Vanderbilt University Medical Center Urology
1301 Medical Center Dr Ste 3823
Nashville, TN 37232 (Directions)
2.8 out of 5
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Urology
1301 Medical Center Dr Ste 3823
Nashville, TN 37232 (Directions)

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2.8 out of 5
10 ratings, 10 reviews
Have been treated by Dr.Milam with an excellent result.If you are male with a serious urology issue requiring surgery,see this great doctor before you decide on what to do next.
August 09 , 2015
Has been very nice and listens to me every time I see him. Sometimes for follows up we see Gilbert and he is great too. Really like that he works with me ona very serious problem I have. Would highly recommend
September 12 , 2018
Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Drove from Louisville to Nashville upon recommendation by my local urologist. Was well worth the trip. Dr. Milam is without a doubt well experienced in his field and explained my diagnosis and the next steps in a manner that i understood.
February 07 , 2019
I have been a patient of Dr. Doug F Milan. I trust him and recommend him 100%. He also has a great staff of nurses and PA’s.
August 09 , 2019
Had a penile implant in May 2014; satisfied with the overall result, but had a side issue arise nine months after the implant that Dr. Milam was unable to satisfactorily diagnose or treat.
June 07 , 2017
Had a penile implant in 2014. Lost over half my length and when I questioned it, I was asked does it get hard enough for penetration. Yes, but it doesn’t stay inflated and it’s like not deep enough. If I know then what I know now I would have found a different Dr. He stated most of his patients were not complaining about length. Since the last time I saw him I’ve been seen by a different Dr that said he may be able to replace this thing.
April 18 , 2022
Snotty staff. Dr. is arrogant. No concern for your wishes or opinion. Follow-ups you see someone other than the doctor. Big mistake.
October 30 , 2016
I was handed off to a nurse practitioner. I might not have cared except this was my initial appointment and I feel that the he concerns related to my disease rated this accommodation. I now feel like they don't care about my problems or they don't consider them important. I might not have seen the doctor but I was still billed for one. I made an appointment with another new doctor. I hope this experience turns out better.
July 13 , 2017
Dr. Milam is good if your vasectomy works perfectly. Good luck getting any attention after the procedure. I'm in a lot of pain a week later and having difficulty even getting them to respond to me.
October 15 , 2015
Had a penile implant and ended up being half the size I was prior to surgery. Several months out I am still in pain. Device doesn't stay activated when being used. Excess skin is not stretched or inflated which makes using it painful. I would not recommend using this doctor for penile implant. He did not measure correctly its very obvious the cylinders are not stretching to my potential. The doctor had no solutions or advice on how to resolve these issues. I was given very little information from this doctor before the surgery. This procedure has all but destroyed my sex life with my wife. This doctor has no viable solutions to any of the life altering issues that have been caused by this surgery.
March 12 , 2019

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