Dignity Health Medical Foundation
2900 Whipple Ave, Suite 132
Redwood City, CA 94062 (Directions)
4.9 out of 5
Dignity Health Medical Foundation
2900 Whipple Ave, Suite 132
Redwood City, CA 94062 (Directions)

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4.9 out of 5
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Dieter Bruno is acutely intelligent, sensitive, caring, punctual. Extremely educated at Duke University with some of the best. He is trained in the most sophisticated robotics surgery techniques and he is one of the best surgeons in Northern California in his field. (Fact not hype). He makes you feel like the only patient on earth and he gives you his full undivided attention--not warm and fuzzy...intense. He is a superbly insightful diagnostician. Like a Medical School Professor at Harvard Medical School, where I used to work (1986) Had he not been, I might not be here to write this review. I am 63 and have seen many doctors in my lifetime. He is a Christian (a real, not a relgious one.) Passionate about saving peoples lives at Sequoia Hospital. He will tell you the gentle but absolute truth about your situation. If the news is real bad he is ever hopeful and comforting. He puts others needs ahead of his own. Met me AT the hospital several times. If there is an emergency he drops everything to go to the operating room to help his patient. I went through a period of severely compromised immune system/antibiotic resistance (now solved with strict Whole Foods nutrition.) At the time I saw Dieter Bruno I was as sick with a acutely painful, dangerous infection, as I have ever been in my life. I would sy that Dieter Bruno saved my life ...but Dieter is extremely modest. He would say if anybody saved my life it was God. I still go to him, for health check ups, not for sickness. He turned.my health AROUND. His partner Dr. Chris Threatt was also kind, gentle and very helpful. Thank you!
September 19 , 2014
Dr. Buno is a brilliant surgeon (appointed Chief of Staff at Sequoia hospital in his field, microscopic robotic surgery.) He is super educated.(Duke) compassionate, highly skilled, and sympathetic. I had a dangerously suppressed immune system when I saw him due to the inappropriate prescription of another doctor that crashed my CBC levels. Normal range is 4-7, Mine was .,66 at the outset of this white blood cell crash. I was treated almost reverently by doctor Bruno. I had many dangerous infections- 8 or 9 acute UTIs over a two year period, the pain was off the charts. Some kept me in bed for two weeks to a minth at a time. Dr. Bruno MET me at the ER when he was not in surgery. Dr. Bruno gently educated me. I learned that these organs are delicate and fragile. What you eat and Drink ! twenty- fortv years PRIOR to meeting your Urologist has everything to do with your outcome. Including and Especially in surgery. It affects yoyr blood vessels. I weighed 224 and should have weighed 155. I am now in a Whole Foods organic low carb diet and have not had an infection for a year. Dieter was ever hopeful, but realistic. I am 63. What you walk.into the office with in terms of kidney health determines what a Urologist can do fir you. He told me the kind truth. I believe Dieter Bruno saved my life. Bruno is best at complex surgeries and is much in demand. Sometimes he can not leave the O.R. His partner, whom I also saw, Dr Chris Threatt is wonderfal, warm, skilled at all general Urology issues. Also a surgeon. Very popular doctor; big smile. A superb medical practice. Thank you Peninsula Urology Center!
September 22 , 2014
Bruno stepped me through a prostatectomy, answered all my questions promptly, and most of all made me feel comfortable with my decision. Great bedside manner, excellent at explaining options and consequences and odds, and he delivered bigtime. Highly recommended
January 25 , 2011
Dr Bruno is an anomaly in todays world of corporate medicine. He makes you feel post operative problem and he told me to go to the ER and they could easily take care of the issue. When I arrived at the ER (9PM) he was sitting behind the counter waiting for me so he could do it himself and reassure me about my condition. He is like the old time family doctor committed to his patients and extremely responsive after hours via email and or cellphone. A real gem and I am so lucky to have found such a highly skilled and dedicated physician.
November 05 , 2010
Dr. Bruno treats his patients like family members. He made us feel at ease and took time to make sure we understood what we were dealing with.
August 12 , 2018
Dr Bruno is terrific! Caring competente and delightful
July 20 , 2018
Dr. Bruno performed a neuphrectomy on me. Many complications occurred after the operation; one of which was that the artery that went to the removed kidney began bleeding several hours after the surgery, then a double pulmonary embolism developed. Blood thinners to break up the embolism added to the bleeding problem. I was blessed to have survived. During the postoperative period Dr. Bruno checked on me just two times, and very briefly then, and I mean brief, like less than one minute each time. I would be more careful if I were to look for a competent doctor again.
September 29 , 2010

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