Mankato Clinic, Ltd.
1230 Main St E
Saint Clair, MN 56002 (Directions)
3.8 out of 5
Mankato Clinic, Ltd.
1230 Main St E
Saint Clair, MN 56002 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
32 ratings, 32 reviews
Dr. Goldberg has treated my bladder cancer for years. He has a great sense of humor and always puts me at ease.
January 25 , 2019
Dr. Goldberg was very helpful in taking care of me when I had a kidney stone. I highly recommend him for this type of problem.
May 11 , 2012
Dr Goldberg was excellent removing a large tumor from my bladder. I would highly recommend him
December 06 , 2020
did a great job taking care of my husband, highly recommended
October 21 , 2011
i would recommend this doctor. He helped me with my bladder infections when no other doctor had any solutions.
September 20 , 2015
I would highly recommend dr goldberg. He has helped me with kidney stones. His bedside manner is great, in stark contrast to his partner dr james
September 15 , 2018
I highly recommend Dr. Goldberg. He saved my life from bladder cancer. He has a great sense of humor and really puts his patient's at ease.
April 27 , 2018
The urologist to visit if you have prostate cancer in mankato
May 29 , 2011
Dr. Goldberg was one of the most respectful,talented doctors I Have ever seen. His bedside manner was great, and spent a lot of time explaining what was wrong with me. I highly recommend him!
March 03 , 2009
"awesome. "
October 26 , 2019
highly recommeded, knows his stuff
March 05 , 2011
"excellent doctor! highly recommended"
April 14 , 2022
"Excellent diagnostician. Helped me more than any other urologist with my prostatitis."
December 05 , 2020
Highly recommended. Thorough, kind and excellent bedside manner
February 08 , 2012
Spent over an hour talking with my husband and myself when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Listened to all of our concerns and was compassionate, helpful, and caring.
January 28 , 2016
Dr. Goldberg helped me with my stones. Got rid of a few and have not had any since!
October 11 , 2013
Dr. Goldberg was great. He really spent the time reviewing my problems. I would highly recommend him
August 04 , 2009
Dr. Goldberg was professional and is much more skilled and compassionate than the other urologists in town.
January 12 , 2011
Dr. Goldberg is hands down the best urologist in this area including all of Mayo Clinic and the mayo clinic health systems. I was suffering with kidney stones and only he was able to properly diagnose the unusual type I stones I was suffering with. He helped me more than any other urologist. Also, he other urologists would just ignore me incontinence. He took the time to listen, diagnose, and treat me. Such a kind man and knowledgeable in his field. Don't bother with the others.
July 11 , 2015
Dr. Goldberg is an incontinence expert. He made me dry after years of leaking!
December 07 , 2011
I recommend Dr. Goldberg very highly. He saved my husband's life. He is highly skilled, compassionate, and is always on time.
November 07 , 2010
top notch doctor
December 19 , 2018
He was hurried, lied about the treatment plan he was doing, very arrogant when explaining his mistakes. We caution anyone using his treatment.
August 06 , 2018
Scare with prostate concern. He wanted to rush surgery. We got second opinion and wasn't cancer. Beware!
September 16 , 2018
The worst doctor ever, rude, arrogant, always in a hurry, doesn't give you time to talk to him, stay away from him
December 03 , 2015
"Visits were bad. My urinary issue got far worse after him and I needed a different urologist to help me. I worked at the clinic and had to use him. I saw he and the clinic got a reputation defending company to increase his ratings to help business. I won't ever use him again. "
June 07 , 2021
Seems very arrogant, doesn't seem to listen to you as a patient. I needed a surgery and he didn't tell me anything about the surgery or how to prep for it. Surgery was not a success so now looking for another opinion from another dr. Do not recommend him.
February 25 , 2020
"This doc was very bad for my brother. He didn't even care about his problem. "
April 06 , 2020
"He missed cancer in my history and now I’m fighting. The urologist’s nurse I now see said they see a lot of trouble and fix mistakes from Windom and Dr Goldberg. Sad they put money above helping people. "
March 11 , 2021
"Terrible! He needs help. "
April 06 , 2020
He missed a cancer and ignored or overlooked the radiology report! High chance of failure with this bad man.
November 03 , 2021
He left a partial kidney stone in the bladder that gave me a very bad infection. The remaining stone caused blockage and I spent two days in the hospital.
November 05 , 2018

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Medical School - George Washington University School Of Medicine, 1994
28 years
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Spanish, English
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