Arizona Urology Specialists PLLC
10301 N 92nd St, Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (Directions)
2.6 out of 5
Arizona Urology Specialists PLLC
10301 N 92nd St, Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85258 (Directions)

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2.6 out of 5
28 ratings, 28 reviews
Dr. Woodruff is extremely thorough and competent. He explains his findings and plan of care very well. He is friendly and expresses concern.
December 02 , 2010
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Woodruff. He was kind and explained my options in detail. I was in a great deal of pain and the procedure was uncomfortable but he was terrific and I would recommend him to anyone.
June 07 , 2011
Dr Woodruff has been pivotal through chemo and radiation treatments, bladder resections for cancer, resections for BPH, and maintenance treatment for my remitted cancers (2). He has always presented the best options and tentative recommendations based on his expertise and consultation with his colleagues in the clinic. Yes, I would avidly recommend him.
May 15 , 2017
Courteous and open. Was late for appointment, but apologized with sincerity. History and exam was unhurried and thorough. Provided detailed explanation of my condition and patiently answered all of my questions. It was clear to me that Dr. Woodruff sincerely cared about my condition. He engendered trust and made me feel happy and confident that he would be providing great, up-do-date care.
December 23 , 2020
"Dr Woodruff is the best doctor that I have been to. He is a no nonsense doctor. He tells you the truth about your condition and sets a plan. He talks to you as a person and cares about you and your family. "
March 07 , 2022
"All I can say is I had DaVinci Robotic Surgery from Dr A Woodruff for Prostate Cancer six years ago. It was nerve sparing and the cancer was outside the prostate. No problems, little pain, quick recovery and much less side effects than I would have expected. Six years later and my PSAs are undetectable. "
November 01 , 2020
It was easy to set up the appointment for the procedure. I do think he was overbooked. When I finally got to talk to Dr Woodruff, he set me at ease. He was skillful and the procedure had minimal discomfort, not that I had any previous experience with vasectomy. I did have many misconceptions. We were able to talk during the procedure. He was funny. Shay was awesome. When I was leaving, I was provided care instruction and prescriptions. Except for the long wait, wasnt horrible after all. Glad I filled my scripts on the way home. Was sore later that night, not unbearable, but definitely sore.
June 07 , 2013
I had a prostrate biopsy done because of higher than --normal-- PSA numbers. He and is office staff are very efficient and one of the more on-time groups Ive dealt with. (Many medical offices I deal with have a long wait after your scheduled appointment time - not so with Dr. Woodruffs) He is very thorough and gives a very good explanation of your situation - he does talk a bit fast, so pay attention and perhaps take notes, if need be. Good guy - good doctor!
January 26 , 2019
Dr Woodruff has been treating me for 3 years and Ive never had any problems. Hes very good at explaining options and reasons for my problems.
February 02 , 2016
I normally dont write online reviews but felt compelled after reading the negative ones here. I met the Dr for a consult two weeks before a procedure. He provided me a lot of good information and was patient with my questions. On the day of the procedure he was friendly and professional. At no time did I feel rushed during either of my visits with him. The only negative I would cite is for the second visit I went back 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment. Ive come to expect this and accept it as part of meeting with a Doctor.
April 14 , 2015
Must have the patience of Job ( Biblical ) and the heart of a trooper ! May his abilities of mind and hand develope his purpose .
July 17 , 2012
The poor ratings were for post-op care. Almost impossible to speak with him without a multiple of staff that have to screen calls. When I could talk with him , it as if I was an inconvenience. His annoyance was obvious. No empathy for symptoms I was having which led to a trip to ER.
March 23 , 2016
Ordered unnecessary procedures, and subjected me to unacceptable risks. No, an abdominal CT scan is not something you should prescribe like a candy bar, thats a mega-dose of radiation. He assured me that a pain I was having at nothing to do with a kidney stone--yet, it almost certainly did. Stay away from this guy.
December 06 , 2017
Ordered unnecessary procedures, and subjected me to unacceptable risks. No, an abdominal CT scan is not something you should prescribe like a candy bar, thats a mega-dose of radiation. He assured me that a pain I was having at nothing to do with a kidney stone--yet, it almost certainly did. Stay away unless the reviews improve.
December 07 , 2017
Moved my MILs surgery TWICE after telling her they wouldnt do it again. She was so scared about the whole thing and almost cancelled the entire procedure. Instead, we found a new doctor with more expertise and helpful office staff. They dont advocate for patients or keep their promises. If you cant trust them to keep such a basic promise, how can you entrust your health to them?
August 30 , 2018
Pompous, condescending, rude, and arrogant. Just a piece of garbage human being
August 13 , 2021
I should have read other reviews before staying with him. Rushed in office. Horrible bad mood office staff. When I tried to ask questions I was told that if I have to ask questions I am not listening to what he said. Saw him once after surgery was told to make 6 month follow up. Went today and they had no cluck why I was there. Done with this practice.
December 17 , 2015
The level of incompetency of his billing staff has been an ongoing problem for 6 months now. No one ever returns my phone calls or seems to care about the situation they have put me into after they incorrectly coded my visit so my insurance doesnt want to cover my visit.
May 04 , 2014
Here is the short version. I had a Vasectomy with Dr Woodruff. Prior to, the staff there told me my insurance covered the operation. I verified this 2-3 times with their staff to make sure they were right. I had the operation, but after 4-5 months turns out the vasectomy did not work, so I needed another one. Dr. Woodruff did not bill me or insurance for the 2nd one. But, the 2nd one left me with some mild to irritating pain. The operation worked, but I would not call it successful. Then 12 months after my original operation, I get a bill from AZ Urology for my first operation. Insurance turns out, did not cover it. I tried to work with them and help the Dr office collect from insurance, but it did not work. I told them I would not pay full price for a vasectomy I was told that was covered, and did not work, followed by a 2nd one that has left me in pain. They offered a small discount of 15% (+/-) which was not acceptable to me, so they sent me to collection. Poor Dr performance + poor staff insurance verification performance - somehow that is my fault. Horrible experience!
March 22 , 2017
This is the worst place in Arizona for prostate care. Had initial appointment, had the digital rectal exam, then had a biopsy done, followed by review appointment with Woodruff, then went for imaging to be done after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The care could not be any less compassionate. Woodruff is a real butt hook. No humanity, no human kindness, no feeling for his patients, no compassion or caring. Office staff is rude and after having all appointments and imaging done (5 hours at SMIL) I drove the 4 hour round trip to Phoenix to speak with Woodruff about the recommended treatments and to get his opinion. People in this position are terribly stressed, depressed, frightened... and I get to the front desk and was told by a very rude receptionist --I DONT GOT YOU SCHEDULED FOR NOTHING. YOU DO NOT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY.-- I had the card at home, my wife verified I did have the correct day and time. When we called them back, I was told that --the doctor is taking some days off so will not be available for an appointment for another 6 days.-- THIS IS THE WAY YOU TREAT A CANCER PATIENT THAT CANNOT EAT, IS UPSET, WORRIED, CANNOT SLEEP.... ??? People put their lives in these peoples hands.... These are not caring professionals. This is a McDonalds for Prostates. Its all about money, not health. This is a horrible place to go.
July 15 , 2019
What a total disappointment. I am in pain,, extreme at times. Ive had multiple blood clots and 5 surgeries in this area. I provided Dr Woodruff with ALL my surgical reports. I made arrangements for surgeon in another state and time zone to call and speak to Dr Woodruff. I did all the legwork I could to give myself the best possible outcome at this appt. Dr. Woodruff visually looked at the effected area and said --this is something different-- REALLY? And Ive been going to scans and ultrasounds all these years and he can diagnose with a visual? Dr Woodruff said best course of action would be a pain clinic that would deal precisely with this issue. I asked for a referral only to be told to GOOGLE pain clinics. I went thru all this leg work... Im telling the man Im in pain, and I need to go home and surf the net? If a State licensed Urologist cant refer me to a specialist for urological disorder what are my chances of getting the proper DR surfing Google? And how long to I have to go thru this before somebody gives me a fair honest look some help on where to go/who to see. I had such high hopes for some type of resolve when my family doctor referred Dr Woodruff. I was so disappointed and let down.
October 09 , 2015
Most disrespectful practice I have ever experienced.
March 08 , 2018
If I could give a zero star I would. I miss Dr. Karlvosky. A very good Dr. He left abruptly and was told that Dr. Woodruff was handling his patients. Had kidney stone removal surgery with this Dr. 2x and still did not get the stone out! First time I think he got the wrong side. Dr.placed a stent at the time of surgery the second time. Having pain and difficulty sleeping and the Dr. will not take out the stent. All the Dr.s before had removed my stent at the post op visit. Had me return to the office with an Xray after surgery and said I need another surgery and will not remove my stent. Told the Dr. I needed a second opinion because I don't trust his judgement and still will not remove the stent because the Dr. states that it may damage my kidney. (I'm not sure if the Dr. was against me because of my ethnicity or what) Voiced my concerns to the office Manager "Maria" and she was on the Dr's side. Did not care if I was in pain or having embarrassing symptoms. Told me that people have multiple surgeries and can live months with a stent placement. Now I have to see another urologist to take care of my stent and kidney stone removal. Such a waste of time and money. Patient care is horrible with Dr. Woodruff. Never again will I trust this Dr. or his office. He should have communicated better on his procedures and patient care. He tried to put the blame on me stating that I chose the less invasive procedure. How would I know about kidney stones? Im the patient not the Dr. A patient should not have to go through surgery 2 plus times and still not have a resolution. He is lucky I didn't complain to the medical board.
July 12 , 2022
The office staff, his MA and the entire billing team are completely useless to dealing with their own billing mistakes after my visit. 6 months later now and every time I call no one ever gets back to me and now my account is about to go into collections all because they coded it incorrectly and my insurance doesnt want to cover my bill.
May 05 , 2014
He is structured in a manner that will not allow for detailed conversation about the aspects of a treatment plan.At every visit his answer is will talk about treatment only step by step. After 7 wasted weeks and finding him to be trust worthy I left his care and took my records on the last time i saw him. I found another doctor and with out looking at his records after hearing that i had been in the hospital for renal failure, 10 days later had the surgery that was needed from day 1.
January 11 , 2015
July 19 , 2017
First visit didnt even stay 10 minutes and didnt discuss a thing about the visit the referral doctor said he would discuss just wanted to do another test. Then the front office wanted me to wait 2 weeks for this test had to make a stink to have sooner. Then trying to get a surgery setup front desk lied to me 3 times and said she couldnt get a hold of other office when she hadnt tried and then said dr wasnt in a hurry for surgery and it could wait 3 months even though Im in severe pain. Not impressed at all with this doctor.
April 09 , 2012
Dr. Woodruff was late to arrive and early to leave -- became distracted and completely forgot the immediate reason for my visit and left me without diagnosis or medication, if needed. Was arrogant and condescending. Worst DRE and analysis in my five decades of routine medical exams! Will not return.
April 10 , 2011

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About Anthony Joseph Woodruff

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Medical School - University of Arkansas College of Medicine, 2002
Residency - Ochsner Clinic Foundation Hospital, 2007
21 years
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