New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
15 ratings, 15 reviews
Dr. Siegel and his staff pay attention to detail. He has been my ururologist for 10 years. I value the quality care and comfortable atmosphere.
June 26 , 2020
I have been going to Dr. Siegel for a few years now & I find him to be one of the best doctors around. He is a very compassionate & caring person, besides having great bed side manners. He is absolutely wonderful.
January 10 , 2008
I am a woman who experienced pelvic prolapse. I was mortified and really scared. I was afraid that significant parts of myself would fall out. I went to my local urological specialist who was ready to clear out my innards. Seeking a second opinion, I contacted my husbands urologist who recommended Dr. Siegel. He was both warm, caring and supportive. He has worked with the doctor who developed --pelvic reconstruction.-- He did my interior design work. I have no problems and I am thrilled with the job that he did. He is the best!!!
November 06 , 2017
I am very sorry not to have met him before my bladder surgery, which has not been satisfactory with another Dr. I have been dealing with Dr. Andrew L. Siegel for about two years and I honestly say that he is very compassionate, excellent Dr. the best...
May 06 , 2021
the best of the best gracia por todo lo que usted hizo por mi
June 24 , 2014
Dr. Andrew Siegel is a great, professional & understanding doctor. He spent a good amount of time with me and answered all of my questions. The staff is very professional particularly Tom and Ally. I would recommend him and I have to my family and friends. I have been his patient since 2000 and it should be noted that he saved me from an unnecessary procedure by another urologist.
April 23 , 2019
Doctor and staff are wonderful
November 16 , 2018
Great bedside manner and seems like he cares about his patients. There was a bit of a wait but i would still recommend.
February 10 , 2017
If only all doctors could be as knowledgeable and compassionate as Dr. Seigel, it would make the world a better place.When having to deal with a delicate subject, you want someone who is as understanding, and comforting as Dr. Siegel. He explains everything in complete detail and even uses a power point presentation. He came highly recommended and I can see why!
March 27 , 2009
Dr. Siegel is the third urologist I have seen about my issue. He is by far the best. He demonstrates sensitivity and compassion with my issues. He understands how multiple sclerosis complicates urological issues. He continued to work with me to develop the best solution to my issues. Most importantly, he and his staff continuously demonstrate compassion, sensitivity and professionalism.
July 01 , 2020
I have been a patient of Dr. Siegel for over 25 years years. Dr. Siegel is wonderful and provides the best care. There are not enough words for me to express my appreciation. I would strongly recommend him.
February 09 , 2022
Dr Siegel is a very good dr. My only complaint about him is that, unlike all other doctors i visit, he never has samples to give. He is ready with a prescription pad but never a sample to try for a week, 2 etc.
September 10 , 2008
I had my bladder lifted by Dr. Siegel.After years of --leaking--, and not being able to laugh without wetting myself,I went for a consultation. He is an excellent surgeon and very sweet. Not overbearing, no pressure, just the facts. Very knowledgeable and took his time. Busy office, dont look for a friendly face with the staff, but worth putting up with them to get a great doctor. Very conscientious, caring, low key, almost shy, but when talking about a delicate subject, this is the man you want to be with.You do have to go through embarrassing tests but he makes you comfortable. My surgery went well, and I am so happy that I did it. I regret I didnt do it sooner! Dr. Sieglel made and uncomfortable topic easy. I highly recommend him to anyone needing this surgery.
October 24 , 2010
I have been a patient for a few years of Dr. Siegel, he is a very nice and competent doctor. However, the new office that he has moved into, is not good. My first appointment was early morning, as I approached the front desk, two of the employees were arguing loudly. I patiently waited until they were finished until they -- acknowledged-- me. I was then told to sit down and wait to be called, I felt as if I was in a factory. The waiting room was crowded, they call people in and ask for urine specimens to a bathroom that is NOT CLEAN , and has a terrible odor. The rest of the appointment was OK as Dr. Siegel is good. My second appointment was later afternoon, again, the office was crowded . I was called in to give a urine specimen, the nurse that called me in was rude, and did not look at me as she handed me the specimen cup. The bathroom was even worse this time! A commode was next to the toilet and the bathroom was dirty (again) and the odor was unbearable!!! I had a procedure done that day, and the room I was brought into was fine. Again, the nurse was not very professional. I asked to use the bathroom, it was a DISASTER!!! It is also being used as a storage room there were boxes all over the place, and not in an organized fashion. I expect more from a doctors office. Dr. Siegel, do yourself a favor and go back to your old office, this office is a factory, not a medical practice.
May 29 , 2017
February 20 , 2019

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