429 E Lancaster Ave
Shillington, PA 19607 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
429 E Lancaster Ave
Shillington, PA 19607 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
Great Doctor. Great staff. I give A+.
July 17 , 2013
Dr. Ginsberg took time to thoroughly explain my test results. He was very kind and patient with all of my questions. His office staff was very friendly also.
August 07 , 2019
Mr Ginsberg was great in all aspects of his work and spends time to understand the patients needs. I gave all 5 stars except for one because nobody enjoys a (digital exam).
February 26 , 2015
Couldnt be more caring and professional. Extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Makes me comfortable and and at ease in his care! Highly recommended.
January 02 , 2014
Dr. Ginsberg is GREAT!..His Staff Too! I would recommend him to EVERYONE! Thanks Doc
April 06 , 2012
Very professional and has an excellent office staff. Very personable. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks again.
August 23 , 2012
Called for the first time with urgent pain needing attention and Dr. Ginsburgs no-nonsense Office Manager was so sweet and got me in literally within minutes. I only waited 5 minutes to see Dr. Ginsburg when I arrived. He was personable, intelligent, and very professional with his evaluation of my problem. I would HIGHLY recommend his practice.
July 30 , 2018
Dr. Ginsberg was a solid professional. Saw me quickly, listened to my problem. and prescribed immediate solutions. No longer doing surgery but good choice for everything else.
November 22 , 2019
Dr. Ginsberg was very unprofessional in speaking with my son and myself. Although his office did make arrangements for him to be seen as soon as possible his interaction with my son was rude and distasteful. We went to Dr Ginsberg hoping for some guidance and were treated like overreacting patients who walked off the street and wanted immediate surgery. Although I do understand not every ache and pain needs medical care, but when you are told by the hospital that you have a specific condition and seek further care by a --professional-- and are dismissed and talked to so rudely, it does not instill much faith in the medical profession as a whole. I was advised by Dr Ginsberg that if I wanted to have an unnecessary surgery performed on my son that was my business and to seek a second opinion. I have never been treated the way I was by this doctor. Very disappointed in the service my son and I received.
September 29 , 2015
Dr. Ginsburg was insulting and ignorant, as a patient you are looking for answers not insults after a cursory examination. Last patient of the day maybe, more interested in making music and selling his cds on display in the waiting area? Not a dedicated doctor, not a good person.
September 30 , 2015
If youre a male you will have better luck here,the doctor doesnt follow up, and staff is rude found another urologist.
November 30 , 2016
I went to Ginsberg with serious issues which he ignored diagnosed me with prostatitis. just by looking at me did not even do an exam it was hard enough to go to the doctor with those type of problems. I never went back Because of the bad experience I had with him and now it’s been two years and my problems progressed thanks a lot I probably will die now since it progressed. He gets paid for nothing
May 06 , 2022

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Medical School - Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, 1986
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429 E Lancaster Ave
Shillington, PA 19607