Urology Associates PC
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3.9 out of 5
Urology Associates PC
2801 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37209 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
19 ratings, 19 reviews
What a wonderful individual and doctor. Truly fortunate to have him take care of me and be my cancer doctor
November 07 , 2018
Dr. Jayram exceeded our expectations, was kind and available for us step-by-step during my husbands cancer operation. Would highly recommend
September 29 , 2018
He was my surgeon for kidney donation to my mom. The whole team was so great. I was back at work before I knew it. My mom is doing great, so thankful!
March 23 , 2019
Outstanding bedside manner and skill. I’m a surgeon and have high expectations and he met them all. Glad he’s a part of our community.
January 30 , 2020
Dr. Jayram fully explained my medical options with my wife and I. He took as much time as we needed and answered all questions thoroughly. He also performed my surgery. His description of what to expect in terms of recovery and normal issues post-op were completely consistent with my experience. By all accounts, it appears he did outstanding work with the procedure. He is also my urologist going forward which is great. I highly recommend Dr. Jayram.
June 18 , 2018
Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Great staff and good overall experience
September 22 , 2015
After years of mystery symptoms which some other doctors just couldn’t seem to pin down, Dr. Jayram took one look at my file and was able to correctly diagnose what was going on (chronic UPJ obstruction and nephroptosis) and what needed to be done about it (robotic laparoscopic pyeloplasty with nephropexy). He was also willing to listen to my individual symptoms and work with our preferences. Within about two weeks of meeting with him in his office, I was in the operating room. I am three months out from my operation, and by all appearances I have made a complete recovery. Before the procedure, I was in severe pain one week out of every 4-5 weeks. I have not had another pain episode since my surgery. My husband and I are very thankful for Dr. Jayram’s thoroughness and skill.
June 25 , 2019
We were so lucky to get referred to Dr. Jayram. My brother in law had the same prostate surgery at Vanderbilt and had a terrible time with complications and never could reach his surgeon for advice. We went to Dr. Jayram and he couldnt have been more professional and great at what he does. Called us back right away when we had questions. My husbands operation was SOOO EASY and he is cancer-free. Couldnt be happier with our choice -- Shelley
December 12 , 2018
Dr. Jayram spent a lot of time with my mother and I discussing her diagnosis and her operation. He is very caring and did a wonderful job caring for my mother.
September 27 , 2016
This is the 3rd doctor in town we have seen for my husbands prostate cancer. He spent more time with us and gave us more options than anyone else. Highly recommend him.
July 23 , 2019
Was recommended by a friend. He got me in right away and performed major surgery a few days later. He is truly a lifesaver.
February 14 , 2021
I have no idea why anyone would rate below 5 stars. Dr. Jayram is clearly the best in all aspects available anywhere. Better than my wildest expectations. Will continue to recommend to my closest friends and he is clearly deserving of my 5 Star +++ rating.
August 03 , 2018
Nice doctor, good bedside manner
October 29 , 2017
very nice . explains everything in where you can understand
December 16 , 2016
I have never before in my life been made to feel by a physician that his primary objective was to get me out of his office as quickly as possible, and that I stood between him and something he wanted to do. The office was very good at taking a copay before I saw him, after which I waited 35 minutes to see him, 15 of which he spent cracking jokes and telling stories about patients he had seen that day with other staff outside in the corridor. When he came I saw him for less than 2 minutes total. While he asked what was going on he was incredibly quick to dismiss anything, read back to me the antibiotics I was on wrong twice, and had a highly dismissive and distracted attitude. Undoubtedly the most disconcerting and unsatisfying office encounter of my life. I am sure he is very qualified, but I have never been treated this way in my life. I would be hard pressed to go back to him.
March 10 , 2021
Never called after surgery did not even see him again after surgery
February 24 , 2019
Please do not waste your time. This doctor is only interested in charging your insurance for unproven trials that have severe side effects. His lack of caring is shocking as he does not give you the time or info of any pros and cons. If you want to live please do not use him.
July 14 , 2019
Have been a patient for over a year, unhappy with Dr. Jayram’s attitude, follow through, insensitivity, and unwillingness to listen. He was too standoffish, wouldn’t call other doctors back, and at critical times he was unavailable. I didn’t trust his office manager as she was condescending, sometimes hateful, gave me misinformation, raised her voice and unprofessional. I told the doctor about her and nothing changed. Because he didn’t follow through with symptoms, I had serious changes in my health due to lack of action including a five day stay in ICU for a 940 glucose count. I became a new diabetic. I went to no less than five other doctors to find out what was wrong with me (even after I told him how I was feeling). He never referred me to another doctor and my ailments were all symptoms of the chemotherapy. I felt like he should talk to me and advise me of what to do or where to go for care. Ended up in hospital twice because he missed serious clues. I began to not only feeling depressed and disappointed after every appointment. I cried in the office once and he never addressed the issue nor did he seem to care. I began to feel that I had to go somewhere else because I was fearful of his “care”.
September 08 , 2021
This man let my mom bleed for a month and said it was normal. He removed bladder! We thought she was better but she started bleeding again and HE BLEW HER OFF!! This is a true story!! I see a lot of positive comments but my mom and her family DONT AGREE !! Sad what he did!! Because she’s old!SHAME ON YOU DR JAYRAM!!
October 21 , 2018

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