Benefis Hospitals, Inc.
1401 25th St S
Great Falls, MT 59405 (Directions)
2.3 out of 5
Benefis Hospitals, Inc.
1401 25th St S
Great Falls, MT 59405 (Directions)

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2.3 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
Dr. Malloy is the most caring respectful doctor Ive seen and encountered. Hes polite and has the BEST bedside manner!!!
June 19 , 2009
Dr. Malloy best Urologist in Great Falls, MT. I had an issue and another doctor at another hospital would not listen to me about my concerns. After several months of pain and discomfort with this doctor I changed over to Benefis Urology. My first visit was very impressive from the checkin to the doctor. They listened and Dr Malloy was able to diagnose my issue and month later I feel like a 20 year old. Anyone with issues with enlargement of the prostate I recommend this least evasive surgery called the UroLift. It works. I told Dr Malloy if I had a million dollars I would give it to him. Excellent doctor, awesome staff at Benefis Hospital.
January 09 , 2022
Dr. Malloy called me personally to inform me of my diagnosis. His staff scheduled a quick follow up appt. His manners are a little abrupt, but, what is the polite way to tell a person he has cancer. I appreciated his straight forward approach (which some people may take as arrogance). He explained my options and his recommendations and even recommended I consult a doctor specializing in radiation treatment. He did not give me any deadlines and explained I could seek other opinions. He gave me useful information and cited direct websites and approaches for web searches. Upon choosing surgery, his staff scheduled me at the earliest date and informed me when earlier dates became available. The only area I see for improvement was in explaining the negative side effects of surgery, but, these were explained plainly in web searches and I WAS able to question if I SAW FIT. I am very pleased with Dr. Malloy, his nurses (who respected my dignity), and his staff. I do and would recommend him.
December 12 , 2013
I would recommend Dr. Malloy to my family and friends
September 18 , 2010
He is easy to talk to.
January 12 , 2017
The absolute worst Dr. you could see. Stay away!!!
February 12 , 2012
Save yourself alot of grief and avoid this Dr. like the PLAGUE. I wish I had known about him before I let him cut on me and screw me up. He does not take responsibility for his actions and could care less about his patients. I wished more people would look at this website because I hope I can save someone the grief he caused me.
April 05 , 2008
I cant believe that this guy can continue to practice. He is the utmost worst I have ever come across. I know several people that have gone to him and feel the same way. Ill leave it at that and if you decide to see him just remember, I told ya so.
June 01 , 2012
I had what was to be a very simple surgery done by Malloy, at least that is how he explained it to me. (He doesnt even deserve to be called a Doctor) I ended up having a disasterous outcome from the surgery,and it was impossible to reverse what he did. He didnt care one bit about what had happened. He did tell me that I could sue him if I wanted to. Not only did he not take blame for what he had done but then he makes fun and tells me to go ahead and sue him. He has a very arrogant and cocky attitude. When you are in his office it seems like you are wasting his time, and he doesnt have time to bother with any of your questions or concerns. I should have acted on my gut feeling the first time I met him and stayed away from him.
January 06 , 2008
Was vocal in his opinion against vasectomies. Made an incision when there is an easier and safer procedure as an alternative. Did not prescribe antibiotics or pain medication. When I asked about what I can or cannot do as far as activities, was short and not helpful. Gave me no direction whatsoever. This experience is quite contrary to any experience of everyone I have spoken to whom have had a vasectomy. I am in pain, and said I shouldnt even need Tylenol. Ive been taking Tylenol and pain is still there. Dr. Malloy didnt seem to care at all
February 04 , 2012
What a complete jack @$$, my 74 year old mother was sent to him as consult. She has been in good health her entire life and had little to do with Dr.s. He entered the room began his spiel, spoke Dr. lingo and did not lower his --professional-- vocabulary for the --average Joe--, got up to leave without asking if she had any questions, before he escaped, she said, --I really dont understand when you just told me.--, his reply was my nurse will explain it and youll get a paper with my recommendation.-- My mom replied, --I really dont understand those papers Drs send home with me.-- His reply, --Find someone to explain them to you.-- He walked out the door and left.
August 07 , 2018
if you have a non-typical case he will call you a liar and when presented with evidence to support your case he will send you a letter stating he will no longer be your doctor. he thinks he is God.
July 17 , 2018
If you suffer from chronic UTIs .........take PB8 probiotics. I have been cured of them for 4 yrs now. I suffered UTIs for 10 yrs. prior and I spent thousands of dollars with the --professionals--. Funny, this one thing that cured me was never mentioned by any urologist........
September 28 , 2013
Very incompetant doctor. He botched a surgery on me that will affect me the rest of my life. His response....sue me. He is an arrogant self centered individual. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!
May 24 , 2012
In all my years of seeing physicians, he is the most rude and indifferent person. He has no bedside manner, and is in a hurry to get you in and out fast so he can get to another patient. I felt like I was on an assembly line. I would not recommend him to anyone.
March 02 , 2012
I had the worst expierence with --Dr.-- Malloy then I have with ANY doctor my 38 yrs of life. He is very rude and unsymphathetic to your condition and amount of pain you are in. I feel he is only a dr for the money NOT to help people. His staff on the otherhand are compassionate.
February 25 , 2012

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