Trinity West
1 Ross Park Blvd, Suite G 3
Steubenville, OH 43952 (Directions)
2.6 out of 5
Trinity West
1 Ross Park Blvd, Suite G 3
Steubenville, OH 43952 (Directions)

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2.6 out of 5
7 ratings, 7 reviews
Did procedure to remove kidney stones and complete examination of my urologic functions. The pain is gone and I feel so much better. Great staff answered all my questions and provided the best care. Thank You All
September 21 , 2022
Dr. Tan was friendly, knowledgable, and more than helpful. I would highly recommend.
March 01 , 2023
Just met with Dr.Tan and he spent time discussing my diagnosis, treatment options, then establishing a treatment plan I feel comfortable with. All the staff were extremely friendly as well.
October 23 , 2018
over 70, no test, no exam, just no reason to be there, he said they no longer treats. not even the awful finger test. no one in that office touched me.
October 20 , 2018
"Zero stars is not an option. So unfortunately, I have to go with 1 star. Around 2 years ago, Dr. Tan performed a Urolift procedure on my father. Immediately after surgery my father complained of pain, burning, and pressure. After numerous office visits and painful scopes, Dr. Tan never knew why my father was having these complaints. The final scope that Dr. Tan did on my father was inhumane. ..."
July 23 , 2021
"Dr. Tan performed a procedure on my dad not long ago and what was supposed to be a few day recovery time turned into 3 office visits, an infection, and a trip to urgent care. Highly do NOT recommend. "
December 16 , 2019
Good luck getting a procedure scheduled to have Kidney stones removed! Was referred to Dr Tan on Jan 6th, and on Mar 16th I contacted a Dr at Shadyside Hospital. Was able to have several stones removed on Apr 4th. Was finally contacted by Dr Tan's office April 19th to see about scheduling and if I was still having pain.
April 19 , 2022

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Trinity West
1 Ross Park Blvd, Suite G 3
Steubenville, OH 43952
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