Urology Associates PC
799 E Hampden Ave, Suite 430
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3.6 out of 5
Urology Associates PC
799 E Hampden Ave, Suite 430
Englewood, CO 80113 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
15 ratings, 15 reviews
Among the most caring physicians I have ever met. He saw me through a complicated surgery as though I was in his family. I owe my cure to him.
September 04 , 2009
Been with Bradley for 17 years an he has taken great care of me. Always willing to listen to your concerns
September 14 , 2022
Have been a patient for over 10 years both pre surgery and post surgery Dr Bell is excellent in all regards and I would highly recommend him
December 09 , 2020
Great visit
June 20 , 2022
I have had a great experience with Dr Bradley E Bell. All the staff were excellent and helpful!
February 15 , 2023
I have been seeing Dr. Bell for over 10 years and have always had a very satisfying experience both with him and his staff.
August 25 , 2022
Dr. Bell easily deserves all five stars. He is professional, knowledgeable and conscientious. In his care one can feel confident that he/she is receiving excellent care. In addition, he has a great staff. I highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone needing a urologist.
April 03 , 2019
Felt well informed, and sincerely felt he cared. The surgery went perfectly. Ive seen other urologist before, I wont be seeing any others. I highly recommend Dr. Bell.
April 18 , 2019
Dr. Bell is an excellent surgeon using endoscopy techniques. He has his act together and I would highly recommend him for any urology surgery.
July 30 , 2008
Seems competent but has poor listening skills and bedside manner, somewhat arrogant demeanor.
February 25 , 2007
He thought a 6mm kidney stone lodged in the ureter would pass on its own. He asked if Id had a hystorectomy after he had just looked at a catscan of my abdomen. :o! Scheuling an appointment after a procedure has been like pulling teeth. (or passing a 6mm stone)
July 09 , 2008
Verbatim quote: --If two other doctors couldnt figure out your problem, I probably wont be able to.-- He then did an extremely basic exam and offered some absurd solutions to a problem he had yet to diagnose. And this was after a 40 minute wait in the exam room, while he sat alone in the adjacent room doing nothing (I saw him as I was led in). My father is a physician, so I know what good care is--this was not.
April 12 , 2012
Went in, received a Five minute consult and Dr. Bell ordered a ultrasound. Scheduling never called me to schedule ultrasound so I called a week later to schedule. Upon arrival at 3rd party ultrasound facility I was informed only one Ultrasound was ordered, not the 3 we had talked about. After results were sent to Dr Bells office, a PA (i believe) called to review results and wanted to schedule a follow up apt. I disagreed with the assertion and requested we complete the other two ultrasounds as discussed in my 5 min consult before returning. The PA ordered those per my request. Upon arrival at the 3rd party testing facility for the 2nd time I find out that they had ordered the same ultrasound I had a week earlier and 1 additional, not the 2 additional as had been discussed/requested. The Ultrasound tech called and got the duplicate order switched. Upon receiving results Dr. Bells PA telephoned again admitting my assertions were confirmed per the 2nd set of requested ultra sounds and that I proceed directly to a referred surgeon. In short, they couldnt get anything right, I would have had a misdiagnosis and not found out exactly what was going on if I had not requested the 2nd set of ultrasounds and Id still be in constant pain. I basically had to self diagnose, request the appropriate Ultrasounds and proceed to a surgeon. Take yoru time and find someone whom makes you feel like they care and you are important. That certainly wasnt the case here. In great contrast my general MD has always called to personally follow up.
January 26 , 2017
Took over 20 days to get an appointment, no Mondays nothing in the morning except right in the heart of rush hour traffic in Littleton. I have no idea if hes a decent Dr or not. I couldnt even get into the door. Wasted over an hour drive in rush hour to be told to reschedule. I did with someone else.
September 24 , 2019
Egocentric bully who lacks compassion and manners. Yells at patients for his own errors in diagnosis to make himself feel good. He doesnt care about how scared or suffering patients feel. Just cares about being punctual but who cares if he rushes through each appointment and lacks thorough fact-finding and correct diagnosis. Dont waste your time and money.
September 18 , 2016

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Urology Associates PC
799 E Hampden Ave, Suite 430
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