Brookdale Family Care Center, Inc
2554 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Brookdale Family Care Center, Inc
2554 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
7 ratings, 7 reviews
best doctor! really knows his medicine
February 05 , 2016
skilled surgeon!
November 10 , 2015
courteous, knowledgeable and gentle. A caring Doctor.
September 30 , 2015
Great Doctor! Excellent bedside manner and a skilled surgeon
June 06 , 2016
My father is a patient of Dr. Greenstein. This doctor is EXCELLENT! The people that work with him along with the dr. himself are kind, they never rush you, he ALWAYS has time for his patients, and he is an excellent urologist. I highly recommend him. I am grateful we have found him because my father has multiple medical problems and he has recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I thank God we have found this Dr.
March 26 , 2020
Dr Greenstein is a good doctor and I would recommend him to all.
February 25 , 2016
My father was in a rehab recovering from hip surgery and Dr Greenstein inserted a urinary catheter and then went on a 4 week vacation - after he told us he would take it out after 1 week to --test-- it....i was begging for him to come back to see my the time he did, my father had a UTI and was in severe pain from the catheter....he wrote some notes and said to hold off on antibiotics until results come back.....he never followed up - i did with NP at rehab - dad had a UTI but was also becoming septic, etc....then the infectious disease dr said --no mrsa suspected-- and dad did have mrsa - went to his heart and i forced him out of the rehab after 9 days of his suffering and them insisting on keeping him there....he died a miserable death in the hospital - the UTI caused a MRSA infection that travelled to heart and matter how attentive i was as a son...its sometimes really hard to get drs to pay attention esp in these rehabs...
September 18 , 2020

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About Frederick Greenstein

Education History
Medical School - State University Of New York Downstate Medical Center, 1977
45 years
Languages Spoken
Spanish, English

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Brookdale Family Care Center, Inc
2554 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Brookdale Hospital Medical Center
1 Brookdale Plz
Brooklyn, NY 11212