Hackensack University Medical Group PC
20 Prospect Ave
Hackensack, NJ 07601 (Directions)
4.3 out of 5
Hackensack University Medical Group PC
20 Prospect Ave
Hackensack, NJ 07601 (Directions)

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4.3 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
Dr. Debra Fromer operated on me....removed my cancer and thus: cured me!
January 16 , 2018
I wil return to her.
August 03 , 2016
First visit but Dr. and staff explained everything patiently.
June 14 , 2017
Dr. Fromer is an excellent doctor who treated me with respect and compassion. I would recommend her to anyone. The staff was great and they made me feel at ease.
May 14 , 2008
Dr. Fromer performed Bladder Sling on me. Feel fantastic - no leakage any more!
October 29 , 2010
Excellent doctor. Would highly recommend.
April 26 , 2012
I have been going to Dr. Fromer for over 3 years, for bladder cancer. She is most professional, knowledgeable of new techniques, and most of all caring. She takes her time with her patients, answers their questions, and listens to their concerns!
January 01 , 2015
A She is so good. She is the new breed of MD. She explains it completely, and listens. Talking about urology issues with another woman is easier.
April 03 , 2019
Dr. Fromer is an excellent doctor. The staff (nurses and office managers) are equally exceptional. Everyone is caring, professional, prompt, and accomodating to your needs, questions, and/or concerns. I highly reccomend Dr. Fromer and the entire practice.
January 22 , 2008
Love her, very good doctor and knowledgable. Nice manner
September 28 , 2014
February 02 , 2017
I have been under Dr Fromers care for several years and really like and trust her. Unfortunately I would have a hard time recommending her due to the utter chaos and lack of cooperation from the office staff and nurses. You can be on hold for 20 minutes trying to make an appointment just to bee disconnected and gave to start all over again. The nurses are another story all together. More times than not there is a conflict and its quite upsetting. Its a hassle.
February 23 , 2017
Just went to her office,she was in the room for max 5 min,so fast,I cant understand how specialist can bring decision(whatever is that for)with 5 min seeing the patient??I dont wanna talk for the price thay charge for that 5 min:( ridiculous
January 11 , 2012
Dr. Fromer is a very pleasant person, however, she comes across more like a used car salesman pushing only surgical options. Its almost as though she was getting a commission for selling surgeries. I was quite surprised that she even mentioned surgery to me during my first visit without even examining me first. Needless to say, I didnt feel it was worth risking my life to have a harmful mesh implanted inside me for no reason. I am shocked that she is still doing those kinds of surgeries given all the lawsuits currently going on for patients who had the mesh implanted. The staff is very courteous at the office, but the visit with the doctor is rushed. Basically she only talks about surgical options and tells you that any other options are not even worth trying. I ended up going to another doctor for a 2nd opinion, and am very happy with the results, oh, and the fact that I never needed a surgery! Always get a 2nd opinion before signing up to have any kind of surgery and do your research first! Mesh is very harmful to your body!
April 25 , 2013
Dr. Fromer was actually referred to me by a friend of mine. She seemed to be truly concerned about the medical issues INITIALLY. When the meds given were not working, Dr Fromer suggested a cystoscopy, We were given this information in a very short abrupt manner. We were nervous and upset and there was no compassion whatsoever, just, this is what needs to be done and that was that. I had follow up questions before the appointment for the procedure was to take place. I called the office and received a call back from a very rude and unprofessional staff member. After arguing with me as to why I was calling and about which office staff took the original message (which by the way had nothing to do with my call) I was told I would receive a call back from the Dr as soon as she was done with patients. Dr Fromer called me back that afternoon, now here is where the problem arises, I had questions for her regarding this procedure and if there was a possible less invasive procedure, as this procedure is not without pain and complications. I was very abruptly told, NO and if I questioned why she ordered it then she could refer me to another physician. Now as patient who is concerned, especially when this issue has been going on for quite some time, you would think the doctor would have a little more compassion and not be so condescending. Needless to say I cancelled the procedure and am trying other options. If you are looking for a compassionate caring doctor and staff, I would say keep searching, this is not the place to be.
June 18 , 2013
Never seen a dr. who rushes you out more and wont take any time to follow up - what a shame to the practice of medicine
December 24 , 2014

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