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2.8 out of 5
Advanced Urology PLLC
400 Indiana St, Suite 300
Golden, CO 80401 (Directions)

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2.8 out of 5
9 ratings, 9 reviews
Ive been seeing Dr. Cahn for about ten years. Ive always found him to be very knowledgeable. He always takes the time to answer any of my questions. His staff is pleasant and they too have time to answer questions. I was glad to find him many years ago as he was the Dr. who diagnosed my kidney problem.
July 22 , 2014
I went into Dr. Cahns office without an appointment, suffering from massive blood clots in my bladder. Was examined and scheduled for surgery the following morning, Saturday. Surgery was over in an hour. The tumor was benign. I wish to thank Dr. Cahn for what he has done for me. Werner Jauch
August 10 , 2012
I felt very welcomed and well cared for.
January 22 , 2006
waited way too long. stated my condition was text book....but did not give me any relief. left the room, left door open, did not say goodbye and no idea what to next. Had to look for the nurse down the hall to know what to next. Mentioned a few very personal comments that made me feel very uncomfortable. will seek out other specialist.
December 19 , 2013
First of all, it took them over 3 weeks to see me. I was diagnosed with Hydrocelle. My left side was quite enlarged due to fluid and blood accumulation. While waiting in the waiting room, it took them over 40 minutes to see me which was unexceptable. Then when I sat one on one with Dr. Cahn, I found that he was arrogant, condescending and not compassionate whatsoever. I would not recommend this doctor at all.
February 04 , 2022
I visited Dr. Cahn three times for pain in my abdomen and groin. His initial solution was to put me on painkillers. When that didnt work, he said hed get me a referral. He never contacted me with the referral, so I had to follow-up with him multiple times. This process took three months (the whole time I was in pain) and he was never able to diagnose my condition. I contacted my GP for a referral and that doctor diagnosed my condition in 10 minutes. Dr. Cahns communication skills were very poor and he speaks to you with a condescending tone. The best communication from Foothills Urology came from their billing department - Im still getting bills for this poor service. I spoke to Dr. Cahns manager (Brian) about the issues I experienced and let him know that I didnt think it was fair to keep sending me bills for the poor service I received. Brian treated me like a joke and Im still getting bills from his office. I recommend avoiding Foothills Urology.
July 10 , 2012
This guy was rude and spent as little time as possible in the room with me. In fact most of the time in the exam room he spent on his cell phone. He perescribed me a drug to shrink my enlarged prostate gland (he said) I had no erectile disfunction till I took this medication but NOW I HAVE IT! I would not send my worst enemy to this fool!
April 15 , 2013
Dr. Cahn and his office is the sorriest excuse for a medical facility I have ever encountered! Dr. Cahn is highly incompetent, and unprofessional. And I cant even say enough negative for his sorry excuse of an office staff, especially his so called office manager. Save yourself the pain, agony, and expense and go to a doctor that actually knows what they are doing!
January 25 , 2017
I have been seeing Dr Cahn for probably a bit over a year now. When I first met him he seemed professional and seemed to want to help, but that all immediately fades when you aren't standing in front of him. I received surgery from David Cahn and he never reached out to me afterwards. I had a follow up scheduled, but he or the facility rescheduled me twice after which I ultimately canceled after changing my work schedule originally to make appointments. Dr. Cahn still never reached out, and it wasn't until I determined the the surgery was unsuccessful that we spoke again when I reached out months later. If you want someone who continuously works with you to resolve your issues DO NOT see Dr Cahn.
March 02 , 2020

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