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2.5 out of 5
University Urology PC
1928 Alcoa Hwy, B222
Knoxville, TN 37920 (Directions)

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2.5 out of 5
24 ratings, 24 reviews
Dr Kim is the best. Very knowledgeable great bedside manner.
June 01 , 2018
Dr. Kim and is his PA are awesome they both seem concern about my condition and offered solutions that were well thought out and that i thought would work.
August 14 , 2018
Dr. Kim went out of his way to diagnose my condition. The treatment (procedure) was successful and Ive experienced no problems since. Highly recommend him without reservation.
April 29 , 2015
Had my new patient visit with Dr. Kim today. He had a resident with him during the initial part of the exam. However, he sat and explained his thoughts on my issues and offered a couple of different treatment plan options. After the resident left the room, he continued the conversation and spent plenty of time with me. When I left I knew his thoughts on my current issues, treatment steps that I can try and also next steps if I’m unhappy with the success of those trials. Highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone needing a urologist.
March 08 , 2019
I read the reviews about Dr. Kim and his nurse practitioner being so rude, so I had doubts about continuing with my first appointment. I was pleasantly surprised. I did not see his nurse practitioner, but he was extremely nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. I will continue my care with him. Glad I didn’t go by the negative reviews!
May 02 , 2022
Four months after my vasectomy reversal, I had a count of 30 million motile sperm. Dr. Kim is amazing! And my case was difficult since it was a second reversal involving scarring.
March 02 , 2014
Dr Kim tried to keep me out of the hospital with a persistent UTI. I certainly appreciate his determination and knowledge. I would recommend him as a very dedicated physician...I’m very thankful for his help and care.
June 25 , 2019
Best male infertility doctor there is. Would highly recommend Dr. Kim for any urological issue.
September 26 , 2014
Saw Dr Lacy in the UT Urology group first. He referred me to Dr Kim who is supposed to be the specialist for my condition. Dr Kim sat in a chair with his face glued to his laptop computer and had a condescending tone whenever I asked him questions (--this is my specialty--). His resident did the actual physical exam while Dr Kim observed. Dr Lacys bedside manner much more professional/compassionate, he actually looked at me when I talked to him and seemed to care. No problems with the office staff or nurses but all they do is update the computer file and hand you a urine sample cup. Decided on UT because its a teaching hospital and supposed to be up on all the latest advances/technologies, plus close to home. Beginning to have second thoughts and thinking I shouldve done more research before choosing a urologist. Have a follow-up appointment with Dr Kim later this month, still working on a diagnosis. Hoping things improve then.
September 03 , 2018
I had one visit with Dr. Kim and his Nurse Practitioner to discuss the Urolift procedure for BPH. I found him to be evasive in answering my specific question as to what type of anesthesia would be administered for the procedure. Third request garnered a response. As I was leaving I asked the PA, Amber, for details about the ultrasound that the doctor required and was denied those details in a rude and curt manner. Upon returning a few day later to request details about my ultrasound Dr, KIms lead nurse , Andrea, was cold, disrespectful, rude and inconsiderate of my emotional state. She informed me that I had disturbed her lunch time. I told her I would gladly wait until her lunch break was over at which time she accused me of being rude. I told her that I perhaps should seek medical attention elsewhere at which time she responded, --go right ahead.-- It is a sad day when patients with serious medical concerns want information from their provider and are treated so callously.
August 06 , 2018
Lost test results on multiple occasions. Office staff was very unprofessional and unhelpful. Nurses made multiple mistakes which Dr. Kim found excuses for. Waited for over 2 hours. After 2 trips, never went back, found a much better doctor elsewhere.
August 01 , 2013
Office said everything they would do for me would be $150--bring cash or we wont see you!! Asked for the cash before they asked my name. A student gave a prostate exam and took a urine sample then Dr.said I probably had cancer. My mother had cancer, so I probably did too. I went in for a recurring urinary tract infection and was told this. When I told him I couldnt afford 2 MRIs, a CT scan and a Cystoscopy he wanted to do to determine why I had an infection, he said, --Come back when you decide what to do.-- Went home and the bills arrived. Over $1,200 in all including billing me for an ultrasound they didnt do. They said the bills were for testing the urine which was done OUTSIDE their office. The $150 only covered what the Dr. did IN the office. This Dr. has no bedside manner and little compassion. He practices from 10 offices!!! you must leave a message on answering machines and staff take 24 hours to call back. They charge for copies of your medical reports-BIG BUSINESS!
June 26 , 2011
A complete account of my experience at University Urology can be found on FB at Blount/Knox Citizens Speak Out.
December 23 , 2022
Rudest staff I have ever encountered! Questions about upcoming procedures were not answered during my initial visit and upon returning 5 days later with medical records that he requested and I was treated with disrespect and rudeness by his lead nurse, Andrea. Apparently this ill treatment of patients is common practice since I have requested a resolution by apology and to this date I have been treated with contempt. My medical concerns have been compounded by the impersonal and careless behavior I encountered. Very hurtful experience!
August 31 , 2018
He wont even care to listen to your concerns. Be mindful and try looking for other doctors. I feel bad for those patients who trust their lives in the hands of such a terrible doctor! I actually regret that I had to deal with him.
April 18 , 2020
Terrible! Terrible! They lost a customer and a big surgery because we were late 3 minutes for my first appt. After reading all this reviews it is clear that things happens for a reason. We are glad we are not dealing with this rude and terrible staff!
January 08 , 2015
Dr. Kim is a joke. One of the most rude doctors iv ever met.. i went with a UTI and gave a urine sample and asked about recieving medicine. They stated i had to wait 2weeks for results before i could be given any. I Called 3 days later because i was in a great amount of discomfort. They informed me they had lost the urine sample. I Went to a different dr. That day and took another urine sample and was told (in 5 minutes not 2weeks) that i had blood in my urine and a UTI and i was given medication same day. DO NOT waste youre time here.
August 13 , 2020
I actually regret that I had to deal with him. This guy won't even care to listen to your concerns. Be mindful and try looking for other doctors. He's a bad fit for this job.
April 18 , 2020
Doesnt listen. Already formulates his own opinion. Nurses dont even take your problem correctly. Horrible.
May 09 , 2012
I actually regret that I had to deal with him. This guy wont even care to listen to your concerns. Be mindful and try looking for other doctors. Hes a bad fit for this job.
April 18 , 2020
This one star review is the reflective of Dr. Kim and not the entire University Urology Team as everyone, but him is pleasant. On my first visit with Dr. Kim he struck my wife and I as rude, however our research told us he was the best in the southeast United States for varicocele repair. After the first visit the procedure was scheduled and completed, he stated there would be mild/moderate pain/discomfort for approximately a week, but recovery was quick. This description of the procedure by Dr. Kim matched exactly to the procedure summaries available online. Fast forward 4 days after the surgery, and I was starting to experience the mild/moderate pain in the groin area, this was expected and controlled with medication. On night number 6 I was in extricating pain and was unable to sleep. So thinking something must be wrong I phoned the office to be seen the same day. The staff was able to fit me, Dr. Kim’s resident completed an ultrasound with Dr. Kim observing, Dr. Kim says everything is perfect there isn’t anything wrong with you. I never have varicocele patients return to the office with pain. I explained to him the pain gradually increased starting day 4 post op, and his response was I’m now having to repeat myself, you’re fine. There was more context to the exchange than that however, I’ll be consulting another urologist, something isn’t right or I still wouldn’t be in pain. Trying to go about your day as was if you were just kicked in the groin isn’t pleasant. My wife and I are just trying to have another child and in the process I get talked to as if I’m uneducated and lying. I am so disgusted at how I was talked to and denigrated. Dr. Kim may be a very skilled surgeon, but a little bedside manner goes a long way. Treat others as you want to be treated.
July 07 , 2018
"I'm not at all surprised to see the negative comments about Dr. Kim and his Nurse Practitioner, Amber Wieniewitz. I too experienced the arrogant and abusive treatment on July 31, 2018 when Ms Wieniewitz was a new hire and was still in her training period shadowing Dr,. Kim. I returned on the 6th of August that year and experienced a very unpleasant encounter with Andrea Lawhon, Dr. Kim's lead nurse. ..."
July 03 , 2020
Avoid this practice. The disrespect and unprofessional conduct is systemic from Dr. Kim through NP Amber Wieniewitz down to nurse Andrea Lawhon. Try Tennessee Urology where you will be treated with respect and compassion.
August 11 , 2019
If I could give negative stars for Dr Kim, I would. I had a prostate biopsy, twelve of them, performed in May of 2015 by, I thought Dr Kim. That was not the case, a resident performed the biopsy. I was never informed as to what a prostate biopsy consisted of, or who would do it. I trusted Dr Kim to explain what would be done and what to expect, that never happened. Dr. Kim was in a rush to get me out of his office. He is not worthy to be called a Dr. If anyone reads this......DO NOT LET KIM TOUCH YOU, and do not have a prostate biopsy performed while awake.
February 15 , 2016

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