because I have Dr. Frank Roland Jr., a Urologist at CB Urology in Doylestown, PA. on my journey with me. Hes kind, considerate, and an excellent urologist and surgeon. He cares and I trust him.
March 20 , 2014
I love Dr. Roland. He cares about the health of you bladder and he cares about you, the person. He is so dedicated to helping you get better and have a better life. There are just so many great things about Dr. Roland, especially that he is the BEST!!
February 08 , 2019
Dr. Roland is a very knowledgable and wonderful doctor. He takes the time to get to know you. He explains your diagnosis and tells you of his plan to treat the disease. Before going to Dr. Roland I went to another urologist. Huge difference. All my confidence is in Dr. Roland. And he calls you by your first name. He makes you feel like a person.
June 12 , 2014
I finally found a doctor that cares and gives a very thorough examination. I would recommend Dr. Roland very highly
August 30 , 2012
If your looking for a doctor who is Knowledgeable, Thorough, Great at what he does and careing this is the Doc for you. Was there when you need him. Thanks Dr. Roland.
October 12 , 2013
Wonderful doctor. Dr. Roland is a patient, caring doctor. He explains everything and understands your anxiety and he guides you through a process to better health.
April 14 , 2015
I would recommend his office and him persoally
February 22 , 2010
Dr. Roland cares. Its serious stuff when it comes to your urology problems. He is a highly skilled doctor with the most concern and care of his patie ...
April 11 , 2015
Dr. Roland is a dream doctor. Hes highly knowledgable, hilghly skilled and a gem of a person. Hes highly respected and hes the best urologist. I wish he were my family doctor.
October 14 , 2021
"He's excellent. He's the best. He's serious about your urological needs. He's kind and caring and wants the best care for you and makes sure that you receive it."
March 25 , 2021
I love Dr. Roland. He is very patient and understands an anxious patients concerns and needs. He patiently goes over your current urological needs and also over any needed extended care or surgery. Dr. Roland is one of the BEST!
July 13 , 2017
he can be a bit brisk in his delivery of advise, but he knows his stuff and will give you straight up advise on what you have and what you need to do. He expects you to do it and will not hold your hand.
August 07 , 2021
If you dont care about arrogance Dr. Roland in my opinion is perfect for you. Life is to short to have to deal with a doctor that has forgotten what it is like to be ill. I would prefer to forget about my visit with this office.
February 21 , 2012
"Arrogant and condescending. No empathy."
September 14 , 2020
“Dr. Full of Himself Frank” is the most condescending, egotistical man I have ever encountered. I went for a sale day filler treatment (38 yrs old- not major work to be done). I had every flaw on my face pointed out to me before being told my “energy” was not “zen” enough for him to have the right head space to proceed with my fillers despite my 80$ round trip Uber to see him& $550 deposit paid. I was crying silently bc I felt so low about myself after all he had pointed out& then refused to fix & that made him feel entitled to become a psychiatrist as well as a plastic surgeon right on the spot. He said I’m not emotionally healthy enough to have fillers done bc I was crying& again my “energy” in the 4 min he spent with me was “impacting him and the work he would be doing for the day”. I was escorted out as if I were volatile, yelling or loud? None of the above. I was in shock& just wanted to sit in the lobby to order my Uber. Even that was too much of an effect on the “energy” of the office. His prices are double what is initially quoted, he does not feel he needs to answer your questions or offer you options. He solely critiques every flaw you have& then based upon your “zen” decides what and if he will treat you with. For me (38 yrs old) that was starting with $3800 in filler and $5000+ laser treatment. In retrospect I and my bank account are feeling “zen” about being refused by Dr. full of himself Frank. Go ANYWHERE else.
April 24 , 2021
arrogant and condescending
September 20 , 2017

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