5605 NW 29th St
Margate, FL 33063 (Directions)
4.8 out of 5
5605 NW 29th St
Margate, FL 33063 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
19 ratings, 19 reviews
Dr. Xie is very intelligent. He gave me correct diagnoses but the other physician misdiagnosed. Now my pelvic pain and urinary symptoms are much improved after a course of medications prescribed by him.
January 06 , 2018
Very knowledgeable. Very patient listening to me. He did a cystoscopy for me which was completely pain-free and blood-free.
March 15 , 2018
Dr. Xie is the only physician I have ever had who personally answers by email or phone. He removed my complicated penile lesions without any complications. I recommend him 100%.
April 16 , 2023
Dr. Xie is awesome! The best urologist I have ever met. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He performed a Rezum procedure for me with excellent outcome. I was having recurrent urine retention but now I am back to normal urination. I strongly recommend him for your Urology needs. All the staff members in the office are excellent.
August 23 , 2022
Dr. Xie is available all the time, early morning, late evening, and weekends.....He answers messages timely. Very caring and highly qualified doctor!!!
May 14 , 2019
Very sharp in skills! Very caring!
February 23 , 2020
Dr. Xie is superb. He did a penile implant procedure on me with excellent outcome. His staffs are very helpful and the office Is super clean. Highly recommended!!!
January 18 , 2023
Dr. Xie did a vasectomy reversal for me under local anesthesia 6 months ago and my wife is pregnant now. He offered half the price other doctor would offer but gave superior outcome. I really like Dr. Xie!
July 09 , 2022
Dr. Xie is very patient and friendly. He is knowledgeable. Very caring and highly qualified doctor!!!
October 09 , 2019
I know Dr. Xie through Florida Blue referral for about 3 years now. He is a very caring doctor who knows what his patients need. He talks to his patients and explains everything that I asked about and even showed me some extra information on the Internet. He told me that he likes to do robotic surgeries, and I know that they take a lot of precision and focus. He works with me for bladder incontinence and urgency using an alternative method that stimulates the percutaneus tibial nerve, and after 4 visits of doing it i can see a significant improvement. I can also add that he is always available and willing to answer questions, and always listens to my concerns. One of the best doctors to work with. I also have a kidney stone and he works with me to find the best solution, and looks carefully on my test results to see if they are any other options available.
August 15 , 2020
He is truly the doctor one would always want to have as a caregiver and advisor. We appreciate his professional knowledge and abilities and most of all his humanity. Thank you for all you do for our family and so many others!!!
March 21 , 2022
There have been some serious health challenges. Dr. Xie has had our backs in the most responsible, wise, compassionate, caring ways imaginable!!! The doctor gave me very good advice concerning my recommended treatment options.
March 19 , 2022
Dr. Xie is the only physician I have ever had who personally answers by email or phone. He removed my complicated penile lesions without any complications. I recommend him 100%. A Reyes
April 16 , 2023
Dr. Xie has been working with me and my fiancée to help us to conceive after vasectomy. He is super good and I would highly recommend him. He did a very nice vasectomy reversal surgery for me and my wife is pregnant now! He is kind, warm and extremely hopeful for us from the beginning!
March 08 , 2023
Dr. Xie helped me in getting rid of the awful catheterization. I don't need it anymore. Dr. Xie operated on me on my enlarged prostate and the catheter was removed next day morning. I was able to urinate myself easily shortly after with completely yellowish urine without any blood stain.
June 08 , 2018
Dr. Xie is very caring and excellent. He performed a perfect circumcision on my 6-year-old son! Strongly recommend.
October 21 , 2019
Después de tres inyecciones intralesionales de medicamentos mixtos por parte del Dr. Xie, mi dolor testicular persistente que me había estado molestando durante muchos años desapareció.
November 25 , 2022
Very good. Vasectomy was done very quickly without pain. I went back to work the next day. Will definitely recommend seeing this doctor for your urological problems.
July 08 , 2018
Like car sell tried to sell you unnecessary exam and X-ray pushy and collect cashes on these “extra services”
October 14 , 2019

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