Deepak Sheth Office
360 E 7th St Ste C
Upland, CA 91786 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Deepak Sheth Office
360 E 7th St Ste C
Upland, CA 91786 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
5 ratings, 5 reviews
I was uptight before meeting Dr. Sheth. He answered all my questions and put me to ease. Make me understand my condition and treated it very professionally. Dr. Sheth's office staff is very courteous and professional.
September 12 , 2010
This doctor may not come across as the clean-cut professional, but he has a lot of experience inside out. He is not the straight-from-school theory-only doctor that you may find in top hospitals but life's experiences takes him far when diagnosing and treating patients. He listens to you and follows through until the situation is taken care of. He is very caring. There may be a long wait but he spends time with his patients. I really appreciate his care.
August 25 , 2014
I am a male in my early 40's, and visited Sheth's office for the first time in reference to a kidney stone. The waiting room was very small and looked filthy. I had to sit in a different chair because the one I sat on was falling apart. Everything looked outdated and unkept. The exam room also looked dirty, and there were old curtains in the room where you could see out into the public. Although I was there for a kidney stone, Sheth asked if he could check my prostate. After I refused the exam, Sheth asked me to lay on the exam table so he could examine my genitals without exam gloves on. I declined to also have that exam done, and asked why he was so adamant to do a physical exam when it was an internal issue. After speaking to Sheth about the events of the kidney stone, he invited me into his personal office to show me the equipment he wanted to insert into me to take out the stone, and was insistent on scheduling surgery. After I sat there in his office and waited for him to dictate his notes into his computer, emphasizing that I refused the exams, I was allowed to speak to the receptionist to set up future dates. While searching for a cleaner, less invasive doctor, I thankfully passed the kidney stone on my own without further incident. I would never go back to Sheth's office, even if he was the only urologist around.
May 07 , 2019
Staffs are very unprofessional, unfriendly and always in a rush both on phone and in person. Deepak would require to make/and charge as an appointment just to drop off lab specimen. Deepak's medical notes and records are terrible. Want to know how bad the consultation note is? request one for yourself or for your Primary Physician and you will see. We would choose Zero star grading if there was one.
June 02 , 2015
I took my mom for some tests. She is in a wheelchair and slow. Dr. Sheth spoke to her in a loud, abrasive manner. I had to interrupt him to answer his questions that he is barking to her. Also, while examining my mom, he had one of this female assitants in room. She was covered in a bunch of tattoos and just stood there with her arms folder with a cold, stink face. This one also needs to get training for common courtesy and people skills with the patients. Lose the attitude and take the stick out of your butt! Dr Sheth wants to see my mom for follow up in a few weeks. Definitely not going back!
June 04 , 2017

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Deepak Sheth Office
360 E 7th St Ste C
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