Lahey Clinic Inc
6 Tsienneto Rd, 101Ll
Derry, NH 03038 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
Lahey Clinic Inc
6 Tsienneto Rd, 101Ll
Derry, NH 03038 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
14 ratings, 14 reviews
I went to see Dr. A today because I was told he was in the network in NH, but when I got there, I was told they didn't take my insurance at Parkland Medical (which he is located).... I had to cancel. When I tried to change my appointment to see him in Mass I was told by my insurance co. that since he was in Mass that I couldn't see him there. I really like seeing Dr. Mourtzinos as my Doctor and was very disappointed.
February 07 , 2018
Dr. Mourtzinos is one of the most caring and compassionate physicians. He explained the whole diagnosis of my incontinence after prostate cancer surgery. The surgery for my incontinence went well and I am dry for the first time in 5 years!!! He is truly the best in the New England area
August 29 , 2012
He has helped me tremendously with my bladder disease, I don't know what I would do without him - He is thorough and caring and just the best!
April 15 , 2019
I have been suffering from Intersistial Cystis for 15 years and have seen my share of unsympathetic doctors with no bedside manners. Dr. Mortzinos is wonderful. He is thorough, caring and thoughtful.
May 26 , 2015
I met Dr. Mourtzinos when I was brought by ambulance straight into surgery at the Lahey clinic from Parkland Hosp in NH. I had a large kidney stone blockage. His skill, bedside manner and professionalism and great personality put me at ease. I had a follow up surgery two weeks later to have another stent placed and the stone crushed. Dr. Mourtzinos is an excellent doctor and anyone seeking a good his office. Excellent care!
April 19 , 2011
Phenomenal physician for treatment of vaginal prolapse and incontinence. Excellent bedside manners!
June 04 , 2009
He very professional and thoughtful and most of all accommodating my needs to make my procedure go smoothly. He has a beautiful smile his bed side manner his residence should really pay attention how he treats his patients they become better doctors
April 22 , 2019
Excellent doctor who listens, cares and takes the time needed with you.
October 29 , 2012
Dr did not listen to me. Why did another dr treat me for 10 years with medication and you wont?
August 12 , 2021
Went to him for interstitial cystitis. He claimed I couldn't have had too serious a condition unless I was about to jump off the examining table. Sorry doc, but that is not true, nor is that a good attitude. What was unserious to you is pretty painful to me.
December 07 , 2013
I went to Dr Mourtzinos because of blood flakes in my urine and periodic lower abdominal pain. I had samples of the blood flakes I had captured. He showed little interest in the samples, agreed to check my urine for abnormal cells only after I pressed the issue. He dismissed the pain as perhaps small kidney stones. He did a manual ckeck of my prostate. End of appointment. I dont know if the cell check was ever done since I received no feedback. Dissatisfied with the encounter I sought a second opinion. Presented with the same evidence, that Urologist immediately ordered an abdominal CT scan and a cystoscopy. Those test showed the presence of Stage 1 Bladder Cancer, for which I am now in treatment. Dr Mourtzinos indifference and unresponsiveness cost me valuable time in starting treatment. Had I simply accepted his opinion, I would today be in much greater danger.
July 16 , 2013
After waiting for over 45 minutes, I felt Dr. Mourtzinos seemed overly rushed and did not listen to the full description of my issues before coming to conclusions. Would not recommend this doctor. Office staff who check you in don't let you know they will be right with you as you stand in front of them for several minutes as they type away.
August 24 , 2011
Long story short he performed a artificial sphincter on patient about two months ago. Since then patient has found out he has lung cancer and is undergoing chemo and radiation which when he got up from his chair his pants were soaking wet and his caretaker I found out that the sphincter was broken. We called Dr. Mourtzinos office and they told us he said that it wasn’t an emergency. We took him to the emergency room and again was told that no one in the area knew how to perform the procedure. Since then it has gotten worse he literally cannot wear Depends because it just goes right through it even if he doubles up on them. This man is a vet and is 67 years old and it’s really sad that he is now a prisoner in his own home because of the situation. When he goes to chemo he has to take two extra pair of pants otherwise he can’t control his urine and flow so it runs into his shoes. And yet not one call from the doctor not one. The situation is so bad that the doctors at the radiation center have reached out to the VA and they are seeing him this Friday to hopefully find someone that can help him. Not even a phone call to follow up to find out what’s wrong with him.
November 28 , 2019
He does not care about women's urological health. No sympathy at all.
February 25 , 2017

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