Urology Clinics Of North Texas, PLLC
1105 Central Expressway N, Suite 360
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3.3 out of 5
Urology Clinics Of North Texas, PLLC
1105 Central Expressway N, Suite 360
Allen, TX 75013 (Directions)

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3.3 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
I have had urological problems since birth, and Dr. Graham is one of the best doctors I have encountered. He is both knowledgable and caring. He is one of those rare doctors that actually talks to you rather than down to you. He has a top notch organization, which treats his patients with a high degree of professionalism and respect. In the five plus years that I have been going to Dr. Graham, I have seldom had to wait more than ten minutes to see him. In fact, I have often arrived early for my appointment and been seen immediately by the doctor. In addition, Dr. Graham has a great bedside manner during surgical hospitalizations. He kept me well informed about my procedures and progress, plus he answered questions in a way that I could understand. I highly recommend Dr. Graham.
December 01 , 2009
Dr. Graham has always done a great job helping everyone in our family! He explains everything very clearly and we trust him very much! We highly recommend him!
September 17 , 2020
This doctor really cares. He took me to the computer to show me my test and was is very determined to find an answer to my pain. I do not know many doctors that will sit and take their time with you and listen. I felt like he actually listened and understood my pain. I drove 1 hr to see him and think that it was well worth it. I dont mind the wait, cause I know that he will take his time, when it is my turn. He showed sympathy when I was in tears and concern. I will see this doctor again. A+++
June 02 , 2011
Dr. Graham has always done a great job helping everyone in our family! He explains everything very clearly and we trust him very much! We highly recommend him!
September 17 , 2020
office staff is wonderful
May 21 , 2008
We like the staff here. My husband had to come back for the result. Dr Graham walked in the office while the other patient needed to collect the urine sample and sat down to talk to my husband for 2 minutes then walked out. We tried to ask him some questions related to the result but he kept walking out of the office. He is very unprofessional. The procedure he did was very bad and my husband had to go to another urologist and the new doctor pointed out the procedure shouldnt be done in the first place. I dont think he knows what he is doing or he only wants to get the money from us.
March 15 , 2017
i have 3 large kidney stones.i am over weight and need special care. i have seen dr graham 3 times. just for him to tell me the first time i went that he needed my cat scan results. made a second appointment for the next day. went in to have him tell me he thought it would be better if i went to see a different doctor. get there opinion and if that doctor wouldnt do the surgery to return to him tell him why they would not do the surgery and he would try by the way i only have one kidney. the doc he sent me to sent me back to him and i had to make a third appointment to see him. only to have him tell me basically....i was outta luck because he thought i would just lose the kidney if he was unsuccessful. he is pushy and rude and seems not about his patients pain. i never even got a script for pain meds until my third visit. DO NOT GO TO DR GRAHAM!
November 07 , 2011
I would say that Dr. Graham is skilled technically, but he has extremely poor people skills, to the point of being impatient, arrogant and often downright rude. Many of the visits Ive had with him, Ive felt Im being rushed out of the room after 5 minutes to enable him to move onto his next patient. The more questions I have asked, the more impetuous he seems to get. I rated him low because he shows no compassion for his patient, and the fact that we are hurting (which is why we made the appointment) and that is a very important competency for me in looking for a doctor. This last appointment I had he failed to even ask me how I was feeling. However, his office staff is wonderful, and his nurse is especially caring. Bottom line, this doctor has forgotten that it is the patient that pays for his services. Next time I need a urologist I will not be calling Dr. Graham.
September 15 , 2011
Dr Grahams treatment was extremely poor. After performing initial surgery, he punctured my colon, he severed blood vessels to my lower colon causing resulting in 2 additional surgeries, additional expense and additional months of recovery. He was unsuccessful in performing needle biopsies, so he opted for another surgery to obtain a biopsy, which also was not successful. I had to find another surgeron who successfully performed a needle biopsy. I should have had only one surgery, but Dr. Grahams carelessness caused me to have 4 additional surgeries. It was the worst experience of my life.
October 04 , 2008
He started my appt telling me one of my diagnoses was wrong and when I questioned how and why he never explained. He apparently doesnt think a patient respects him if that patient asks questions. He basically kicked me out. (I was told to be half an hour early for my appt, he saw me early, I guess if you kick out half your new patients, you can be on time!) I did not swear or yell. I was utterly confused and trying to get more info and I was referred to someone else. Do NOT see this man especially if you are a woman.
November 21 , 2016
I was very sick and could not even hold my head up when I first met Dr. Graham. My wife had trouble finding a wheel chair for me when I had my first and only visit with Dr. Graham so we were 15 minutes late. He spent the first 2 to 3 minutes of the visit cussing us out for being late. Only cares about himself. Did not help me at all.
January 25 , 2012
I had an appointment today but he would not listen anything. He didnt even spend two mins with me. He just scared me in some point. I was just kind of victim
June 30 , 2017
I should have read some of the reviews below before I went to Dr. Graham. On my first visit he spent 2 minutes with me including the prostate exam. He spent the balance of the time lecturing me because I suggested I might have a recurrence of a condition that I suffered from 1 year prior. On the 2nd visit, he spent 30 seconds with me before walking out of the room and yelling back to me from the hallway about my condition. When I tried to get back into the privacy of the room for more detail, he said, --I told you already!--. GO TO SOMEONE ELSE. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME.
October 06 , 2014
Rude , doesn’t care , will not ever see him again
May 09 , 2023
Staff was not friendly - didnt even acknowledge that I was at the window. When she did, she was very abrupt, somewhat rude and not very helpful. I was 30 min. early for my appt. but she said I hadnt completed the online info. I told her that I had and then offered to finish it and she said Ill check and see if you can do that. Waited about 15 min. and she came back and said --you will have to reschedule--. Keep in mind that she never made eye contact, or smiled that entire time I was talking with her. I was furious, so I left and am glad I did after reading the reviews. Apparently, Dr. Graham sets the tone for his office.
August 16 , 2021
Dr. Chester Graham should not be a doctor. He can care less about me as a patient. Please be aware …stay away from his clinic. There are plenty of great doctors in the area, but he is not one of them. I don’t understand the random 5 stars ratings from few out there; they must be from friends, family or office staff. I’m writing this review due to my poor experience, but also to give others advance notice when looking for a doctor. I, myself, am in the health care business and deal with doctors on a daily basis. If there was ½ star option, I would be generous in giving him that. It’s my mistake because I did not do my homework looking at reviews prior to my visit. He literally spent only 4 minutes with me, did not give me a chance to get more than two words out, and even opened the door to leave while my pants/underpants were still down, while saying “let’s see if anyone is there” rushing to get to the next patient. He has no patience whatsoever and didn’t give me any time to review my care. Furthermore, he asked me to get a CT scan which I had already done 1 week prior. When I told him I already have the results in the patient portal app, he refused to even review them and asked me for a hardcopy CD. He then scheduled my next appointment a whole month and half later even though the CT results read “abnormal” findings and of course, I’m worried. I was able to get hard copy results and returned back to his office within 15 minutes, however he still refused to see me without another appointment. He wouldn’t even come talk to me personally and let his office staff answer back and forth with me, even though the office was empty and this was not even 10 in the morning. I’m just worried about my results and hoping by waiting a month and a half, I am not wasting time when I should be getting further testing, etc. He is such an arrogant doctor and shouldn’t be in business of caring for patients as he has no heart or empathy and is only looking at patients as money. His behavior is entirely unacceptable and will be reporting him to the state medical board.
October 03 , 2022

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