Michigan Institute Of Urology PC
5701 Bow Pointe Dr, Suite 250
Clarkston, MI 48346 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Michigan Institute Of Urology PC
5701 Bow Pointe Dr, Suite 250
Clarkston, MI 48346 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
6 ratings, 6 reviews
Dr. Tapper is an excellent physician. He is kind, patient, explains things well, is very skilled in his profession, and knows the latest techniques. He makes you feels very comfortable as a patient.
June 03 , 2021
This guy! What can I say, he is the most awesome guy, friend and doctor ever!
April 10 , 2023
After ending up in ER with a large (unpassable) kidney stone and bad infection, Dr Tapper inserted a stent and treated the infection. After a couple weeks (to clear up infection) he removed the stone and replaced the stent. I have had no pain, after the initial procedure, his bedside manner was excellent, and he explained everything throughly. His office staff leave a lot to be desired, but he is an amazing doctor that I am very grateful for. Highly recommend
March 13 , 2021
"Dr. Tapper is an excellent urologist. He is kind, patient, and very thorough. He spends time with you and will answer all your questions. He makes the situation very comfortable. He is very knowledgeable."
March 18 , 2021
Do not go to this doctor, He went in for a procedure and ended up sniping his prosthetic and making my husband impotent and left has stitches us that are still in and growing over now.
September 24 , 2022
I really liked Dr. Tappers bedside manner. He seemed genuinely concerned for my health and that of my solitary kidney. I was compliant in getting all of the necessary things done. I was extremely nervous about having a stent placed & he made me feel more at ease assuring me he would be there to do the surgery. I ended up being in the OR for near 2 hours on this --minor-- procedure which is fine because they said they were pretty sure they obliterated all my stones. Dr. Tapper was NOT there it was some female named Dr. Fisher? Thats all I know. Never heard from her or met her. Im already NOT a fan of Beaumont Hospital. The ONLY reason I went there was for Dr. Tapper. He did apologize afterwards which was nice but a few days later when I tried to see if I could have a different pain medicine than Tramedol *because I have small children at home & I cant be ZONED OUT on meds while Im taking care of my kids* I was shocked when I recieved a nasty msg by his receptionist saying --if Im in that much pain, I should go to the ER. --Dr Tapper said hes not prescribing anything.-- Its hard to explain how dumbfounded I was or how belittling that felt to hear that. Benadryl even knocks me on my butt and here this office is treating me like a drug addict! I was DISGUSTED to say the LEAST. I didnt want some strong narcotic! I wanted something LESS strong so I would not be in pain while passing more stones AND be able to be ALERT while taking care of my children! (I was advised not to take motrin & tylenol just wasnt cutting it for when I passed stones.) It was painful but not as much as my treatment.. Ive NEVER in my life been made to feel like that. I found out Dr. Tapper was leaving that practice the following week. So I just had to shake my head at that. Lesson learned, just because they have a GOOD bedside manner, does NOT mean they are a GOOD doctor. ***I still have not heard from anyone and my stent has been in place for 3weeks. My husband worked a case with a great urologist and Im happy to say I switched over to his care.
June 19 , 2020

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5701 Bow Pointe Dr, Suite 250
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