Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation
675 N St Clair, 150 Dept Of Urology
Chicago, IL 60611 (Directions)
4.5 out of 5
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation
675 N St Clair, 150 Dept Of Urology
Chicago, IL 60611 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
I was referred to Dr. Krambeck, by a urologist at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. She performed, the Holmium Laser Enucleation of my prostate. I could go on and on, but I will defer to my doctor's opinion at Mayo Clinic. He told me, that Dr. Krambeck is on of the top three surgeons in the nation, that does the Holmium procedure. I concur with him. Every aspect of my surgery was excellent. My sexual sensation was not affected. A side note , she is a caring and attentive doctor.
October 30 , 2018
Thank you Dr. Kim Krambeck for your professional expertise regarding the holep surgery you performed on 04-20 2015. No urinary problems!!! I have and will continue to recommend you for surgery. thanks again; Ron
June 29 , 2018
DR. Krambeck really was the best with my husbands HoLep surgery. He is fixed. Very few issues but those were expected.
February 08 , 2019
Had the HoLep procedure performed by Dr Krambeck. It went so well that there was no after surgery pain whatsoever and I left for home the next morning with no catheter and with the about 80% of my very large prostate gone.
June 12 , 2017
Dr. Amy Krambeck performed my HoLep surgery and gave me back my quality of life! Dr. Amy Krambeck is a outstanding doctor, my results were excellent,recovery was a breeze compared to all the BPH issues I had before surgery. I would give her a "10" rating on the scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, there are not enough "THANK YOUs" to tell everyone how this can change your life back to normal!
December 02 , 2013
BPH is a devastating condition. I watched my guy go from waking several times a night, to trying the meds (literately brought to his knees from low blood pressure), to needing to self cath every three hours. All of this changed with a 90 minute surgery just 5 days ogo. He is completely back to normal. Thank you Dr. K and team for giving him his life back. I am forever grateful.
July 14 , 2019
Over three days and 12 hours of surgery Dr. Krambeck removed all of my wife's kidney stones at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. And her creatinine level has been stable ever since, with no new stones. Krambeck was top flight and so kind to my wife. When you don't need her anymore in Indianapolis, feel free to send her back to Mayo Clinic. lol
January 16 , 2018
We did not even meet Dr. Krambeck until my husband was prepped for surgery. Two weeks before surgery we drove for 3 hours each way to consult with her and she sent someone else in her place. At no time did anyone indicate that there was an emergency or any other good reason for her not to meet with us. This is unacceptable. Having the most up to date technology does not make someone a good doctor. Caring for each individual patient does. My husband did not experience a caring doctor.
October 03 , 2019

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Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation
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