Lahey Clinic Inc
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3 out of 5
Lahey Clinic Inc
41 Mall Rd
Burlington, MA 01803 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
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nobody wanted to do surgery on me. He saved my life
October 15 , 2010
I needed to have my bladder removed. Dr. Sorcini was able to build a new bladder out of my intestine. I do not wear a bag and my life is basically unchanged and I do not have any evidence of cancer anymore
October 16 , 2010
Without Dr. Sorcini, I am not sure that I would be alive today. I could not have asked for anyone better. Top-notch doctor - and a top-notch human being.
March 28 , 2018
He is a doctor who specializes in urologic oncology and major surgical procedures. He was the only one who was able to remove my kidney laparoscopically in spite of my multiple medical problems.
December 10 , 2012
Have seen this doctor for a few years now. His bedside manner at times is brusque. He often is in a hurry. That being said, he has treated and monitored my condition appropriately and carefully. I am there to get treatment for my condition, not to have a buddy. I feel I have gotten good medical care from him, despite his bedside manner.
March 23 , 2009
Dr. Sorcini was very professional in all our meetings and explained my problems well. However, perhaps he didnt fully emphasized the risks associated with this surgery and espacially, its --after-effects.-- During the surgery one of the nerves was cut (resulting in problems with ercection) and now, almost 5 years after the surgery I still suffer problems with a light incontinence. So despite a good medical care during and after my surgery, the error during the surgery follows me until this day. I would not recommend Dr. Sorcini.
June 24 , 2011
Dr. Sorcini, never explained the operation, the risks or the possible outcome. he left the day after the operation, never assigned an attending dr. he really doesnt care about his patient, his only reason was to fill in a cancellation and make money before going on a three weeks vacation. he was not qualify to do this operation and didnt care about the outcome. i am so sorry my local urologist ever recommended this dr.
December 26 , 2012
Dr. Sorcini did not even do an appropriate exam on the patient. It took quite a while to get an appointment with him and the exam was nothing more than a meet and greet and make an appointment for surgery which was six weeks away and the patient had invasive cancer. I feel this visit was the worst one I have ever encountered in all my years of doctoring. This Dr. needs to be more in tuned with his patients medical needs. I am also writing a lengtly letter in regards to this case. I feel this man needs to be reprimanded on his patient care.
August 02 , 2009
Do no use this dr. He operated on my husband, never explained that there could be a problem, then after a few hours came out and said it is inoperable, still he kept him on he table open for over 6 hours, taking samples etc... He then left for a vacation to Italy for 3 weeks, never assigning another dr. or explaining anything. His vergus nerve got damage during the operation, which he never had, he was never able to eat normally. Dr. Sorcini, never got took the time to call or inquire about his care. My husband die months later poor care and advise was the reason. Operating quickly before one when on vacation was more important than the patient well being. I would never recommend dr. Sorcini or any of this associates.
March 07 , 2013
operated on my husband, and damage his vergu nerve, husband never recovered. Operated, then left the next day for vacation in Italy, never we told until that same day. were only followed by intern, would not recommend this dr. not professional.
July 08 , 2013
After about 5 years with this doctor, I completely lost faith in him. He had me going back and forth every year, six months or 3 months for bladder pre-cancerous biopsies. I finally got a second opinion, and was told there is nothing there, and I dont need to have a follow-up for another 6 months. It was a gut feeling I had about his treatment, and also how Lahey charges are way beyond fair when it is just a follow-up appointment. Im happy to be done with Lahey now that I have a choice to have Beverly doctors!
April 05 , 2014

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