Summa Health Medical Group Urogynecology Medina
3780 MEDINA RD STE 200
MEDINA, OH 44256 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Summa Health Medical Group Urogynecology Medina
3780 MEDINA RD STE 200
MEDINA, OH 44256 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
14 ratings, 14 reviews
In a time that most Medical Practices are run by a Business Model and Patients are looked at by the number of dollars they can generate. I'm here to tell you that Dr. Rooney though young has an old soul. He is very attentive and listens very carefully. His surgical skills set is perfection. He looks at you as a whole person not the parts that are broken. You will also feel at ease and have the needed trust and confidence in a Doctor Patient relationship.
October 12 , 2015
Dr. Rooney is amazing! He is kind, caring, compassionate and the best doctor I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm so grateful for him!!!
August 06 , 2011
Seems to genuinely care. Took the time to answer all questions.
April 25 , 2018
I’m reading these reviews and I’m very surprised by the negative ones. Dr. Rooney has been wonderful in every interaction I have had with him so far. Dr visits , surgery & follow up with any questions! He is genuine , listens and is kind! He has even gone above and beyond! I’m sorry some of you have had bad experiences with him. But I will highly recommend him over and over.
January 13 , 2023
I didnt have to wait long at all, He was very kind and very helpful. I would recomend him to anyone, actually My mom sees him as well. He even called me him self to see how i did after surgery.
August 06 , 2011
Amazing doctor. Spends time with patients.
August 20 , 2021
Dr. Rooney is a caring and understanding doctor who takes his time listening to his patient and respects the feelings of his patient. He does a very thorough history and tries to understand what the patient feels and says. After doing his examination, he returns to the examining room , sits and has a caring discussion with you so that you totally understand the results of the exam. Dr. Rooney is totally focused on his patient and never seemed in a hurry to move on to see his next patient. I highly recommend Dr. Rooney.
August 24 , 2018
He is a little quirky and can probably be taken the wrong way. He seems genuine and honest. Typical surgeon with bed side manor meaning that they are more focused on fixing the body. But seems to want you to feel better and will work to get you fixed and feeling better asap. He was following up on my pelvic floor repair and doing another bladder installation for me. The surgery was done at city hospital surgical center and I was impressed with the staff and nurses there.
November 19 , 2015
He does not appear willing to share important information. He spent very little time with me and was focused on getting out the door.
September 23 , 2015
Dr. Rooney offered very little medical information. He was interested in getting out of the exam room as soon as possible. I felt he did not care about me or my medical condition.
July 21 , 2016
This doctor spent very little time with me. I felt very rushed. Provided little information about my condition. I was left with the feeling that he was not concerned about my condition.
March 10 , 2016
I never knew what a terrible job Dr. Rooney did with my mom's surgery until recently. Her new Dr was disturbed by his work when she re-did the surgery to fix the damage he caused. Due to his malpractice and the negligence of his staff, she couldn't sit upright or stand for 6 weeks without excruciating pain (not to mention she needed a catheter for 2 weeks). When her regular OBGYN ordered X-rays that showed the mistakes he had made, he argued that they never should have been done and reluctantly tried (but failed) to fix the damage he had done. As her daughter (and a woman) I'm enraged and disgusted that negligent doctors like Dr. Rooney are allowed to treat patients so irresponsibly.
May 16 , 2019
Cannot recommend.
November 30 , 2016
I would not recommend Dr Rooney . He has poor bedside manner gets frustrated easily and just wants to refer you on. He does not want to deal with anything that takes him outside of his comfort zone then becomes insensitive and rude. He does not seem to be very well informed in anything other than the end of the knife. His billing dept. documentation is poor and refuses to help when you ask questions.
May 22 , 2015

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