University Of Utah Adult Services
50 N Medical Dr
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5 out of 5
University Of Utah Adult Services
50 N Medical Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84132 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
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I saw Dr. Patel for blood in my urine today which I have ignored for a while. Was super anxious about undergoing a camerea in my bladder. But Dr. Patel helped me feel more comfortable about this very sensitive issue. I was very impressed and feel I can trust him. He took time to ask about other issues that no one has ever taken time to ask about and addressed each. Looks very young, but Dr. patel exceeded any expectations that I would have of even a senior doc.
May 01 , 2020
Dr. Pattel is excellent. Professional and took extra time to answer all of my questions before proceeding with surgery.
September 04 , 2020
Great doc. He really knows his stuff. Helped my wife and me with our expectations after surgery and how to navigate through the overwhelming process. Dr. patel went out of his way to make things as smooth as they could. Thank you for your care dr. patel!
April 19 , 2020
Dr.Patel was a very friendly and well informed physician. Felt confident with his recommendations.
April 04 , 2020
Made me feel at ease about my medical condition. He is very knowledgeable and explains things that are simple enough for me to understand. My wife really appreciates that he works with us to come to decisions. My surgery went well and I'm now about 9 months from my procedure and have to say things are going well. Thank you Dr. Patel!!! -KS
April 19 , 2020
I had prostate cancer about 12 years ago and underwent surgery for removal. Unfortunately, the cancer came back about 2 years later and I had to get radiation. After all that, I was having a tremendous amount of urinary leakage. Although the cancer has been in remission, I have had to plan my entire life around my urinary symptoms. I’ve had terrible accidents in pubic and it has been completely embarrassing. I consider myself technologically savvy and did research about an artificial urinary sphincter. After meeting with several urologists in my community, they would not offer it to me due to my radiation history. More or less, I was told to “just live with it.” After meeting with Dr. Patel and his team, I realized that there are doctors out there that do care about the after effects of prostate cancer. I ultimately had an artificial urinary sphincter placed by Dr. Patel and Dr. Brandt which helped significantly with my symptoms. Dr. Patel later recommended bladder botox injections for my residual urgency related leakage events and that has gotten me to the point, where I can enjoy my life and get back to the activities I love. I have to say that I have gotten my life back and its thanks to Dr. Patel and his team. Thank you for listening and thank you for your amazing surgical skills.
May 17 , 2020
Travelled from out of state to Salt Lake for my vasectomy reversal after my wife and I decided to have another child. Previously had vasectomy 8 years ago and my local Urologist did not have much experience with reversing vasectomies. After undergoing the surgery with these guys, recovery was relatively easy. Happy to report that about 14 months later, my wife is now pregnant and we could not be happier.
June 10 , 2020
April 26 , 2020
goes out of his way to explain things, compassionate. Actually sits down and looks at you at eye-level when talking to you - pleasure being his patient
January 12 , 2019
I travelled down to Salt Lake from Great Falls, Montana to see Dr. Patel. I would highly recommend. He's one of the best providers I have had. I am interested in procedure for my enlarged prostate and hopefully getting off my medications. Dr. Patel was thoughtful and very thorough. He spent time with us and made sure that all of our questions were answered. Was worth the 9 hour drive.
June 03 , 2020
No complaints. Easy and straightforward.
July 25 , 2020
had video visit that I thought went really well. Very personable provider.
May 20 , 2020
Superb -- caring, responsive, flexible. Dr. Patel listened to my prostate-condition needs and, after a thorough exam (and in light of my high 7 to 8.7 PSA scores), provided timely, intelligent solutions for pre-MRI testing (in coordination with the UofU Huntsman Cancer Institute) that will pave the way for my first prostatic biopsy -- Craig Bowen, VA Med Center patient
May 02 , 2021

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