1255 Hwy 70 33S
Lakewood, NJ 08701 (Directions)
2 out of 5
1255 Hwy 70 33S
Lakewood, NJ 08701 (Directions)

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2 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
A caring and thorough doctor. He took the necessary time to ask me a lot of questions in order to diagnose my problem, and my condition has improved.
October 12 , 2014
I was admitted for a stone, and I was given a stent. Had lithiotripsy done and the stent removed the SAME day, only to have a new stent inserted a week later due to intense pain and difficulty passing the stone that had been broken down. Im done. Ive been in constant pain and lost many days of work as a result of multiple procedures being done in such a short amount of time. Im sent to the ER instead of being treated or having a pain med called in when I call him about the intense pain Im experiencing. He doesnt know his chemistry when it concerns meds as he has tried to tell me to take a medication with ingredients Im allergic to.
February 04 , 2014
This office by far one of longest wait times Ive seen. Whenever you come for an appointment there are others waiting there too. Just keep this j mind when you book an appointment. Make sure they are not double booking or overbooking your time slot.
June 19 , 2014
Not so nice, condescending at best, and rude only goes to one hospital and not eager to answer questions
April 27 , 2017
My boyfriend went to see this doctor and had a bad experience. The doctor didnt seem to care about anything my boyfriend said or any of his symptoms. The doctor did no test, nor asked any questions and just told my boyfriend he is fine. The doctor walked out of the room and my boyfriend didnt even realize the appointment was over until a few minutes later when my boyfriend came out and saw the doctor sitting in his office. Dont use this doctor.
June 10 , 2014
Do not use this doctor. Went in for kidney stones. Did not need all procedures that he wanted me to do. Put a urinary stent in that i dint need. When he was finished with the procedure he didnt even have the courtesy to tell my wife about the procedure. very rude. was scheduled for a lithotripsy, a week before a had a painful attack. fortunately for me i went to a different urologust who told me my stones were small enough I didnt need any procedure. Go to Dr. Vance Moss in Howell. Or go to anybody else. just not this joker. Just wants your money. At least get a second opinion
October 23 , 2009
I have worked in the medical field for over 20years and have seen bad bedside manor.. I do not even know how he even has a license. I left more confused with my daughter then I went in.. his answers are I dont know... well aren’t you the MD not me... loved hearing my daughter is making up pain and fever with two documented kidney stones.. I’m am absolutely disgusted.. He should not have a license to practice s
October 01 , 2019
We waited almost 2 hours to see the doctor. He seemed not interested in the problems that my daughter was having. He never returned calls to us to tell what the results were on xrays or lab work. He really seemed not to care at all.
December 07 , 2009

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1255 Hwy 70 33S
Lakewood, NJ 08701
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