Center For Urogynecology
10000 W Colonial Dr Ste 386
Ocoee, FL 34761 (Directions)
3.3 out of 5
Center For Urogynecology
10000 W Colonial Dr Ste 386
Ocoee, FL 34761 (Directions)

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3.3 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
i have been with Ellen Farwicks office since she had her first office in Orange City, florida . I still live in deltona and drive over 1 1/2 hour to get to her office in Ocoee. Florida Its been my favorite for maybe over 25 years i think. can't remember. Don't know what i would do without those services she provides. I am 63 years old and this is the only Doctors office i trust.,
July 01 , 2016
I absolutely love Dr. Farwick and her staff. I was basically a "walk-in" and they happily took me in. I was having pain, so I was seen immediately, first by a Nurse Practioner, then by Dr. Farwick. They were very accommodating, very caring, and ultimately, my pain was addressed as is currently being taken care of. I am so extremely happy to have found Dr. Farwick!!!
January 06 , 2012
Dr Farwick is knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I like her no nonsense style. She listens and spends time to answer your questions. The only negative I find is that since she has started specializing in surgery, she seems a bit too eager to do a hysterectomy. She has been my GYN for many years.
August 23 , 2013
I was with Dr. Farwick with my second child and she was awesome and very caring through the entire experience. However, when she decided to no longer deliver babies I had to leave after becoming pregnant with my thrid child. However, the office was great in assisting me with the change and willing accept me back. The thing that stands out the most with the staff and Dr. Farwick was remembering me and the continuity of care they offer. She has always been consistant with her diagnosis and made me feel comfortable gving me the time to express any concerns, never rushed. I have tired others GYN during my transition and I will never stray again. Always consistent, throughal, experienced and caring. Thanks Dr. Farwick, its nice to know we have great doctors still around.Sincerely, Never straying again
June 13 , 2012
I was a little nervous when I first went in. First, I entered this beautifully decorated reception area. The staff in this is incredible. They are so friendly and kind you immediately feel at home. Always a smile on their face. Dr Farwick is friendly, professional but makes you feel comfortable! When you meet her, you feel like you are talking to your sister! She is so calming, friendly and wants you to feel comfortable. Love this place!
July 25 , 2022
Front Desk not good, they had the wrong phone number on file, they send the meds. to the wrong pharmacy the wait was 3 hours. I guess it was my Spanish last name, because everybody was called except me.
November 30 , 2021
Dr farwick was great and I liked the NP Jennifer she was very helpful and caring. All of the office staff was not helpful at all. I would call to get results or ask to talk to Dr. Farwick or NP Jennifer and they would just transfer me to a random records line and that's not what I wanted at all. They need a new staff that knows how to treat patients.
August 17 , 2015
Stay away from this doctor!! She is unprofessional and is not care about sick patients. Dr. Farwick only cares about her time and maximizing the amount of money she makes from her surgeries. If you are her patient, she doesn't care about your time or the fact that you drive one hour to see her for an appointment. Her appointments are scheduled so tightly around her surgeries that if have an issue, don't expect that you will get any courtesy or compassion of any kind to accommodate you.
April 18 , 2012
You never get to see her and you are not told that you will not see her. Therefore, you have no option and your insurance is billed as if you saw a doctor! According to this page, she is a DO - schooled in Osteopathic Medicine. I also was not told that. The staff is snippy, nasty, and they treat you like an inconvenience. Don't bother.
April 03 , 2019
Their staff was not friendly at all, I didn't feel welcome there. I feel like my appointment was pointless. None of my questions were answered, nothing was accomplished, and I felt worse when I left. I had the hardest time finding their office, and I usually have a good sense of direction. I would never visit them again. I was very disappointed.
April 18 , 2012
I've been to that office twice and never saw the doctor that was very disappointing they had me see the nurse assistant twice
May 26 , 2016

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