Florida Robotic And Minimally Invasive Urogynecology
5300 W Hillsboro Blvd Ste 207
Coconut Creek, FL 33073 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Florida Robotic And Minimally Invasive Urogynecology
5300 W Hillsboro Blvd Ste 207
Coconut Creek, FL 33073 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
15 ratings, 15 reviews
Dr. Shariati and his office staff are EXCEPTIONAL. Lovely, kind, informed and sensitive people. I feel I am in the hands of the best professionals ever. I had a question and my call was returned within 5 minutes. This is what you hope for when you go to a doctor’s office. Perfection.
October 14 , 2022
Dr Amir shariati is very professional ,knows his field very well and take care of his patients like no other doctor have done ,I really appreciate all the services I have received from him from injections to surgery,I wish more doctor were be like him.
September 17 , 2017
Dr shariati was great and his staff is friendly and very nice. Today I had a urodynamic test and the nurse was excellent.
October 09 , 2019
Very satisfied with Dr. Shariatti and the staff at his Office.
October 15 , 2021
Always professional, sincere, & caring!
September 18 , 2016
After much hesitation I had long overdue bladder prolapse and rectocele surgery. I had gone for several opinions and after much deliberation I decided on Dr. Shariati. I was getting a lot of pressure from my family and friends in NY. To have the surgery there. I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it here. The outcome could not Have been better . I am so happy I made the correct decision and had Dr. Shariati perform the surgery. He had spent a great deal of time with me prior to surgery, explained everything and answered all my questions. I also questioned the hospital Nortwest in Margate. I was pleasantly surprised! The nursing care was excellent, rooms were clean and food was much better then u would expect in a hospital. So thumbs up for the hospital and I can highly recommend Dr. Amir Shariati.
August 04 , 2019
Dr. Amir Shariati is the best doctor ever. I’d been going through a Pelvic problem with Excuse after excuse of what cannot be done and in after one visit to Dr. Shariati, my worries we’re over. We set my next appointment and did a pre-evaluation test to understand the depth of the problem before explaining the procedure and showing me my opinions. I felt very comfortable and requested surgery which was fast, worry free, and better for my life. After a prefect surgery, I’m ecstatic of my result and wish I could’ve done it sooner. He is the best doctor ever, I’ll recommend him to every female.
January 28 , 2020
I've been going to Dr Shariati for several years. He has proven to always be kind, compassionate, honest and professional in every way. I know that I'm in the best possible place for the issues that I see him for. His staff is equally compassionate and professional. I recommend him, with reservation.
August 07 , 2019
I had an emergency on a weekend saw a gynecologist on Monday and was lucky enough to get a canceled appointment with Dr Shariati that Wednesday. My head was spinning, I kind of figured what was happening & was worried. From my initial contact with his office staff to meeting the doctor himself I felt I was in good hands. I was calmed by doctors' apparent kindness, compassion and knowledge. When I called the office to change my mind about a simple procedure we were going to try, nobody tried to talk me into it, and have accepted my decision to go a different route. We'll see what happens. What I know for sure is the office staff is efficient and professional.
April 20 , 2022
Every single person in this office were so helpful!! What Dr Shariati did for me was priceless! He gave me a positive look at my future!!!
January 29 , 2023
Doesn't return calls
March 03 , 2020
Worse place in town..not clean place, bad treat, billing more than what they tell you.. doctor was ok.cannot rate him yet..but only for the money.
September 04 , 2020
Think the guy hurt me further on purpose.
December 16 , 2018
I spent 4 years in the care of this doc. I was given 3 unsuccessful surgeries, put on at least 5 useless medications and dumped promptly when my insurance began denying the weekly bladder installations. I was not only in constant pain, but also developed colon issues. Upon changing docs I was given 1 surgery (new implant) changed to only 1 new medication and my bladder issues improved by 70%? I truly believe this doc was just milking my insurance with no intention of healing me ever!
April 10 , 2023
After one surgery and 2 procedures I cannot get ahold of anyone to get my records in order to see a doctor who can fix what he did wrong. Frustrating. Ridiculous.
October 16 , 2019

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Florida Robotic And Minimally Invasive Urogynecology
5300 W Hillsboro Blvd Ste 207
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