Physicians For Women's Health, LLC
499 Farmington Ave, Suite 220
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3.9 out of 5
Physicians For Women's Health, LLC
499 Farmington Ave, Suite 220
Farmington, CT 06032 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
Absolutely informative, excellent bedside manner, wonderful and thorough surgeon, extremely knowledgeable about her patients and the best Dr for my Interstitial Cystitis condition. Referred by previous uro for more intense tx and absolutely GRATEFUL.
January 19 , 2015
Very nice, excellent bedside manner, very caring and great doctor. Front staff is very nice and helpful
March 27 , 2014
Dr. Regan is so caring and reassuring !!! Thank you so much!
April 26 , 2019
Professional, caring, attentive, and thorough. This is all I want from any doctor, wouldnt hesitate to recommend her to family as well as friends.
January 05 , 2010
I have been seeing Dr. Regan for about four years once or twice a year. She has done some surgeries on me. Some have been successful and some have not helped as much as we had hoped. I dont think any doctor can expect to succeed 100% of the time. I find her delightful and highly recommend her.
January 03 , 2014
I just had the Interstim Stage 1 and Stage 2 surgery with Dr. Regan. I had a great experience with her. She explained everything that would and will happen. Would definitely recommend her to any woman who is looking for a caring doctor.
March 08 , 2011
Dr. Regan helped me through a very trying time. She was amazing. Answered all my questions in detail. Put me at ease immediately. Great sense of humor. Surgery was a success and that was 4 years ago. I am so grateful I found her.
June 28 , 2014
Thank you for helping me; when seemingly no one else wanted to do so. An absolute God sent professional.
June 10 , 2016
I am so blessed to have found Dr. Regan. I went to her after an extremely bad experience with a different urologist that not only mistreated me but caused injury to me. Dr Regan came to my rescue quickly and professionally. Her expert and professional treatment had me feeling better immediately. I only wish I found her 6 weeks ago....I would not have had so much pain and suffering. I highly recommend Dr Regan.....she is an angel. Her staff was very pleasant and professional as well!
February 14 , 2016
I cannot say enough about Dr. Regan. She is a terrific doctor, great bedside manner, spends whatever time necessary with patiens. I would be her patient in whatever field she was in.
July 03 , 2013
Dr. Regan is an amazing doctor. I am grateful that I found her and she was able to fix my incontinence issues. The office is friendly and cheerful in a comfortable setting. The staff go above and beyond for their patients. If you need a female Urologist this is the place to go!
April 26 , 2019
On time, compassionate, knowledgable. Made me feel very comfortable.
November 30 , 2016
Staff is not timely providing information to other healthcare partners when dealing with records.
May 26 , 2016
My mom got a UTI while in the hospital and has suffered from them since. After several tries with antibiotics prescribed by Dr Regan, it was I who insisted on doing something more as it was obvious there was a bigger problem. After tests were done, a large kidney stone was discovered and then removed. We were told it could or could not grow back. A year later, she tested positive for another UTI and after doing 2 powerful antibiotics back to back without results, it was again at MY request that tests be done. im mean come on, im not the doctor here. And her bedside manner is terrible. Doesnt even address others in the room nor my mom, who has Alzheimers, when she asks questions. PErhaps her talents are in surgery.......
August 09 , 2011
Id seen Dr. Regan for interstitial cystitis issues since 2000. At first I really liked her but I was increasingly frustrated over the years. Whenever I had a flare & she changed my meds, she always tried a drug that didnt provide enough relief. I walked around for months or even years ~ convinced that I was *supposed* to feel that way. She never told me that I COULD feel better. Based on the fact that my initial onset lasted two years, she should have given me the med she finally prescribed in 2012. Its a stronger drug that stopped one of the worst flares ever, but it wouldve made sense to give me substantial relief 12 years earlier. 2013 is when personal trouble began between us. I came back with a terrible flare of only certain symptoms. Her nice bedside manner was GONE & she was a nasty ogre. --Why arent you taking the Sanctura?!-- she barked at me. I said I had already taken it a long time ago & it ceased to work at all. (Why wasnt she checking my records on the laptop right in front of her face?) --You need to be on a second drug with the Elmiron!-- Who is the doctor & who is the patient here? Dont blame me for YOUR mistakes, woman. No other doctor has EVER done that to me, and it was jarring ~ especially as I felt like fresh h*ll. Moreover, she pressed a nerve during the internal exam and re-triggered my vulvodynia which had been in remission for 7 years! As soon as I felt the awful burning, I wanted to throttle her. In 2015, she played the blame game again. --I need a liver function. You know youre supposed to get that every year.-- I replied that I did NOT know; this is the first Id heard about it. Seriously, I have a number of chronic conditions and consult a number of doctors. Even if shed told me the previous year (which she didnt), I would have forgotten without a reminder to get blood work. That was HER responsibility to remind me and to send a request to Quest Labs. Since I hate narcissists, I found a different urologist who deals with IC matters in a kind, thorough manner. I also dont need to drive an hour and a half to see Regan in Farmington. When you have an IC flare, that drive is the last thing you want to do. My one compliment is that she finally prescribed a duo of meds that help me considerably. But it took long enough....
June 14 , 2016
Id seen Dr. Regan for interstitial cystitis issues since 2000. At first I really liked her but I was increasingly frustrated over the years. Whenever ...
June 14 , 2016
One of the worst bedside manners I have ever encountered. Spent dr Dr Regan maybe 3 minutes with me. I had questions about my kidney stones. All she said is --you have them but their not big enough to treat (5- 7mm). Come back in 4 months with an X-ray and see if they are big enough to treat--. Gave me back my X-ray. I had questions about how to prevent them and she handed me a pamphlet on drinking lots of water. Wanted to see Dr Peterson of the same practice but she doesnt work with kidney stone patients. Looking for another urologist who treats kidney stones. Too bad, The rest of the office staff was very patient and professional
November 01 , 2013

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