Cynthia J. Moorman, M.D., P.A.
77 Thomas Johnson Dr, Suite K
Frederick, MD 21702 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
Cynthia J. Moorman, M.D., P.A.
77 Thomas Johnson Dr, Suite K
Frederick, MD 21702 (Directions)

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Rating and reviews
3.6 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
I was very at ease with having Dr. Moorman as my doctor. Even though I had about a 2 week scheduling wait to get into the office, once on the books, I was impressed with how thorough she was in diagnosing what was wrong, and her professionalism is superb. Being female,it was very important for me to have a female doctor taking care of me.
July 16 , 2012
Dr Moorman was very nice and really helped me!!!
December 13 , 2019
I had a recent procedure done by Dr. Moorman and it went very well. The people who saw me for pre-op and post op checkups were terrific and the office staff was great. I will recommend her to anyone I know that is looking for a Urologist.
November 27 , 2018
Dr. Moorman has provided the care and experience that my local doctors office was unable to provide. She is phenomenal and worth the drive.
September 08 , 2021
Excellent care, all employees make your visit comfortable. Dr. Moorman helped me with my bladder issues I was having related to MS. My quality of life has changed!
June 01 , 2021
I went to see Dr Moorman and she was great. I had a problem with incontinence and I had been to lots of other doctors, but none of them could figure out my problem. I had to wait about 30 minutes, but Dr Moorman spent time with me and didnt leave until she understood what was wrong. She put me on some medicine and my problem is now under control. I wish the first doctor I had been to had been so caring. She is really amazing and really worth the wait.
September 26 , 2010
Dr. Moorman was able to explain to me what was going on and treated my condition. A follow up visit with her CRNP six weeks later was so easy to understand what was going on and what was causing my problem. Both Dr. Moorman and Sandra Rizzo, CRNP and all the staff were absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend this practice!
November 01 , 2022
Excellent practice! Completely put my mind at ease. Surgery was life changing!!
March 28 , 2019
I have been seeing Dr. Moorman for reoccurring prostatitis for several years now. Before, I was with another urologist who was unable to bring any relief. I had a cystoscopy with Dr. Moorman, many tests and regular labs. She is very thorough and always articulates her line of thinking in a clear and caring way. I fully trust her and would not consider seeing anyone else. I have had no issues with the office staff. They are busy, but have been pleasant with me. When I had a reoccurrence, the person taking the appointment went out of her way to get me in as soon as possible. She even stated how it must produce discomfort for me and did get me in quickly. I tend to go early, so the wait is not long. I am very satisfied with the treatment I receive there.
December 19 , 2014
Dr. Moorman was kind and compassionate. The office staff was friendly and really made me and my father feel welcomed.
March 15 , 2023
Dr. moorman and her staff are very friendly and always take the time to listen.
January 11 , 2015
When I arrived 15 minutes early to my appointment, there were already three people ahead of me. I then waited 45 minutes to be seen by the MA. I waited a half hour after that in the room for the doctor. Dr. Moorman seemed very experienced, but my total time talking to her was less than 10 min. When I left, the waiting room was still full. I definitely had the feeling this was a mill--overbooking appointments, long waits to be seen, very impersonal.
April 03 , 2019
She wouldnt see me when I had an issue...said I needed to go to my Gyno. eventhough the Gyn said I needed a Urologist. Then when she could see me, she didnt want to listen and talked down to me. When I told her what my Gyn thought it was she just shrugged it off and said that she highly doubted that that was the issue. Then she proceeded to say that there wasnt anything she could do because the symptoms were no longer present...nevermind that I tried multiple times to see her when I was extremely uncomfortable and needed immediate care. Now she wants to start running a battery of tests that I feel are invasive and unnecessary. I am taking my health issues to someone that actually cares and wants to help ppl. She was rude and so was her staff.
August 17 , 2011
Update...I called to cancel my appointment this morning. The person that answered the phone was not pleasant. I cancelled my appointment and when she asked if I wanted to reschedule, I replied no and she hung up on me.
August 17 , 2011
I was just calling this morning about my daughter that she had UTI 4 times. ER dr refers me to this urologist. I called and requested an appt. The front desk said, sorry we are booked til Jan. I was saying ok and asking if someone cancel an appt., call me but she kept saying, booked till Jan. Excuse me!! How RUDE she is! Thumb down cuz she should have say better than this comment, maybe refer me to other place or better suggestion. Shes not HELPFUL! Suck place!
December 15 , 2015
First visit - Dr. Moorman was very nice, her staff not so much. What I hate is I went and had the tests she requested and I have left messages and talked to the staff for the tests results. I am concerned have had blood in urine since March, no stones, unexplained at this time. Her staff act like it is privileged info, well guess what, the doctor didnt pay for the test I did and when I call I better get some answers. Been two weeks and no call back to tell me what the results are and dont have another appointment until July. Horrible service.
June 20 , 2013
Wait time is horrible. She is very rude to her staff in front of patients. Always a long wait time.
November 27 , 2009

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