Practice Associates Medical Group
261 James St, Suite 1A
Morristown, NJ 07960 (Directions)
3.8 out of 5
Practice Associates Medical Group
261 James St, Suite 1A
Morristown, NJ 07960 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
I just want to say thanks again to Doctor Saypol. April 3 marks the 30th anniversary of my prostate surgery. Still going strong!
March 31 , 2023
Very knowlegeable and very caring
February 21 , 2016
April 03 , 2019
This doctor is truly amazing. While he doesnt take insurance, the out-of-network co-pays are worth it. Dr. Saypol has an amazing bedside manner and doesnt talk down to you. He is very knowledgeable and is a wealth of knowledge. He is very good at giving bad news and clearly knows his stuff. Highly recommended!!!
March 28 , 2012
Overdue thank you to my life saver..10 years ago gave me second opinion and backed up stats to allow me to make educated decision that saved my life...herb rea
December 20 , 2016
Dr Saypol is caring and answers all of my questions in easy to understand language
February 26 , 2020
Dr. Saypol has seen me through a particularly challenging time. I knew from the first moment I met him thats hes an excellent doctor, and hes always proved me right. Hes also an excellent surgeon and obviously loves the OR and doing surgeries. Ive always found him easy to talk to and very compassionate. Ive had some really meaningful conversations with him during my office visits. When Ive been in the hospital, hes always come around to see me. He may not always call me himself, but hes always in contact with my primary and thats more important. Someone on his staff usually gets back to me. Yes, Ive had some frustrations at time. I think its mainly because its a very busy practice; perhaps a little too busy. But Ive had to work with other urologists in this practice when Dr. Saypol wasnt available, and its very reassuring to know that theyre all excellent doctors. Please dont mistake clinical demeanor for arrogance. Dr. Saypol is anything but. And, I think it pays to remember just how demanding it is to be a physician today. Patients always think doctors are only in it for the money. For some that might be true. But most doctors put in days that you and I cant imagine. (I work in a related field.) Im not a big fan of hospital-based doctors (hospitalists), but Dr. Saypol and his colleagues arent like that. They put in hard days under immense stress. If once in awhile a good doc disappoints you, cut him or her some slack. Some of them do make good money, but they earn it. Physicians have lost all control of healthcare today; theyre practically low person on the totem pole, when they should be at the top. Thats the problem with healthcare today. No, Im not a doctor. But I do work in a field closely tied to them. There are lots of bad or mediocre doctors in the U.S. Consider yourself lucky if you have Dr. Saypol as yours.
August 28 , 2018
Did prostate surgery on me for cancer 17 years ago and was great. laid out the facts clearly and directly.
April 28 , 2015
Arrived 20 minutes early for a 3.00 pm appointment. Was still in the waiting room at 4.00 pm. Usual excuses, crisis blah blah blah..,,you’re next blah blah blah. Actually left and will use another urology group. Avoid this doctor at all cost. If I turned up an hour and a half late for the appt you can bet I would not be seen. Bringing down a doctors rating so it affects their financial line is the only way to improve things.
September 18 , 2018
Bad doctor and bad clinic
November 11 , 2018
Good doctor, HORRIBLE OFFICE STAFF!!!!! one doesnt know what the other is doing and they NEVER return phone calls!!!!!! Save yourself a lot of stress and aggravation, see a different doctor only because of the staff, trust this review!!
August 19 , 2016

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