Faculty Physicians And Surgeons Of Llusm
26520 Cactus Ave
Moreno Valley, CA 92555 (Directions)
2.9 out of 5
Faculty Physicians And Surgeons Of Llusm
26520 Cactus Ave
Moreno Valley, CA 92555 (Directions)

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2.9 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
Dr.Kar has treated my husband for cancer for several years. We have found him to be a very effective, conscientious, hardworking doctor.His operating room skills are excellent. We have been impressed with the caring he has shown us during difficult times.I paged him once when my husband was in the ER and was not being treated after 90 minutes. He actually came down to the ER and got things moving. We are grateful for his care.His staff is friendly when I call on the phone.Dr.Kar is great about fitting my husband in for an appointment if he has a problem. This may occasionally lead to a little longer wait, but surely it is worth it when a doctor tries to be accessible to his patients.
December 15 , 2011
Dr. Kar performed my prostatectomy in July, 2014. I was very impressed with Dr. Kar & his staff throughout the entire process. They were all very helpful before during and after the procedure. He was recommended to me by my personal doctor who I have known for over 25 years. I would highly recommend him.
October 08 , 2014
Dr. Ashok Kar is a super urologist. Makes a great assessment before doing any surgery, He checks the urological complications what they are explains everything to the patient. You are lucky if you get this Dr. To operate your prostrate.
October 07 , 2014
Dr. Kar has saved my husbands life three times. First from Prostate Cancer, second from a cancer on the penis, and third from a growth in his kidney. We love Dr. Kar and recommend him to anyone with a urology problem.
June 07 , 2008
As soon as Dr.Kar found out I did not have insurance,I might as well left right then. He couldnt of cared less about me and couldnt wait to get me out of the office.
December 15 , 2013
I am not sure why Dr. Kar had no interest in me as a patient. I wish he would have told me to find another Dr. By the time I went to another Dr. for my kidney stone lithotripsy did no good. He then referred me to a doctor at UCI. I had surgery to remove the kidney stone that was 1-- X 1/2--. I had suffered with pain for more than two years.
September 18 , 2019
Rude staff and horrible doctor! He is an hour late to see patients and then hardly spends any time with you at your appointment.
September 13 , 2015
My rating for this doctor was taken off of this site. It did not contain anything that was not true. I would like to know why this happened.
August 14 , 2009
This doctor not only misdiagnosed my father, but nearly ****ed him to death. He was in intensive care for days on life support. It truly is a miracle he is alive today -- thanks to the doctors at USC Medical Center. After this incident, Dr. Kar said that he was sorry and that he was finding it hard to return to the O.R. Oh, how I pitied his next patient! I doubt if this doctor was reprimanded by the hospital administration because he brings a lot of revenue to the hospital, and thats the bottom line right there -- money. I have heard that this doctor has since been promoted to Chief of Staff. I have a real problem with that. I wonder if this doctor has a conscience. We tried to sue this attorney for malpractice, but once you sign that release, you are basically giving the doctor a license to kill. FUTURE PATIENTS BEWARE!
April 12 , 2008
This doctor not only misdiagnosed my family member, but nearly killed him as well in surgery due to his negligence. I would NEVER recommend him to anyone.
September 24 , 2010
Dr Kar operated on me for prostate cancer in Oct of 2008 A robotic procedure was used in the surgery. As a result of that operation I was left with 100 % incontinence and 100% impotency. As a result I had to have a second operation ( with another surgeon) for the incontinence which was very costly and painful. Even today I still have leakage and have to wear a pad 24/7 and will have to the rest of my life.
January 20 , 2019

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Faculty Physicians And Surgeons Of Llusm
26520 Cactus Ave
Moreno Valley, CA 92555