Gousse Urology, LLC
21150 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 304
Aventura, FL 33180 (Directions)
4.2 out of 5
Gousse Urology, LLC
21150 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 304
Aventura, FL 33180 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
43 ratings, 43 reviews
I was referred by Dr. Gousse by my Gynecologist. I had severe prolapse for years. I went to see Dr. Gousse , he took his time to explain my condition. He scheduled me to do several tests to make sure I got the proper diagnostic and treatment. He reassured me that my problem can be fixed and I should not be living in that condition. The doctor was awesome, very thorough ad compassionate. Dr. Gousse is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is an excellent teacher. I was really impressed and chocked the way I was treated not as a patient but a family member. He really cares, this is rare to find doctors with those qualifications. I had surgery, he was able to fix my problem. The best thing about it, he did not use the mesh. Now I am cured and I am happy. I will always remain loyal to Dr. Gousse. God Bless him!
September 11 , 2014
I made an appointment for my mother because she has urinary problem. Dr . Gousse took his time to listen patiently and to understand my concerns. He was very concerned to review all the medications that my mother was taking to avoid overprescribe. He made the decision for my mother not to have surgery and to just continue seeing her every month. I was kind of surprise about that decision, because everybody was telling me my mother needed surgery. I went along with the plan. My mother was hospitalized for non urology issues but Dr.Gousse came for consult everyday. After 3 months of Dr.Gousse being in the case. My mother was making progress everyday. Now I am pleased to mention that she is doing fine and she is cured. Dr.Gousse was right, she did not need surgery. This is what I call a doctor who is confident and knowledgeable. I rate him very highly.
August 22 , 2019
Great staff, excellent doctor. This is an A+++, I wish I can give more stars. He deserves a great review, my situation was not easy. Only an expert like him was able to reassure me with confidence that there was hope. In fact he gave me hope and I am glad to say that I am cured. I did not want to believe it. Months after my surgery I was feeling so good but my mind was playing game. I was a changed person even my family and my friends could see the difference. Thanks to a great man.
August 16 , 2019
Dr.Gousses office is superb with great staff and front desk girl is nice.
September 28 , 2019
Many urologists are practicing in Florida., be careful who you choose. Dr Gousse is one of the best in Florida and in the country. This is ia a well known fact. He cure my urinary incontinence after a single operation. My life is changed forever. Thank you Dr Gousse . You gave me my life back ! I wish I could give him more stars.
August 22 , 2019
Dr. Gousse is among the best urologist I have ever seen. I have been going there for more than 10 years, I followed him from University of Miami to his private clinic in Miramar. I am from West Palm Beach, the distance was not easy but it did not matter. I am so happy that I do not have to be driving so far. With his new clinic in West Palm Beach, it is only 10 minutes drive. My first artificial sphincter was done by Dr. Gousse, 13 years ago. Now the half life is over, I needed a new artificial sphincter replacement. I had surgery 2 months ago and it is working fine. I am hoping to get the same luck in order to continue to enjoy my activities. Great doctor, great service.
August 22 , 2019
I absolutely have great experience about Dr.Gousse.
August 16 , 2019
Super knowledge and compassionate doctor.
August 27 , 2019
Dr.Gousse knows his field very well and took good care of me. I appreciate all the services and care provided to me by him and also his staff. I wish more doctors were like him.
August 16 , 2019
The best doctor in Urology in town. Top in bladder health and prostate care .
September 16 , 2018
Dr.Gousse is quick and to the point . Excellent doctor.
August 16 , 2019
This service was extremely helpful. Your messages are handled on timely manner. Dr.Gousse is real, this is a very busy clinic. I am sure that they must have a reason why he is successful, he is great doctor. I have good result and that all I am asking for. I am not going to be difficult. I came for one and only one result to get a service and take care of my urinary infection. He prescribed some great medications that help me. Because of him I am feeling better and I can feel better and more confident with my husband.
August 23 , 2019
Great doctor!!!
July 05 , 2019
Dr. Gousse is one of the physician that I admire for what he has done for me.
August 11 , 2019
Great experience overall
August 16 , 2019
Great surgeon, , good bedside manners. Easy to get an appointment, the staff are very friendly.
December 15 , 2018
The office is clean and neat and the front desk girl very useful to get referral when I needed one. Dr. Gousse took my history and listen to me in great detail. I had surgery and I went home the same day with minor pain. I was able to resume my activities after one week. I am doing fine, thanks Dr. Gousse.
February 29 , 2020
Great listener, treats you with respect and dignity
August 15 , 2019
Excellent urologist, I got the best care that I wanted to have. Dr. Gousse took care of me like a family member. I came with my son who wanted to know exactly what will the plan of care. Dr. Gousse was able to schedule for surgery due to the emergency situation I was facing. The surgery went well and with great improvement.
February 29 , 2020
Dr.Gousse is one of the best doctor, I have been with him for years. My experience has been excellent with no major complaints. He has great knowledge and skills in Urology . Not surprisingly, he solved my problem in a short period of time. Friendly doctor. Down to earth. I would recommend him to anyone.
August 27 , 2019
One of the best Urologist who took care of me
September 28 , 2019
Dr.Gousse is a great doctor
January 22 , 2019
Dr. Gousse changed my life for the best.
September 18 , 2019
I met with Dr.Gousse who appears very caring and with a low key approach. He knows what he is doing and because of that I felt very comfortable and at ease.
March 01 , 2020
I recently underwent surgery by Dr Gousse. I have always feared shots, needles and the entire concept of surgery. My experience with Dr Gousse could not have been any better. After careful evaluation of other MDs within and beyond my local area none had the expertise of Dr Gousse. He was very efficient in diagnosing and treating my condition. In addition, he is very personable, kind, decent and well educated gentleman. His bed side manner was re-assuring, professional and compassionate. I give Dr Gousse the highest of recommendations and truly appreciate his professionalism. He is an asset to the medical field. Thank you Dr Gousse!
June 30 , 2011
A fine doctor with great skills
August 26 , 2019
Very pleased with the professionalism.
March 01 , 2020
I had seen two Urologists previously who could not diagnose my problem and would not LISTEN to my concerns and symptoms. Dr. Gousse took his time to listen to all my concerns and my worries. He examined me and ordered some tests. My next visit he took his time explaining my situation in detail. He went over the results ,the labs, and procedures that were done and how he will proceed. His last words to me was we will work together and get an answer to get you better. I found Dr. Gousse to be very compassionate and caring. He is very professional, very smart and well respected in his field. I advise everyone I know with urinary leakage problems to see Dr. Gousse. I believe that he is an expert in his field.
September 20 , 2014
He is an excellent doctor, his diagnostic was correct. He helps me.
August 25 , 2019
Dr. Gousse was able to help me and gave me hope
February 29 , 2020
Dr. Goouse is an EXTRAORDINARY doctor! The procedure he did for me was life changing, and I will be forever grateful. He is truly an outstanding urologist and gifted surgeon!
January 27 , 2020
I was very pleased to have met Dr.Gousse. He is very profesional with great bedside manners. He is warm, caring and very friendly. he spoke to me and he took his time to explain in great details what he was planning on doing. For the first time I was able to understand my medical issues. I had great result with the surgery.
August 16 , 2019
I have been going to the office for many years. Dr.Gousse has not changed a bit, he provides the same care every time.
August 16 , 2019
Dr.Gousse est tres attentif et emphatique a ses patients. Il prend son temps decouter et particulierement dexpliquer ce qui est important.
August 23 , 2019
first appointment was with the PA when I met thedr that day he was more interested in my occupation and did not explain anything. On the second visit which was for a procedure, had little to nothing to offer for why I was having pain. During our conversation he picked up a phone call coming in to his cellphone. It just shows me the least bit of interest in the patient.
December 14 , 2018
I have never had a doctor with such poor manner. I wait 90 minutes before I ever see anyone and then he comes into the room, barely says hi, says a few sentences, and literally leaves without saying goodbye- mid conversation. It is so bizarre. He has done this to me over the last 3 or 4 visits and Im utterly shocked every time. He did a procedure on me and even the nurse commented on how distant he was to me. Very disappointing.
August 14 , 2019
Office was disgusting. Very dirty in-office bathroom (I wish I could post the pictures that I took). On two different visits the doctor began talking without an introduction and it turns out that both times they had the wrong chart. The office and staff can best be described as ghetto. When calling the office, I have been disconnected more times than I actually was able to speak with someone. Avoid this office and try somewhere like Uro-Medix if you want a good urology office in the Aventura area.
January 24 , 2021
The interaction with this doctor was unpleasant and left me with a strong headache and stomach. I do not recommend him anyway.
June 14 , 2019
Had an agreed upon Schduled tele Conference with the office for later on today and when i called the office personnel was gone and the young woman who answered the phone had no clue as to what i was talking about. Also, my insurance requires a 100.00 Co Pay but i was charged 200.000 at the front desk despite my telling them that i was supposed to be charged 100.00. The office practice seems confused and the young kids there have no clue what is going on. I am changing my Urologist. This place is very UNprofessional.
August 23 , 2021
Dr. Angelo E. Gousse performed a surgery on my father, the only time he saw him was during consultation as a new pt for surgery. After the surgery he did not bother to f/u with him, even when we requested. My dad had complications, and still did not bother to see me. We would not recommend him. He get you in the door, and leaves you to see the other doctors.
August 05 , 2020
Horrible extremely unprofessional atmosphere and grossly mismanaged office in his WPB location. I was charged 200.00 initial CoPay when in fact I told the front desk last that my confirmed co pay was 100.00. she couldnt furnish me with an explanation for the 100.00 OVERcharge. I complained to my insurance company. I was also charged for a teleconference call that never came . I contacted my bank and lodged a complaint. The staff are all young kids who are in need of a minimum standard of training.... I implore you to save your time and finances and go elsewhere.
September 20 , 2021
Experience 1) My FIRST visit to Gouse Urology they charged me at the front desk 200.00 co pay when in fact my insurance company details all say that my co pay is 100.00. I asked the front desk WHY and they couldnt furnish me with an explanation. I complained and lodged a formal complaint with my insurance company. Experience 2) I arranged to have a teleconference call for later that same day with the Office Manager and she instructed me to stand by for the incoming call later that same day. NEVER got the call. When I called them to ask why the entire office was gone for the day and the operator couldnt help me. Experience 3) I made another appointment and confirmed it the day prior for the next day Tele Conference call. They were quick to take my Co Pay and told me to hang up for an incoming call to discuss my blood test results and I should be getting a call in a few minutes. Once again I got no phone call so when I call back the office was gone and the young lady who answered the phone had no clue as to what I was talking about. I immediately contacted my insurance company and tell them about the complete ineptness of this of this offic and the fraudulent billing that occurred without any services rendered. I highly suggest that you seek better MORE PROFESSIONAL treatment at a better run, more professional office. THIS PRACTICE is for people who are comfortable with poor substandard performance. I am informing all my friends and warning them.
September 01 , 2021
I came in to see Dr. Gousse, because I was having a sudden issue with retention. I was never told over the phone that I would not be seeing the actual doctor. I was scheduled with an assistant who hardly spoke and was not fully trained to place a Catheter. I was asked to wait an hour for Dr. Gousse to get out of surgery, in order for him to place a Catheter in me. I was asked to return in 4 days, I thought I would finally be able to speak with the actual Doctor, again I was scheduled with an assistant. Be aware that this office is run by assistants while Dr. Gousse spends the entire day out doing surgeries. Aside from that the assistant gave me wrong information, scared me and told me I would need to self catheter my entire life. They were completely wrong. I went to see an actual Urologist and they were able to run all the appropriate tests on me and with a tiny procedure in office I was cured. Anyone needing immediate help book an appt at a different office with an actual Urologist!
January 13 , 2021

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