Associated Urologists Of North Carolina PA
3821 Ed Dr
Raleigh, NC 27612 (Directions)
3.3 out of 5
Associated Urologists Of North Carolina PA
3821 Ed Dr
Raleigh, NC 27612 (Directions)

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3.3 out of 5
38 ratings, 38 reviews
He found and removed cancer from my kidney. He is professional but listens and answers all your questions in terms you can understand. He is caring and takes all the time necessary to make you comfortable. There is nobody better!
June 24 , 2015
Without a doubt, the best urologist in the area. Called office in pain from a stone - seen that day. Took the time to explain what needed to be done and did it the next day. Very happy with Dr Tortora and will return
July 14 , 2014
I disagree with the other two reviews. The doctor is very personable and caring. He took the time to fully explain my prognosis. The office was clean and I have had no problem with the staff during my four visits to this office.
February 17 , 2009
Small bladder tumor, perfect surgery and follow up
February 26 , 2020
Had to wait some but felt fortunate to get an appt with him. Appreciate his honesty and staffs attention
July 17 , 2014
Took out my prostate and cured my cancer. Professional and compassionate - gave me all the pros and cons and took the time to listen. Very happy with my care
July 25 , 2014
If all Drs were like him we would have a better (and healthier) world
December 23 , 2015
One of the best doctors that I have ever had. He is always very personable and very helpful and his analysis of any problems I might be having are always right on. I cannot say enough good about him.
January 06 , 2013
Very knowledgable doctor with time to answer all questions asked. Personable as well as empathetic.
March 18 , 2012
As a patient who is also a physician, I feel that Dr. Tortora is one of the best, most professional and experienced urologists in the state and region. He is knowledgeble in his field and dedicated to providing his patients with quality medical care. His years of experience and attention to detail were instrumental in making the care I recieved as his patient efficient and effective, with minimal recovery time. Not only does he possess excellent surgical skills, he is also trained in the latest urological treatment modalities, giving his patients all the options needed for treatment.
May 12 , 2010
Could not ask for a better more professional urologist.
January 22 , 2015
most considerate and thoughtful physician allowed me to speak, took time with me, allowed me to feel involved with my care
July 16 , 2014
The wait time was a bit long but Doctor Tortora was well worth the wait. He was easy to talk with and very helpful. One of the best in listening and getting to the bottom of the issues. There ought to be more doctors like Frank Tortora. In one word --awesome--!
February 17 , 2014
In over 20 years, Dr Tortora has always had his patients health as his only comcern.
January 29 , 2017
Although my experiences with Dr. Tortora have been very good, Ive had very inconsistent experiences with the staff and nurses. Seems to be a lack of coordination and communication between staff that causes problems for patients. Getting ones medical records seems to be more difficult than it should be.
February 25 , 2009
I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in late April, was told in May it was not an emergency and Dr. Tortora would do the surgery after his vacation in July. I insisted to have it done ASAP and was then scheduled for surgery in early June... I was told he is supposed to be one of the best surgeons in town, but something went wrong during my operation and I lost so much blood they had to give me 4-6 extra units of blood to keep me from bleeding out. I was never told why the blood loss happened.I am always early for my appointment but have to wait 2 hours or more before being called, then at least another 15 minutes in the exam room. Everytime I go to see Dr. Tortora I can hear him asking a nurse outside the exam room what is wrong with this patient, why is she here... Once he is in the room, he is very nice and friendly but only spends enough time to ask how I am feeling, never checks me for progress, healing or problems, then says he will check my kidney --again-- in another two to three months.
January 02 , 2010
Hes a great doctor. Granted you have to get past the staff problem; but, hes worth it.
December 10 , 2010
My husband went in for a biopsy, and 5.5 weeks later he finds out at his follow-up appt. that he has cancer. Staff told us that if there was anything significant, theyd call prior to that -- no call. Dr. Tortora seems very knowledgeable, but his staff initially misplaced his folder and, thus, prolonged getting necessary instructions and pre-op for biopsy. If it werent for me going to the office after unreturned calls/messages, and demanding an answer, who knows where in the process wed be now. Poor staff, great doctor.
September 11 , 2011
An excellent doctor with a staff that can only be described as --the pits--. While they tell you theyll call with test results, that rarely happens. Calling them is an exercise in frustration. If the phone system is working, at best youll get a recording. Dont expect a call back from that. Your only hope is to choose --O-- on the menu which gets you a real person and that person did help. The staff appears to be uniformly lazy with a bad attitude. When I tried to speak to the --practice manager--, she was nowhere to be found.
October 27 , 2009
Went in twice for my treatments for Low T. Twice there was a mix up. When I left the second time, I never heard from the practice again. I found a practice and doctor that cared. Most of the nurses in this practice are rude and unprofessional. Go else where. You are just a number to them.
September 08 , 2012
Great in all aspects of all treatment
August 23 , 2015
Nice guy, seems very competent. But his practice is VERY poorly managed. Be prepared to wait, as I did twice, for an hour past your appointment time. A nurse at my family physician used to work for him and warned me that appointments were ALWAYS late but he is a good urologist.
October 28 , 2012
Although my family found Dr. Tortoro found no fault with his expertise as an urologist, his follow up and attention to my father were pretty bad. Twice he ordered that my fathers catheter should be removed without actually seeing first hand what his condition was at the time and without ever coming up with a clear explanation for what was causing his problems with his urinary tract. This caused my father considerable pain as the catheter had to be put back in twice, all without any explanation as to why it had been taken out in the first place. The family had been told by him as well as by hospital staff that my fathers urine should run clear to pink before the catheter would be removed, and twice Dr. Tortoro ordered the catheter removed while the urine was plainly running dark blood red. This was really unconscionable. Further, it turned out that my fathers real issue was an enlarged prostate gland, which we did not find out until a week after the whole episode with my father began. What on earth took him so long to figure this out? In fact, I dont he did figure it out, I believe hospital staff figured it out and told him. Important point: my father was in no condition to advocate or communicate on his own during this situation. He had to have family speaking and receiving info on his behalf.
October 21 , 2009
Diagnosed my prostate cancer OK then gave me the bums rush when I wanted to discuss alternatives instead of letting him rush to surgery. Obviously had the nurse interrupt our conversation with an emergency after a few minutes in office. Always get second opinion. Remember its a business to them.
March 16 , 2011
He is never on schedule, and does not spend much time with you, although he is very cordial and hurriedly tries to answer your questions. He depends on PSA test too much, and needs to take more hoilstic approach. He is quick to use his expensive Uro Nave and HIFU machines, and is more of a business man than a doctor. He is a decent doctor and was very skilled on my TRUS guided biopsy, but you may want to look for someone that is more up to date and less motivated by his own business interests. If I ever need to go back to a Urologist, I will most likely go somewhere else.
August 04 , 2017
Tortora removed my prostate for cancer. He has knowledge and may be skilled surgeon, but I dont think so. He lied to me about incontinence and impotency. He claimeda 98% and 96% success rate. I know now that this is a gross exxageration. Those numbers are impossible, no dr can promise that. He has given me very little information post surgery. Any appointment is very rushed and he is impatient with questions. I should have had penile rehab immediately, he did nothing. I am left, over a year later, incontinent and totally impotent. He cares only about rushing you into surgery and getting paid. I had a low grade cancer and could have avoided surgery but he pushed hard for surgery. If you see this dr, get a second opinion before you let him cut you. Oddly, the staff has been great to me. Finally, I should have sued for malpractice and I may still do it.
January 05 , 2012
Doctor was knowledgable, but his office staff may end his career due to gross errors. Staff was rude and could care less if a patient waited to be schedule for a procedure to determine if he had cancer. Would not return phone calls and each visit you waited 1 to 2 hours past your schedule time. Failed to give patient instructions about how to prepare for the scheduled procedure. Not a very good experience.
April 20 , 2008
Dr.Tortora has poor verbal skills .Had an biopsy done,and it seems he used no anesthesia. It seems he pinched a nerve and left me bleeding.I had to ask for towels to stop the bleeding.He and his nurse left the room.I would not recommend him to anyone.
February 18 , 2013
The Doctor is fine-its his staff that I would like to comment on. No one called to make an appointment like they said they would. I called them. office was dirty, nurse didnt change exam table paper(could see butt print from last person),bathrooms dirty, dead cockroach in hallway.Kept spelling my moms name wrong. Doctor said he would come in when mom was dressed to explain things, never saw him again. Nurse came and said nothing is wrong and we will see her in six months because there is something on her adrenal gland.
August 06 , 2008
He did prostate surgery on me. Never followed up at the hospital. 4 years later psa rising again. He sent me for scan, but had to wait a month to get appointment for results. When appointment came he was over 2 hours behind next schedule. (This happened to me 3 other times in the past- over 2 hours late. Next appointment available a month from now. His nurse called me and said he needed to talk. That was 3 weeks ago. I called the nurse back 4 times over a 2 week period but he was too busy. He never called back. Its a very unprofessional practice. Go somewhere ... anywhere elae
December 06 , 2017
My husband had the uro lift procedure which went without a hitch. The nurse who told him to void and if necessary, if he couldnt, put a catheter in, disappeared, he was checked out without post care instructions, catheter, no one came to talk to me, his wife, and was sent on his way, 2 1/2 hour drive home!!! From then on it went down hill. Urin and blood all over his car seat, after being home 2 hours we ended up going to the ER to have a catheter put in since my husband could not void anymore. Now 3 days later no one will take the catheter out, since they did not perform the surgery, except the ER. Another bill. Neat less to say, the post care my husband got was very disappointing, if not negligent. I tried to call the office manager was put through to voicemail. We are super disappointing!
December 11 , 2019
Tortora removed my prostate last year because of cancer. He spent very little time with me explaining my options and potential side effects. He claimed to have virtually no patients that ended up incontinent or impotent. I now know his claims were untrue. No surgeon can claim that 96% of patients end up potent. It is 50% at best for the best surgeons.He has no bedside manner as you do not see him after the surgery. No one explained to me what to do when I got home with a catheter. My follow up visits for this very serious cancer and life altering operation have been very rushed, a couple of minutes at best. He never took time to explain the specific extent of my cncer. Worse, he should have put me on a penile rehabilitation regimen. All drs do this I now know; Tortora was too busy to be concerned if I ever had another erection. He gave me no advice, failed to prescribe the routine medicines, failed in every category post surgery. I figured out what I could by myself but I am left with permanent and unecessary damage.I have moved on to better drs and am trying to fix the damage his negilience caused. Run away from Cary Urology.
January 06 , 2012
Poorest run professional office ever! Tried the practice for three years so my decision to change was deliberate based on poor experience, communication by staff and doctors. PAs I saw seemed better prepared once you can get in to see them. Long, long waits in the crowded waiting room; up to almost TWO hours on one occasion.
March 14 , 2018
He presented himself as a happy, jolly, buddy like friend before the surgery to get the job.. After surgery, his caring attitude disappeared. He laughed in my wife’s face saying that I would need months of incontinence supplies. He never stated once prior to surgery concerning incontinence. The emphasis was only on his view of the surgery. I regret using this urologist.
March 31 , 2022
Long waits (1-2 hours) - short visits (5 minutes or so) - inflexible schedule - poor communications. He did prostate surgery but 4 years later psa rising again. Bad side effects.
December 08 , 2017
The office is a nightmare! Never have I seen a medical practice run so poorly! I called for several hours , while each attempt to leave a voice mail resulted in a dis-connect! I finally was able to leave a message (maybe after twenty-five tries) stating that Ill leave a message with the after-hours answering service requesting the doctor on-call return my call. That message resulted in a return call FINALLY! I had to call 911 & have my husband taken to hospital as his condition worsened. Rude people --work-- there, but theyre all part of the Wake Med Urology conglomerate! Did Dr. Tortora really swear the Hippocratic? He is a liar, a flirt, & one sorry excuse for a man, let alone a doctor! STAY AWAY!
April 13 , 2022
This man was ready to cut into my kidney in order to remove a kidney stone. It was totally not necessary and I found another doctor who was able to take care of my problem without cutting me. The practice he works in has extremely poor communication as well!!
May 06 , 2016
Very few words need to be written to let others know how the service of this practice Is ..... All I can speak to Is with regard to Dr.Tortoras scheduling secretary --Jill-- women never returns messages left on her vm , called multiple times and not one time was call returned regarding info for arraigning time for procedure , how this women has a job Is astonishing !! Find another Doctor !!
April 15 , 2018

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