Weill Medical College Of Cornell
525 E 68th St
New York, NY 10065 (Directions)
3 out of 5
Weill Medical College Of Cornell
525 E 68th St
New York, NY 10065 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
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Dr Sherr always makes you feel like you are his only patient> I do not mind waiting for him because I know when its my turn he will not rush me. These people have cancer and need a great deal of support. Deal with the wait if you want to be cared for with expertise and caring. Dr. Sherr has always taken care of my needs even at six Oclock on a friday before a holiday weekend. A nurse also was present and when we and was as pleasant as could be. she lives two hours away and when asked Why do youy come all this way. answer was because I work For dr. Scherr. I have so much confidence in Dr Scherr,
September 26 , 2010
I have been a patient of Dr. Scherr for almost 2 years. His office is extremely organized, the staff is friendly, his appointments go on time, he is super experienced in bladder cancer and treatments and he always orders any tests when necessary. I am a bladder cancer survivor and require periodic surveillance. When I go in for my scheduled surveillance cystoscopies, any blood work and lab tests are done right there in the office lab, I go in to the exam room and am quickly prepped, then Dr. Scherr comes in and does the cystoscopy using the latest equipment, the NBI scope. There is no discomfort and the exam is done quickly. I feel that my health is in excellent hands. Thank you, Dr. Scherr and staff.
April 18 , 2018
A nagging sore back was my introduction to renal cancer. Dr. Scherr calmed all my fears and took his time to answer every question I had when I felt ...
May 27 , 2013
Dr. Scherr operated on my for prostate cancer in 2003. His is a brilliant doctor and empathic person who treats patients like they were members of his own family. His skill is only matched by his compassion. Since then, I have been treated at NYP for other urologic conditions and 2 additional cancers, The facility and staff are the best in the world. I now live in Florida and continue to get all of my care at NYP.
July 28 , 2020
I had an overall wonderful experience with Dr. Scherr. His office staff is very helpful and friendly. I was able to come to the office visit prepared because of the helpful forms and materials found on Dr. Scherrs website, wwww.robotic-prostatectomy.com. Dr. Scherr spent a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions and concerns.
November 10 , 2008
Dr. Douglas Scherr is the best urologist for frail, elderly patients. He is the only doctor in five boroughs and Long Island that I have found who uses MAC anesthesia for TURBT (done to remove cancerous growth from bladder). We almost decided against TURBT for Mom who couldnt undergo surgery with general anesthesia. Doctor Scherr is a very competent surgeon who addresses the needs of elderly patients. He is also very thorough in assessing the situation prior to surgery so he knows exactly what he is going to do on the day of. He is very efficient surgeon--you are in and out with as little time using anesthesia as possible.
July 05 , 2016
A sore back was my into to Dr. Scherr where I was diagnosed with cancer. His patience to answer all my questions were very reassuring. His staff, especially Fran Conway, are always very kind and considerate. I have never had to wait longer that 5 minutes and that is a long time when you are awaiting a test result that can impact your life. Dr. Scherr has even called my house to see how I was feeling. This humble man has given me many tomorrows--I dont know what another can say who has been given such a gift except that Dr. Scherr is a lifesaver and he is beyond wonderful.
July 17 , 2013
I dont recognize the doctor who saved my life in the 2 2016 reviews below. Nor his staff, who have been wonderful since I first met them in 2010. Regarding punctuality, I dont mind waiting while he saves someone elses life. Next month will be 6 years since my prostate surgery, with PSA still at .01. He is the best.
February 10 , 2018
expert in robotic surgery
February 18 , 2010
I consulted Dr. Scherr after an unacceptable evaluation by another urologist, i.e., I was not comfortable with both the treatment and the evaluation of the first physician I consulted. Dr. Scherr , to whom I am eternally grateful did a very thorough exam, recommended surgery and removed a tumor from my bladder which the first doctor missed completely (R. Ernest Sosa MD). I am extremely happy that I trusted my instincts and found Dr. Scherr.
May 12 , 2009
I highly recommend Dr Scherr! I was diagnosed with localized prostate cancer in 2009, at the age of 42. Thanks to his skilled hands Im still here and cancer free 3 years later. Hes very knowledgeable and has thoroughly educated me on prostate cancer. Hes the best!
September 20 , 2013
Dr. Scherr is absolutely the best in his field,very knowledgeable and explains which procedures and options you may have for a condition. He is the cream of the crop, anyone who seeks his care should feel confident with his statements of advice.He is only available on Tuesdays, the rest of the week he is in the operating room! The best surgeon...experience makes perfect!
May 07 , 2009
very long wait times always. Hare to reach him in between visits. Rare to get a call back.
March 09 , 2012
Dr. Scherr might be the best of the best but when it comes to patient interactions he was very cold an rude. His assistant Ana Kowerska, hands down one of the rudest and racist woman Ive ever encountered. Made me feel as if she was disgusted to work with me because I was a Hispanic woman. Would I ever recommend these two as your doctor? Never! Please take the time to look for another doctor. The worst part is when I went to Cornell the expectation was I would be dealing with the best. And unfortunately with this experience it was the worst.
May 20 , 2016
Absolutely horrific office staff (they dont return calls, they get angry if you call them when they dont respond) and painful (psychological) bedside manner of Dr Scherr. Impossible to reach Dr Scherr when you need him. Find another physician and you will be much happier.
August 07 , 2016
Poor bedside manner. Didnt show up after surgery. Surgery was painful.
May 03 , 2019
Terrible, rude staff. Doctor more than an hour late. Did not review records prior to our appointment for a second opinion. Will never, ever return.
January 29 , 2009
After going thru a suspect annual exam with my local Urologist, I selected Dr. Scherr to provide a second opinion on my symptoms and PSA results. I did so because he is part of an excellent cancer hospital in Weill-Cornell and his credentials seemed impressive. I scheduled an appointment and met with him to review everything from my former local Urologist. He performed several additional tests to gather current information and also ordered a biopsy. This was subsequently performed with results that indicated I should proceed with him under an Active Maintenance program. During that telephone discussion (which was very difficult to arrange for as his assistant wanted me to come into his office vs. a 2 minute phone conversation), I asked about doing an Oncotype DX genetic test to which he replied --Oh yes, I can order that!-- Lo and behold, the results of the Oncotype report indicated that I needed to take action on eliminating my cancer, not wait under an Active Maintenance status. Had I not mentioned this test to the Dr., it would not have been done. Shouldnt he have ordered this? Big red flag!! On my second office visit with Dr. Scherr I waited for over 45 minutes in the outside area of his office and then another half hour in the cramped inner area where patients sit. Once called, it was another 20 minutes before he walked into the private patient room. He arrived and then reviewed my file in front of me (shouldnt he have done that prior to walking in?), then quickly reviewed next steps and wanted to leave. When I mentioned that I had a couple of other questions, he reluctantly came back into the room and begrudgingly stayed to answer them. Big red flag No. 2!! After a review of the options I had (radiation or surgery), I elected to try the radiation. He referred me to a Radiation Oncologist and it was clear from that point forward he had dismissed me in his mind regarding my condition or needs. He was so quick to leave that even gave me the wrong phone number for the Oncologist. Red flag No. 3. Dr. Scherr may be a highly qualified surgeon and Urologist. In my case, he had little time to address my early stage prostate cancer needs, little time to engage in needed discussion and fell short on ordering the proper test to adequately assess the current status of my cancer. I shall have to find another Urologist.
August 11 , 2018
1.Dr. Scherr spends 4 out of 5 days doing surgery. As a result, he has too many patients to adequately follow-up with you, in my opinion. 2.He is an --expert-- in robotic surgery. However, in my case this had no benefit to me. E.g., Instead of reduced hospital stay, I was in the hospital for 19 days instead of 8-10 (for cystectomy/neobladder) and have several complications as a result of this. 3.Unknown to me, after the surgery I was not able to completely drain the neobladder and as a result I was plagued with urinary tract infections (UTI) which I didnâ??t know I had. These made me quite ill on several occasions. It took Dr. Scherr (or should I say his residents) nearly a year to figure out the bladder was not being drained properly and causing infection. Furthermore, on two occasions they tested me for a UTI and did not get the results back to me for 5 and 9 days. As a result of this (and other issues which still donâ??t understand), I went from having night-time incontinence (because I couldnt empty the bladder) to a situation where I can only urinate with a catheter. 4.Finally, Dr. Scherrâ??s website is full of information about nerve sparing surgery and sexual health after surgery. This is complete bull. They wonâ??t even talk about this unless you specifically ask and then the suggestion is to take Viagra which he then doesnt prescribe. Importantly they absolutely have NO data on outcomes of nerve sparing surgery which are probably not very good anyway. Bottom line, this Dr. Scherr is a really nice guy but he is just too busy to give proper care. I certainly did not see any of the advantages of robotic surgery (shorter hospital stay, better outcomes, nerve sparing). If you are contemplating surgery with Dr. Scherr think again!!! . In fact, I would avoid the whole New York Presbyterian Urology department. Memorial Sloan Kettering is around the corner. (I have NO affiliation with MSK).
September 24 , 2013
Dr. Scherr claims to be an expert in robotic surgery but in reality he is just an expert in marketing robotic surgery. My guess is his outcomes are no better and probably much worse than laparoscopic or other methods. Do not let this guy operate on you ! My guess is a large % of his patients are far from satisfied with their outcomes.
December 03 , 2013
I was his first procedure that day, at 8am ( robotic prostatectomy) and he was late, they put me under and I did not see him until later that night. Forget mentioning any last minutes concerns I might have had. Not how I wanted to start and I was anxious finding out that I would be in a reclined(upside down) position for most of the procedure ( yes I previously asked him to outline the procedure). Just too many surprises along the way and important aspects minimized that you have to live with. He is impossible to reach afterwards (no, not just difficult, impossible) and not who I would choose if given a do-over. I have a hard time with the positive testimonials but do your own due diligence. Not recommended!
June 24 , 2018
This doctor never returns phones calls. I had to call him several times before responding. Right after the surgery he never showed up to consult. He sent in his fellow (maybe it was resident) but not him personally.
September 15 , 2014
This --doctor-- caused irreparable harm to me, showing no compassion. The procedure he performed was ultimately unnecessary and resulted in permanent incontinence.
November 28 , 2011
My family and I have had far too many interactions with doctors and hospitals in the NYC area over the past few years, yet none of them match the appalling attitude of Dr. Scherr. His lack of bedside manner, which was momentary at best and several hours after the patient was out of surgery, was shocking and his cavalier approach to the patients diagnosis left my family stunned. I cannot in any way, shape or form, recommend Dr. Scherr and hopefully enough people will check this site and think twice before taking him on as their doctor.
November 22 , 2013
Having had several family members treated over the years at Weill-Cornell, and generally very positive experiences, what a miserable disappointment this doctor was. A disorganized staff, botched instructions, and long waiting times were just the beginning. Most critically, Dr. Scherr himself is uncaring, rude and offhand. Didnt show up to come visit the family as promised after a biopsy until several hours later when he casually walked into the patients hospital room and casually announced that it was --quite a tumor.-- A complete jerk. No comment on his surgical skills yet, but they are beside the point -- would never send anyone to this guy.
November 21 , 2013
his office is a zoo, he is always late (as are most drs), his staff never follows up. He had a physician assistant tell me that my bladder cancer had spread, then he couldnt be reached for 4 days to explain the treatment protocol or prognosos. Dont walk, RUN to another doctor.
August 09 , 2016

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