Advocate Illinois Masonic Obgyn Faculty Practice
3000 N Halsted St Ste 309
Chicago, IL 60657 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Advocate Illinois Masonic Obgyn Faculty Practice
3000 N Halsted St Ste 309
Chicago, IL 60657 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
Seems to really care about his patients. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and have been pain free. Life changing experience!
September 30 , 2018
There are not enough of stars here to give a review to such a great doctor! He did unbelievable magic during my surgery. I’m extremely happy that he is my doctor. He is kind, calming and knows what he is doing. He doesn’t guess about the problem like other doctors that I went through. Doctor is confident and knows the solution. I really think God sends us people like doctor Shashoua. Can’t express my thankful feelings enough! My husband likes him too. Right after the surgery he came out to notify him that everything went well. Doctor Shashoua kept asking if we have any questions before and after the surgery. I even sent my friend to him too and she is having surgery with him in a couple of weeks. Big thanks to The Doctor!!! P.S. his reception people are polite and patient too.
March 25 , 2021
I cannot thank Dr.Shashua enough for all that he has done for me. Dr.Shashua is just a brilliant surgeon with down to earth personality, very modest, very caring for his patients. I had 2 prior surgeries and my second one complicated by intra abdominal bleeding with development of multiple adhesions. My case was so complicated that very "famous" doc from Northwestern Hospital turned me down regarding my supposedly laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive) stating that he might need even to open the abdomen (laparotomy with partial colon removal and colostomy) and he does not want to do it. I was very nervous and hesitant regarding this surgery after my consultation in Northwestern Hospital even I really needed it. Dr.Shashua was on a contrary very different. He was so professionally confident that he can do laparoscopic procedure, that I believed him (a chance for conversion to laparatomy always exists and he was honest about it too). But he was so positive and calm about my chances with just laparoscopic minimally invasive procedure that he made me feel at ease with my decision to proceed with my surgery. Now, 2 month after my successful minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure I can say with confidence that Dr.Shashua is the best Ob/Gyn surgeon in the world! I was discharged home the next day, returned to my job in 2 weeks... I would highly recommend this outstanding doctor to anyone who needs any Ob/Gyn procedures. Thank you, Dr.Shashua!!! Svetlana
December 27 , 2019
I saw multiple physicians for my issue with incontinence over many years without any improvement. A couple of visits with Dr. S and a quick outpatient surgery has changed my life. I pray for him every day. Thank you Dr. Shashoua
August 15 , 2018
The best
June 21 , 2016
I went to Dr. Shashoua after enduring years of "female issues". After having birthed three kids, my vaginal area looked like a giant Chicago pothole after a hard winter. I was a mess...and felt like it. Dr. Shashoua easily diagnosed the myriad of problems and repaired every one. The rejuvenation left me not only with the ability to run a half-marathon without losing a single drop of urine (or my tampon to the street for that matter), but it also left me with the quiet confidence of a 23 year old. Dr. Shashoua has a great bedside manner and a wonderful staff. All-in-all, even though I can attest that - bladder, ligament, laser procedure -- wasn't the most fun ever, it was terrific knowing that I was in the best and most capable hands of Dr. Shashoua. Trust me. Go see this doctor!
March 14 , 2014
I am so thankful to have been a patient of the most skilled, kind, caring, humble, thoughtful surgeon, Dr. Abraham Shashoua. As another patient shared in her review, I had a mess of a debilitating mass and just a few days after surgery I look and feel great. At our initial appointment, Dr. Shashoua assessed my problem listened to my concerns provided caring expert advice and patiently waited for my decision.( I thought to myself,"he's going to run out" and leave me with a nurse to decide) No, he didn't, we talked more. Even though he's the expert he never brushed my concerns aside. He spoke gently and looked me directly in the eyes with absolute truth. I suppose it's just his way but I am truly blessed to have had him as my surgeon. His staff supports him fully and shares his kind and patient way of treating patients with the utmost of respect. I feel great. Please dont delay if you have an issue schedule to meet with Dr. Shashoua you will be thankful.
August 01 , 2019
Dr Shashoua is one of the best Doctors you can have. He did a good surgery to me because I had a prolapse and I feel better now and his staff are very nice and he is very professional and always have time to help and answer my questions.
March 21 , 2015
Dr. Shashoua operated on my wife. He and his staff were truly professional and exceptional friendly. Before the operation he answered all our questions. There were no complication during and after the operation. During his postoperative follow-up was very detailed. Thank you, doctor.
April 01 , 2021
Wonderful experience from the first visit, through the successful surgery. Couldn’t be happier
February 04 , 2020
I'm grateful and thankful for Dr. Abraham R. Shashoua, for successfully performing an open myomectomy on my wife. He removed NINE fibroids from her uterus. • We came to him because we heard he was the best in the business, and sure enough, he didn't disappoint. • We love his bedside manners as well. Just an all round highly professional and skilled specialist doctor. • If you need your fibroids taken out i.e. myomectomy, please contact Abraham R. Shashoua MD. • Trust me, he's the absolute best. My wife is doing great after surgery. What a blessing 🙏🏼
August 02 , 2019
Found his "bedside manner" leaving much to be desired. Not sure of his issue with me or maybe my ethnicity, but he was cold, uncaring and very wooden in answering questions as if I was bothering him or wasting his time. After a couple of interactions with him I decided to change surgeons and it was like night and day. Also, I didn't appreciate his exam where he opened the door after examining me while I was still on the table with my gown still up! I would much rather give a "0".
September 08 , 2017
I had surgery with Dr. Shashoua over a year ago for endometriosis. He recommended surgery without performing a manual exam or requesting any imaging beforehand. Because this was my first time having any surgery, I had no idea that he was wrong to ignore these preliminary steps. He spent maybe 5 minutes with me at that initial visit.The worst part of this, is that I was allowed to leave the hospital before being asked to urinate (customary for pelvic surgeries). I ended up in the ER two days after the surgery with 2 liters of urine in my bladder. The ER made me wait 45 minutes before giving me pain meds and were unresponsive to me until they figured out what was going on. It was an absolutely traumatic experience. The damage from this complication has caused permanent abdominal distention. I look like I am 6 months pregnant at all times. I am only 34. My formerly fit figure is gone forever. He was extremely pushy about getting me on Orilissa despite me repeatedly telling him no. Got an MRI 6 months later at Northwestern and it showed moderate endo he must have missed in the mere 45 minutes he spent operating on me. His arrogance effectively ruined my life.
December 08 , 2021

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