Northwest Community Health Services Inc
880 W Central Rd, Suite 5000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005 (Directions)
2.8 out of 5
Northwest Community Health Services Inc
880 W Central Rd, Suite 5000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005 (Directions)

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2.8 out of 5
20 ratings, 20 reviews
Dr Guthman treated me and has cured my illness through an operation. It was more successful than I expected. I have been cancer free for 6 years.
October 05 , 2011
Very easy to talk to, excellent physician. Office appointments are always on time.
June 19 , 2019
A big SHOUT OUT to Dr. Guthman and his assistant Diane. Yesterday morning I had surgery and everything went well. Prior to surgery, Dr. Guthman took the time to answer every question I had in detail. I have to admit I'm a wimp when it comes to surgery stuff but he helped me with that too. This morning - very little pain (he said there would be little pain and was right - no pain medicine needed. The OR recovery staff was awesome too - somehow we ended up talking about everything from Pizza to Florida. Bottom line - Dr. Guthman is very knowledgeable with a ton of experience. I can tell he's also a very cool guy. Use him!
October 07 , 2022
I had my first appointment two years ago. in a week he did my surgery. I never see time punctual doctor in my life in US. All question answered.
April 14 , 2019
July 31 , 2016
Knows what he’s talking about, gets straight and to the point. No complaints
December 17 , 2018
very difficult to track down; still has my results from my first biopsy as far as I know.
July 28 , 2015
Dr Guthman is an excellent physician. He spent time with me reviewing my medical information and discussing my concerns. He was quick and accurate in his diagnosis. He told me what I needed to know, not what I wanted to hear. The entire experience was excellent.
June 11 , 2013
Dont understand these negative reviews. Dr. G. treats me like a relative, very positive and supportive during a very troubling time for me. His assistant(now retired ) always got me in to see him, sometimes on very short notice and he always called me back promptly. Going on 11 years as his patient.
September 14 , 2015
By far the worse doctor I have ever had. He never responded to my questions. The nurse would intervene, and I said I wanted to talk to the doctor. I wrote letter after letter to him personally and he told me (at an office visit) he never saw those letters and he never bothered to look at the letters I brought. You would think he would be upset with his staff for not giving him the letters and apologize but instead he got up and left without ever examining me. I told him as he was leaving he would not get paid if he left. I told the receptionist what happened, and she told the manager. I waited and waited and never was my issue addressed. The insurance paid him anyway in spite of my protest. Find someone else!!!!!!!
July 25 , 2019
The worst part was when I got the bill of $340! This was a second opinion the first was only $150.
December 07 , 2015
The only reason there is 1 star is so I can warn others to write this review. My husband went into the ER with extreme. Pain. A CT was ordered by the hospital and a 6mm kidney stone was found. No one could get him in for a follow up so we found this doctor. A week later he saw him and scheduled surgery to remove the kidney stone. He intubated him and put him under for a surgery during the pandemic with out taking a CT to see for himself if the stone was still in a patient that was not known to him. His nurse called and said my husband was out of surgery and that there was no stone retrieval. They said he must have passed it despite him saying he KNOWS it didn’t. I called the office immediately as I was directed by the recovery nurse to reach the doctor. His PA called me back. I told her I was concerned. I did not understand why they didn’t see after almost 2 weeks if the stone was still there. Even more so that he was a brand new patient coming from an emergency room visit. She told me they based surgery on the “assumption” that it still was. I became irritated and said I am uneasy that his surgery was based on an assumption! She used the word multiple times in the conversation. I told her multiple family members with stones has a scan done preop to find the stones location and other vital reasons. She said she understood my frustration and concerns and that she recommended my husband see one of the family members Urologists for a second opinion. We went to his PMP and they reordered a scan at the same hospital to compare. The stone was not only still there but was the same size and a lot of inflammation behind the stone in the ureter. Now 3 weeks post op my husband is bent over in extreme pain once again with the same stone. This doctor is clearly not reputable by his reviews and we will refuse to pay his bill and will be sending imaging and complaints to Insurance. This is beyond disappointing at this point. This guy should not be practicing medicine. Scary.
September 05 , 2020
"Dr. Guthman speeds through a Prostrate exam. I'm asking questions while he is walking out the exam room. Had good check ups for years, then all the sudden he wants to do a Urolift Implant. Be careful, they leave a permanent Stainless Steel cap if someday you want it out. Things he never told me as he handed me the brochure. You have to go online and find it out for yourself."
September 05 , 2021
The worst part is he charged me $343 for a second opinion the first only cost $150!
December 08 , 2015
This doctor really should get no stars. I have seen a lot of doctors but this guy is the worse, I had a routine lab work that was coded wrong by the doctor that I had to pay for. To make a really long story short, I wrote letters, called, emailed, and appealed, and got no where with this doctor or his office. I finally saw him for a check up and confronted him with all my letters, etc. He said he never received any of it! He got red in the face and walked out! I told the office manager not to bill for this visit, and she said nothing. He did bill for it and I was never examined. The written summery he wrote was completely false, and said he did examine me. I have filed fraud with the insurance company. Stay away from this --practice--
November 01 , 2018
It should have been a red flag to see a urologist that advertises next day appointments. He talks mostly about himself. Wrote prescriptions incorrectly twice and then doesnt respond to pharmacy requests for clarification. Dealing with his office staff was a nightmare.
November 18 , 2017
Dr. Guthman along with his staff have been rude and unhelpful in every regard of my treatment. I have been hung up on and ignored when attempting to contact the doctor regarding my treatment and upcoming surgery.I have not been allowed to speak to Dr. Guthman. I have been forced to direct all of my medical concerns to his assistant.
November 16 , 2012
My wife entered Guthmans practice and since then her treatment consisted of constant antibiotics, flip flopping antibiotics, ignoring our calls, etc.
April 22 , 2015
He does not take the time to listen to you. Does not give anything more then 5 minutes and he is gone. We will NOT be bringing our mother back to him. I would never recommend him for anyone.
October 18 , 2018
I had a nightmare experience from Guthmans impatience during a procedure that cost me an ambulance trip to the hospital and nearly a week in the hospital. Last week I was at my internists office when a call came in to his nurse. To the caller he said. --Guthman??? Who referred you to Guthman?... ok, I pass this on to the Dr., but he does not or will not recommend Guthman--. When the nurse got off the phone, I asked about why my Dr wouldnt recommend Gutham. Then I shared my story. My internists is an excellent Dr who works out of the same hospital as Guthman. Finally, I know staff at NCH hospital. And guess who is off their list of Drs to see? Thats right! Guthman - you want a good Dr? Go to the one that the other Drs, nurses or other patient care workers go to.
June 02 , 2019

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