Wellstar Medical Group, LLC
55 Whitcher Nest, Suite 250
Marietta, GA 30060 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
Wellstar Medical Group, LLC
55 Whitcher Nest, Suite 250
Marietta, GA 30060 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
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Just had my first visit with Dr. Theiss. Overall experience was Great. Only had to wait about 10 minutes to get in. She promptly came to my room. She even stopped by another room to let them know that she would be with them shortly. My previous experience with other doctors left me questioning their diagnosis and they also left me feeling like they were just throwing pills at me. She actually asked more qualifying questions, then most other doctors. Dr. Theiss was actually listening to what I was saying. She gave my her diagnosis and then fully explained it too me. Bed side manner was great as well. I would most definitely recommend her to any one.
October 04 , 2010
love her
February 16 , 2016
Dr. Theiss is outstanding. Knows her stuff, friendly, confident and knowledgeable. I see her every year for my exam. Never felt uncomfortable.
March 13 , 2014
Dr. Theiss did bladder surgery on me in 2005. I had a quick successful recovery. 10 years later I needed to see a Urologist, so with a little research, I located Dr. Theiss. She has great bed-side manner, very detailed about testing and explaining the treatment process and confident about her diagnoses and explaning what is going on. Office staff super nice and friendly.
March 27 , 2015
This doctor was one of the kindest and most professional Ive met. She made my son feel very comfortable as well as I myself. I would recommend her again.
September 10 , 2012
The doctor is good and she is easy to talk too but her staff and follow up appointments are sorry. The staff does not know what is going on in the office. They may not call you back if you leave a message, if they do call back they may tell the wrong information. I constantly had to call back over and over. I left a message once, they called back 3 days later and told me to take test I already took and didnt answer the question I called them about. Like I said good doctor but staff is sorry.
April 25 , 2012
My primary physician wanted me to see this physician due to some urinary and bladder issues which he thought might be a growth on the bladder. His staff made the appointment for me. I waited in the office for over an hour then I was called in by a nurse, she told me to give a urine sample, put me in the room and told me to undress from the waist down. She said the doctor would be with me shortly. 55 minutes later I was still laying there no one had come in to check on me. I got up, dressed, and left. As I was leaving the parking deck they called me and asked me to come back. No apologies, the doctor finally came in and there was no apology. She just told me they were really busy. After examination she told me I needed 3 tests. They made me an appointment for the tests in thier office and then told me someone would contact me to make an appointment for the other test. I did have the tests in thier office but the the outpatient tests I have not had. This is because the person called to schedule the appointment and I missed the call and have been calling them back for several weeks and have not received a response. I also have not heard anything from the tests I had in thier office. My primary hasnt received any reports either. Also the doctor prescribed a medicine that my insurance would not cover. I tried repeatedly to speak with the doctor or someone on her staff about the issue but no one really wanted to help. Then all of a sudden my pharmacy calls me with a new medicine that the doctor called in that I had never heard of. No one from thier office bothered to call me and explain the new medicine. Needless to say I am now looking for a new urologist. The doctor was decent when I did actually speak with her, but her staff is HORRIBLE and was always very rude. I know I need to be treated and this whole experience has set me back almost 2 months.
August 20 , 2012
Didnt give me credibility when giving her my pain symptoms. She chalked it up to Normal discomfort. My stent was blocked and the doctor who took it out told me it was. She wont admit that I was having legitimate problems and labeled me a problem patient. Glad I was an advocate for myself. Lets just hope this all resolved without further issues.
October 14 , 2015
Went to see this doc. Presented with a urinary tract infection. She was telling me that I was not sick and almost refused to see me because I came without full co-pay her nurse called a week later with results saying I had a urinary tract infection and was worried about the late treatment and wondered if I had been on meds. I told her that I had to go to a second doc to get antibiotics. Dr. Theiss even made a catty comment about how my gastric bypass surgeon conned me into having surgery and that is why I had kidney stones! WHAT A UGLY MOUTH ON THIS DOC! YUCK!
November 11 , 2012
I was referred to Dr. Theiss by my PCP after an incidental finding of trace blood on a clean catch urine sample. I have no symptoms and have had trace blood in my urine for over 30 years. Dr. Theiss refused to answer my questions about labs that were done in the office. These labs consisted of a dipstick on a cathd urine specimen. I was told she would discuss the results with me after all the recommended studies were completed ONLY (these included a CT of the abdomen with contrast, an ultrsound of my urinary tract and a cystoscopy)She refused to give me a copy of lab results so I could discuss further testing with my daughter (who is also a physician) before I scheduled further testing. Dr. Theiss also made it clear that she does not talk to anyone on the phone, including my daughter the physician. She was rude, intimidating, and controlling and clearly has some power trip going on. I read her bio on the practice website which was very impressive. I find it hard to believe that this is a Christian woman who leads Bible Study groups. She treated me with disrespect and disregard. This office experience was just appauling. Get it together Dr. Theiss! Perhaps you need an adventure vacation to get your head on straight!
August 29 , 2011

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