1659 55th St
Brooklyn, NY 11204 (Directions)
3.5 out of 5
1659 55th St
Brooklyn, NY 11204 (Directions)

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3.5 out of 5
6 ratings, 6 reviews
Brilliant doctor. Lots of experience. You just know you are in good hands when you work with him. His office is a little antiquated. Needs a make-over. A doctor like this deserves a better working condition.
August 26 , 2012
Best urologist ever. Very thorough, and know what he is doing
June 27 , 2018
Dr. Preminger is a wonderful caring and compassionate doctor. He is an excellent diagnostician and has all the qualities that one could only hope for in a physician. But most of all he is the rare doctor who combines the best qualities of a physician with those of a kind and extraordinary person.
December 20 , 2009
Dirty office. No privacy with receptionist - open area. His only staff is his wife, who talks loud so everyone hears all details. Although his diagnosis is pretty accurate, neverthelass his equipment is not up to date.
September 24 , 2008
If you need a doctor to go the extra mile for you, stay clear of this doctor. My husband needed pre-authorization to obtain a new medication on the market that Preminger prescribed for him...per the front office (who also happens to be his wife), --that is not our policy--. In other words, he prescribed a medication for my husband and then refused to do anything about helping him obtain it. All the front office had to was put some info on the dr.s stationery and fax it to the insurance company.
July 08 , 2013
dr preminger prescribed a new medication for my husband which was a good thing. the bad thing is that my husbands union required preauthorization as this is a new medication on the market. i was told by his front office that it is not the doctors policy to get in contact with a union to authorize a medication. the union told me that it is not their policy to fax anything to the doctor. so in essence. the doctor gave my husband a prescription, and then left him hanging with it. i NEVER in my life heard of a doctor not going the distance to make sure his patient got the medication he needed. i am still astonished at this...i would stay away from this doctor at all costs. there are others
July 02 , 2013

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1659 55th St
Brooklyn, NY 11204
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