333 E 34 St, 1L
New York, NY 10016 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
333 E 34 St, 1L
New York, NY 10016 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Dr Hom is great!
July 11 , 2013
This is a real down-to-earth Doc who is friendly and explains to you what you have in pure english. In seconds he was able to diagnose and answered all of my questions. He was so confidence with his diagnose that he told to me to research it. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.
October 01 , 2010
Excellent diagnosis ... Early detectionof cancerous tumor in my bladder was vital. He removed it after my 3 month --convenience--. His recommended treatment is exactly what oncologist performed. I have been seeing Dr. Hom every six months for about 8 years. The highest of all recommendations from me.
August 14 , 2011
He carefully considers the need for operations in this complex field of when and when not to operate.
February 23 , 2017
I had no wait time at all. Dr Hom was fabulous. He never rushed, he explained everything so clearly, he told me about all my options and choices. I am so grateful that I found a doctor like Dr Hom.
June 17 , 2014
"I have been going to Dr Hom for more than 4 yrs. He has never rush me or made me feel uncomfortable. Very understanding and always available to answer any question I may have. Office staff has been very nice. He does see a lot of patients and I do believe some of his appt has overlap one another but what Dr. that doesn't happen too."
November 16 , 2021
Very good & nice doctor, honest, helpful and will make you feel at ease. not to mention very funny as well.
May 06 , 2010
I will never forget urologist Dr. David Hom because I had the worst experience with him in undergoing important surgeries in my life. As a result I underwent additional three surgeries. That happened ten years ago. Till now I still have post-surgical sequelae. My overall rating for him is two stars. He was, however, the first urologist who correctly diagnosed my case. In this sense he is a good urologist. If you want to visit him for diagnosis, I recommend. If you want him to perform a surgery, I wonâ??t recommend.
October 02 , 2016

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Education History
Medical School - Js Weill Medical College, Cornell University, 1994
28 years
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English, Chinese

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333 E 34 St, 1L
New York, NY 10016
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