Ironwood Physicians PC
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3.5 out of 5
Ironwood Physicians PC
6111 E Arbor Ave
Mesa, AZ 85206 (Directions)

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3.5 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Great Doctor!!! I would recommend him to anyone I know. I liked the fact he was straight forward and explained everything in detail, so, when I left the office I had a better understanding of what exactly was going on.
November 12 , 2012
Dr. Avila is professional, gentle and sensitive to patient comfort. He provided a prompt diagnosis and treatment recommendations. If you must see a urologist, I recommend him most highly.
May 21 , 2012
He explained everything to me clearly and patiently. Doctor Avila definitely knows his stuff and doesnt rush you. I would absolutely recommend him
January 16 , 2013
Dr Avila was very thorough. For years I have been dealing with Low T and have tried several doctors who were not able to help me. Dr Avila ran a battery of tests and we learned that I extremely high readings of Prolactin going into my blood which were destroying my testosterone levels. As a result of the blood work and MRI he found pituitary tumor that needed to be removed. I would not have ever found this without Dr Avila ordering the blood tests that my previous physicians never ordered. He saved my eyesight and other issues down the road and referred me to excellent specialists to do my brain surgery. His staff and especially Maria were outstanding. My testosterone is coming back. Thank you Dr Avila and team!
July 22 , 2019
Very busy office.....must be good, perscribed the right medication and therefore, in my opinion, gave an accurate diagnosis....thats the way healthcare should be! Thank you!
March 20 , 2013
For anyone considering this office I would recommend looking elsewhere. My husband saw Dr. Avila for fertility issues. To try and condense our review, I will provide an extremely condensed list of issues. When we first started seeing Dr. Avila, we had several issues with being able to contact Dr. Avilas nurse to receive testing results. After a few visits, Dr. Avila recommended that my husband have a procedure completed which is similar to a prostate biopsy. We arrived on the date of the procedure, after an hour wait in the office my husband was called back to begin. The nurse started the process and asked if he had taken the antibiotics for the procedure. My husband was never prescribed any antibiotics or advised they were necessary when the procedure was scheduled. We came back the next day after the taking the necessary antibiotics for the procedure. After it was completed, Dr. Avila advised us that he could not determine the reason for our issues and recommended IVF with semen extraction (that Dr. Avila would perform). We had several question on why we would need to go to such an extreme, he was unable to provide adequate answers. I wish I could say those were our only issues, that was just the start. 4 days following the procedure my husband came down with a fever. Again, to try and condense this post, I will fast forward to the next day. We had to call an ambulance to rush him to the hospital, which we later found out he had sepsis. The sepsis was a result of the procedure Dr. Avila performed. The infection started in the testicles and made its way to his bloodstream. We are currently working with a new doctor to determine if there is permanent damage to his fertility due to the testicular infection. Our journey to conceive has been adversely affected by Dr. Avila and his office. I hope no one else has to experience what we have been through. I have called Dr. Avilas office manager, Leonor, and left multiple voicemails and have received no calls back. The main reason for this review is to warn the public of the services received from this doctor and to request a simple call back from Dr. Avila or his office manager. Dr. Avila please reach out to me for the best contact information ASAP.
April 23 , 2019
We are here at Dr. Desiderio Avila office at Ironwood and every time (5+) we have an appointment we wait 60-90 minutes over the appointment time. We even tried talking to them to check in and come later but some medical professional office do not care about their patients time. Frustrating. Today there was a man in pain, urinalysis bag, walker, going up to reception to say he was waiting long time and in pain several times. Finally after another 30 minutes he told them he has to leave because he needed help and will reschedule. Really? Inexcusable. Horrible office management with no consideration. #desiderioavila #noconsideration #medicalnightmares
July 21 , 2016
It has been a horrible experience trying to set up a surgery appointment. We made 7 calls in 4.5 weeks and only one was returned. The return call was only to say she still needed to get more information on the facility. That was 1.5 weeks ago and no response. There is no care for patients. We paid for two appointments and several tests. We made the decision to have the surgery. A simple request for scheduling and billing information turned into over a month of frustration. This is the worst experience we have ever had and it is disheartening that this is the way the office treats patients. Veterinarians and their office return calls and show more care then this office does for their patients.
October 21 , 2015

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