Urology Clinics Of North Texas, PLLC
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4 out of 5
Urology Clinics Of North Texas, PLLC
4325 N Josey Lane, Suite 301
Carrollton, TX 75010 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
39 ratings, 39 reviews
I was referred to Dr. Shirvani by my OB/GYN. I was pleasantly surprised at how caring, kind and considerate he is. He listened to me carefully, provided me with all options (with complete explanations) and was equally as happy with the outcome as I was. He has a wonderful bedside manner as well as being a great physician. I would highly recommend him to anyone I care about!
July 17 , 2013
I was referred to Dr. Shirvani because of an indwelling foley catheter. He suggested going to a suprapubic catheter and I couldnt be happier. Dr. Shirvani is very easy to get along with, his staff is very friendly and courteous. He has a great personality and really puts you at easy regarding everything that is being done. I highly recommend him and wouldnt hesitate to go to him again for any other problems I might have.
January 19 , 2017
I highly recommend Dr Shirvani. He was very professional and his good humor helped put me at ease. He has a wonderful personality and was very skillful in administering my procedures. He will be my doctor for life.
June 17 , 2008
I would highly recommend Dr. Shirvani. Not only did he make what could have been an unpleasant experience easy to take, hes great as is his staff. From my first visit to follow up after a small surgery, nothing but good things to say.
April 19 , 2013
Dr. Shirvani is fantastic. I was referred to him at random from Baylor Carrollton hospital after having a kidney stone and Im very glad that he was who I was referred to. His office got me in two days after I called when the normal new patient time was two weeks. When I met with him, he was calm, knowledgeable and gave an easy to follow plan of action to try and determine why I was getting kidney stones and what we could do to eliminate the remainder and prevent them from coming back. After various tests had be be completed, he said I could do lithotripsy or just wait for the remaining 4 to pass naturally. I didnt feel pressured in either direction which was not my normal doctor experience. After deciding to do lithotripsy, he scheduled me for the procedure the next afternoon. I just had lithotripsy performed on me yesterday by Dr. Shirvani and it was easier and less painful than I had expected reading about the procedure online. Compared to the pain of passing a kidney stone, I would highly recommend having Dr. Shirvani perform they procedure vs passing them naturally. I highly recommend Dr. Shirvani for kidney stone problems.
July 15 , 2016
I am a 57 year old male that rate DR. Ali Shirvani a 10 he was outstanding. I was very nervous about my operation but after talking to Dr. Ali I felt good about the operation. You are the number one surgery in my book. Thanks for a Job Well Done!!!!!!!!!
November 03 , 2011
Dr. Shirvani successfully worked with me to overcome an 18 month infection. I have nothing but respect for him and would recommend him to anyone with kidney, bladder or UTI issues. Hes kind, persistent and does not give up on his patients! His nurse, Irma, is also very kind and professional. My only regret is that my new insurance for 2017 does not accept USMD so I will be unable to see him again at least this year should I run into any other issues.
January 16 , 2017
Dr. Shivani & his staff were very knowledgable & courteous. Made first visit less awkward. I would recommend him to anyone.
January 20 , 2010
Very nice office. Dr. Shirvani explains everything and has a good sense of humor. He put me at ease and he fixed my problem.
June 30 , 2007
For my first visit to a Urologist, it was very pleasant. They got me in the same day. And he told me that If I require a quick scheduling, that their group is large and all over the metroplex to make it more convenient for me. Dr. Shivani listened to me carefully and asked the right questions..Very good attitude and friendly smile. I would recommend him for sure.
July 24 , 2014
Dr. Shirvani was the answer to my problem with kidney stones. He did a total of 3 ESWL procedures at Baylor Carrollton in 3 different areas: left ureter, left kidney and right kidney. He was careful, safe, always professional and an absolute gentleman. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of them. I am very pleased with all the results of my procedures and my ultimate outcome. He also followed up with me and identified why and what was creating my kidney stones to help prevent them from reoccuring. Thank you Sir!
February 16 , 2015
"I highly recommend Dr. Shirvani! He is very knowledgeable, personable and excellent in communicating with patients. Also, his friendly and easy to work with as well!"
September 30 , 2021
Dr. Shirvani & his staff were very knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Shirvani took the time to explain all procedures prior to them occurring and always gave me the opportunity to ask questions should I have any. He was very good at not rushing me - yet didnt linger either. Im pretty picky about the doctors I will see & Dr. Shirvani & his staff won me over the very first visit. I didnt have a problem getting in when I needed to or reaching Dr. Shirvani. I felt more like a patient, a human vs a number which is very important to me.
August 01 , 2009
Dr. Shirvani is very personable, competent, and professional. He is trained in and uses the latest procedures. He explains the diagnosis and treatment options in a way that lay people can understand. I never had to wait for more than five minutes after my appointment to see Dr. Shirvani. The office and nursing staff is very friendly and professional.
January 07 , 2021
I highly recommend Dr Shirvani, He not only treats the condition you went in for, but he treats your overall health... Diet, exercise..ect.... I am 50 years old and in the past year of being treated by Dr Shirvani... I feel better than I have felt in 30 years.... Great Doctor, great staff!!!
August 25 , 2015
I was diagnosed with kidney stones on a Wednesday, and had them treated via lithotripsy by Dr. Shirvani on that Friday. I had been to him before for kidney stones and trust him completely.
October 09 , 2016
My overall experience with Dr. Shirvani was excellent. He was referred to me by my gyn when she diagnosed my problem as a prolapsed bladder. Dr. Shrivani worked with my schedule to plan the surgery when I needed it. He answered all my questions well and did not rush me. She took personal interest in me and I thought he did an excellent job. My surgery went went well and the drs follow up and care instructions were clear. I would recommend Dr. Shirvani to any of my friends.
December 22 , 2009
"Dr. Shirvani provided very best care compared to several other urologists I have seen. He is willing to really communicate so that you understand the problem and the treatment. His staff are friendly and they do a great job. Dr. Shirvani Diagnosed my problems better and treated them more effectively, than anyone else. Highly recommend him!"
November 02 , 2020
he is very freindly and take care of my prostate he is a good surgeon he did me a lasor surgery for my prostate i am ok now.
December 26 , 2018
Dr. Shirvani and is staff were very professional and made me feel comfortable. I am pleased with the results of my procedure and I recommend his services highly.
November 10 , 2013
Very knowledgeble. Good sense of humor to put you at ease. On time. Gentle procedures and gave me post surgury information to help me through my recovery. Had an excellent experience and will use Dr. Shirvani in the future is the need arises.
May 10 , 2010
Dr. Ali Shirvani is a very pleasant and friendly guy. My first visit was an awesome experience and he was very professional. I would recommend his service to anyone that is looking for a good Urologist. Dr. Shirvani is more than just an Urologist, he cares about his patients and thats what makes him so real. Go see him youll be glad you did!!!
January 11 , 2018
Doctor Shirvani is simply the best of the best. He is extremely knowledgeable and sincere. His wonderful sense of humor is a true delight. I would recommend Dr. Shirvani to everyone. Not only did he fix my problem, but he also gave me hope for the future.
April 19 , 2008
I had surgery in June of 2010 and I couldnt ask for a better doctor!! Not only did he listen to my questions and concerns, he was very thorough in his explanations. His bedside manor is very wonderful as well.
September 20 , 2010
I was referred to Dr. Shirvani after two hospitializations and years of serious infections. He was able to find the root cause within 2 visits and I have since been infection free. He makes you feel extremely comfortable and his staff is outstanding. I strongly recommend Dr. Shirvani for any urology needs!
July 21 , 2016
Dr. is very professional. Clear in explaining your situation,. Staff is efficient and helpful.
March 25 , 2022
Dr. Shirvani is very pleasant, answers my questions and makes sure I understand. Hes been very helpful to my healthcare.
November 09 , 2017
Dr. Shirvani provided very best care compared to several other urologists I have seen. He is willing to really communicate so that you understand the problem and the treatment. His staff are friendly and they do a great job. Dr. Shirvani Diagnosed my problems better and treated them more effectively, that anyone else. Highly recommend him!
November 02 , 2020
Fantastic Doctor! I was admitted to the hospital and by all good graces I met Dr. Shirvani. What a refreshing change from doctors that are always in a rush and make you feel as if you are a burden. He was funny, caring, took the time to meet my sister and daughter, who were with me, and explain to me what was wrong and the procedure he would perform. Knowing I was from out of town he arranged his office schedule to see me for my follow up appointment the day after surgery. During my office visit he was just as polite and genuine. He gave me a --recipe-- to follow to ensure that I had no pain (and I didnt!) and could get home. The only thing that I am disappointed by is the fact that he is not a doctor in my home city nor is he a general practitioner that I could see anytime I was under the weather. If you have to see a urologist Dr. Shirvani is the best there is!
June 27 , 2015
Unprofessional doctor, felt like I got discriminated by this doctor. Not thoroughly explains things clearly. I had a very bad experienced with this doctor, Shirvani. It gets to the point where I felt that he might harm me during surgery.
February 12 , 2010
Shirvani may be great for men, but I dont recommend him for women. He is very generous with free meds but I had a very bad experience with him after 2 visits. He was very late for a procedure, did not provide any post procedure medication, and I ended up in the emergency room with a bad infection. Be careful.
July 15 , 2008
After describing my chronic history of UTI’s, bladder spasms, and documented ER visits for pain, his response to me was, and I quote as he counted off “1. I don’t believe in interstitial cystitis. 2. There is no such thing as a small bladder. and 3. You need to be skinny. Your problem is bowel related, and you have too much poop. “ An ultrasound in his office revealed a small amount of urine in my bladder, yet I felt like my bladder was full (classic symptoms of IC, per the Mayo Clinic and numerous research, journal articles). His solution was to tell me to get on medication to lose weight quickly, and “get skinny”. No blood work, no physical exam, no diagnostic testing, but a diagnosis: “you are fat, and you eat too much”. Very disappointing and just plain rude.
September 28 , 2018
Very highly recommended. The doctor is very knowledgeable and took care of my issue immediately. I visited another doctor before meeting with Doctor Shirvane for the same issue and went untreated for a while. I went to see Dr. Shirvane and the treatment he helped me get was on point. Very pleased with him and I highly recommend him.
August 23 , 2015
The amount of time you have to wait in this office is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Every time I went there, the waiting time was at least 50 min. But the last time, and I mean THE LAST TIME, meaning I will never go back, we went there for an appointment at 10:00 a.m. and were actually 15 minutes early. It was 12:30 p.m. before we were told by his staff that we need to reschedule because their internet was not working that day, and that they cannot see patients because their system is down. and when I was upset they said the internet has been down all day and they were trying to fix it, and thats what took them too long. They think they can get away with just saying that, like we are idiots, and did not see all the other patients going in and out. Even if their internet was out, which I think is a complete lie; they were just running super late, and wanted to go to lunch, they could have either called us before the appointment, or told us there would a looooong waiting time due to internet issues, so I would not be wasting my time sitting there for over 2 hours. This waiting situation happened 3 times, and the staff never seem to be honest about the fact that they are unorganized. NEVER going back and would not recommend them to anybody unless you really dont have anything to do, and dont mind waiting for 2-3 hour to see a doctor.
March 21 , 2016
And Im not even obese anymore. Ive lost 70 lbs since my heart attack but he knows better than my Primary Care Dr, my Cardiologist, my pulmonologist, my neurologist. All he wanted to do was run tests, more x-rays, etc. In 4 weeks of pain-nothing!!!
January 30 , 2019
Had to wait over 1 hour to see him. very quick exam, and he recommended an invasive and costly procedure. I went to another urologist for 2nd opinion and I did not have to perform the procedure.
June 10 , 2013
Very hard to get a hold of in an emergency, office is designed to shield patients from the doctor. No follow up. Felt continually rushed from the start of my experience.
June 25 , 2012
Doctor is really hard to locate, always have to leave a message and get a call back. Answering service was rude and advised I go to ER instead of calling doctor. No follow up after procedure.
June 23 , 2012
First and last time seeing this doctor. He walked into the room with a giant chip on his shoulder. Horrible bedside manner. He came across as someone who could care less about my health and well-being.
November 29 , 2017

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