University Physicians, Incorporated
13123 E 16th Ave, Children'S Hospital Colorado
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4.7 out of 5
University Physicians, Incorporated
13123 E 16th Ave, Children'S Hospital Colorado
Aurora, CO 80045 (Directions)

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4.7 out of 5
24 ratings, 24 reviews
If I had seen Dr. Flynn two years ago instead of the reconstructive urologist I saw in New Mexico I could have avoided two years of pain and suffering. I would have saved lots of money as well. If anyone in the Mountain West wants to avoid unnecessary surgeries, see Dr. Flynn. You will need to have insurance and a referral from your doctor. Insist on the referral. There are lots of doctors who will be happy to tell you how you can shortcut problems and how happy you will be, but dont believe them. Call the best, Dr. Flynn.
June 10 , 2016
Dr. Flynn is a gifted surgeon taking on the most challenging and difficult surgeries with consistent success. He performed three different operations on me, including total ureter repair and eventual placement of an artificial urinary sphincter. The latter has provided me with relief from urinary incontinence and greatly improved the quality of my life. Dr. Flynn is the best of the best!
June 12 , 2018
I have nothing but admiration for the man who not only got this issue behind me but got me on my feet and back to work in no time at all. I had the same reconstructive surgery about 18 years ago. This time I healed much faster and went through far less pain. I also appreciated the time he spent with my family reassuring them and answering their questions while i was waking in recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Flynn. Just knowing self cathing is not in my future is priceless, I know, Ive had to do it before. Thank you Dr. Flynn, youre an ACE!!!!!!
March 15 , 2014
I cannot say enough how thoroughly professional and helpful Dr. Flynn was (and still is) in helping me through my loss of urinary continence due to a complication from an otherwise-routine prostatectomy by another surgeon elsewhere. After more than a year of trying and failing to recover my continence, I was referred to Dr. Flynn. Diagnosis and tests were smooth, with minimal discomfort. The surgical procedure was quick and expert. The device continues to work well, nearly eight years later. Best of all, Dr. Flynn has remained interested and helpful, especially regarding subsequent unrelated surgeries (knee replacements) when I needed the device to be deactivated for catherizing before surgery and reactivated after discharge from the hospital. He has been there for me, accommodating my schedule and needs. In an era of instantaneous communication in which too doctors and patients are still disconntected, he receives and replies to email. Im grateful that this relationship, and Dr. Flynns professional and caring manner, have carried far beyond the original surgery.
May 26 , 2014
Dr. Flynn was one of the most caring doctors Ive had. He explained my problems and how he could help me. He was cautious in regards to my age, past health issues and how he would correct the problems I was having. He saw me and cared for me after my surgery. I have nothing but good things to saw about this doctor.
April 19 , 2013
I am very greatful to Dr. Flynn for the successful reconstructive surgery he performed on me. Getting this monkey off my back and getting me back to work and back to normal so soon is nothing short of amazing. His staff was very kind and caring. Dr. Flynns professionalism and confidence put me at ease right from the start. Everything went exactly as he explained it to me without a hiccup. I could go on gushingly about him and his work but I wont for fear that I may be accused of having a man-crush on him. I will however end by saying that he is my Peyton Manning!!!! THANK YOU Dr.Flynn!!
March 13 , 2014
Very thankful to have a doctor that works with complex issues! Thank you
September 28 , 2014
Dr. Flynn recently repaired a vesico-vaginal fistula I developed after having a hysterectomy back in October. I was discouraged and depressed. I was totally incontinent. When I met Dr. Flynn I was immediately impressed by his confidence and knowledge. He examined me, explained my situation in terms I understood, and explained what needed to be done to fix it. Dr. Flynn performed surgery on me four weeks ago. I feel great, my incontinence is gone, Im elated.
January 09 , 2014
I was amazed at D.r Flynn from the moment I went to see him. I had been having trouble with my vaginal mesh now for almost 7 years and nobody would listen to what I was saying about the problem,. Dr. Flynn understood me and was very receptive to what I had to say. Although I only went thru two surgeries to get back to feeling better it was worth it. I am still in the recovery process from the second surgery. But just after Dr Flynn removing the original mesh that was not FDA APPROVED I felt 100% better. I am still as I Said in recovery but am feeling 100% better and know that I now have a DR that Cares and understands. He has helped not only me to build my confidence back but also has helped for me and myhusband to have a better life together. THANK YOU SO MUCH. DR FLYNN.
August 28 , 2014
Very nice person. After two surgeries I am going back for more.
June 20 , 2016
Dr. Flynn removed a failed synthetic mesh and scar tissue, from another doctor, and repaired me with an autologous sling. He completely restored my health, sanity, and way of life. I cannot express enough thanks or appreciation for him and his staff. I was treated with respect, care, and understanding..along with phenomenal healthcare at his office and University of Colorado Hospital. If I could rate Dr. Flynn with 10 stars, I would.
June 05 , 2014
A medically sound doctor is what impress me most! This best describes Dr. Flynn. He saved my wifes life... seriously. After a horrible experience with a --popular-- urology group in the Aurora, CO Area, I brought Dr. Flynn --their-- x-rays, and he immediately saw her problem. He ran his own tests to confirm his diagnoses, and performed the correct surgery. While performing the surgery, he treat her for another issue, which the other incompetent Doctors completely missed. I am grateful my wife and I will celebrate our 37 year wedding anniversary this year together. For reasons that are too complex to detail in this recommendation, I will conclude by stating, Doctor Flynn knows what he is doing. He is by far the best surgeon you can get in the field of Urology. Even the Urology Doctor we were seeing knew who this man was and said, --Oh, so youve decided to go to the BEST, for your second opinion?-- The response was pretty obvious, with the results to prove he is in fact, the best. Thank you, Dr. Flynn. We are grateful for your help.
July 13 , 2016
To the point, DR Flynn. If your quality of life is being effected by your mesh, and you have pain, then get it out!
November 10 , 2015
Dr Flynn has been my Urologist for 14 years and performed 3 AUS plants with success giving me a much better quality of life than I expected. He was very through explaining the procedure from start to finish. I would highly recommend him.
April 25 , 2016
After an initial glitch with the front office staff, I was able to see Dr. Flynn. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He had familiarized himself with my medical records prior to the appoint-ment, thereby saving time. He was courteous and treated my daughter and me as though we were intelligent people--which we are! He understood my need to have the surgery done as soon as possible, so he scheduled it himself. He has a way of instilling confidence in those who are in his care, and although the surgery was complex, I had absolutely no qualms about going through with it. I would go to Dr. Flynn again, and would gladly recommend him to friends and family.
November 20 , 2014
After suffering for months after a botched cystocele repair Dr. Flynn gave me hope.I would recommend him strongly. In fact his thorough handling before, during, and after surgery was concentrated on helping me during a very difficult situation. Yes, I had to be patient in setting up my appointment but it was well worth it.
August 26 , 2011
I was run over by a Toyota Tundra with both the front and back wheel. I lived, but my urinary system was messed up so that I was completely incontinent. Essentially my sphincter muscle that attaches to the bladder was paralyzed. So, I had an unusual surgery: I had an Artificial Urinary Sphincter surgically installed. Dr. Flynn is the only surgeon in the state to perform this surgery and I was patient number 11. AND IT WORKS!!! Yeah! I have burned the last of my Depends diapers. The staff, nurses, and Dr. Flynn were all great.
January 10 , 2014
Being referred to Dr. Flynn saved my quality of life. Several other physicians refused to perform PVC surgery due to several complicating factors that made the outcome uncertain. Dr. Flynn took on the case with a confidence that allowed me to go forward with the surgery using autologous tissue. The results are astounding. I have my active life back and was able to head to a remote Pacific Island to perform vigorous physical work for 6 months only 6 weeks after surgery. Im back to technical climbing, backpacking, woodsplitting, even playing bagpipes: all activities that were becoming impossible. Dr. Flynn was extremely professional, talked me through some last-minute jitters, and carried out a surgical procedure no one else would touch. Were very fortunate to have such a highly skilled surgeon within our geographic area.
December 28 , 2015
I wrote an earlier review on Dr. Flynn. I was very upset with having trouble getting into see him. Well I did get in and as far as I am concerned the man in a GENIOUS. Bedside manner is a little brick, but if you slow him down he is wonderful. In my opinion if it wasnt for my local Urologist sending me to him, I do not know where I would be. I had not ! but 2 mesh implants that needed removing. Let me tell you that the Surgeons with experience in trans vaginal mesh removal are few and far between. Dr. Flynn spent 5 & 1/2 hours removing infected mesh from me, and another surgery 2 month later for a urethral obstruction. The road to recovery is LONG & PAINFUL to those of you facing the same medical issues, I wish you luck and MOST of all I hope you give Dr. Flynn a try. ANYONE with negative comments about Dr. Flynn need to give him another try. I travel 100 miles to see him and would travel even farther!!! THANK YOU DR. FLYNN & MEDICAL STUDENTS
June 12 , 2012
Dr. Flynn was thorough and on point. He is a great doctor and I was really impressed.He took the time to explain what had happened and what the next best plan was for my condition. the surgery was a success and I am feeling better now than I have in a very long time!! I will recommend Dr. Flynn to anyone who will listen. I work in a Dr.s office and i have already told my resident Gyno that Dr. Flynn is a great referral for any urological needs.
June 09 , 2016
Prostate cancer treatment left my husband with severe incontinence. The quality of his life is now greatly improved thanks to the placement of an AUS by Dr. Flynn and his team. Dr. Flynn is professional, responsive, and compassionate. He fully understood what my husband was experiencing and reassured him throughout the process. We feel very grateful for his excellent care.
August 18 , 2021
Dr. Flynn is the best urethroplasty surgeon he fixed my urethra after 5 years of dilations and --cold-knife urethrotomy-- at the big urology center in town.
February 11 , 2013
I havent seen this doctor yet but, my urologist had actually spoken with him by phone, then faxed him my medical records. After waiting 12 DAYS to hear from his staff to make an appointment, I called and insisted on getting an appointment. I heard that he is a great Doctor, I hope his reputation isnt ruined by his staff falling behind on their jobs because someone was on VACATION, which is what i was told was the cause of the delay in contacting me for an appointment. I am experiencing some SEVERE pain, so i am really not interested in someone going on vacation!!!!! I find this wait ridiculous and HOPE that my actual visit is better that the service I have received up till now!!
July 27 , 2011
Very little if no postop care following near catastrophic situation
February 19 , 2015

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