Promedica Genito Urinary Surgeons LLC
2120 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606 (Directions)
1.9 out of 5
Promedica Genito Urinary Surgeons LLC
2120 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606 (Directions)

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1.9 out of 5
10 ratings, 10 reviews
This doctor is rude, obnoxious and arrogant. I told him my symptoms and he asked me, so what do you want me to do about it.
March 27 , 2019
It was an extreme effort to get him to explain anything. Lacks bedside manner. Condescending.
July 04 , 2007
Other reviews about quality of service are right...poor. And that is horrible when related to healthcare. Called to schedule appointment and was told 18 days to get appointment...okay. Asked for four pages to be mailed that scheduler said needed to be completed and was told 18 days wasn’t enough time for receiving the pages by mail because the request needs to be routed outside the doctor’s office and needs to be mailed from Detroit area. And that is simple compared to providing medical care.
January 04 , 2018
I had some post-surgical complications, and Dr. Pizza completely blew me off. I ended up hiring another urologist.
January 30 , 2017
Made my loved one wait too long to remove kidney, didnt get rid of infection. Wasnt truthful.
March 25 , 2009
I had an annual exam with Dr. Pizza, the nurse and the doctor both were rude and made me feel like I was wasting there time. I was a former patient of Dr. Navar and he had retired so I thought I would give Dr. Pizza a chance. Big mistake. I will be looking for a a new urologist.
March 14 , 2017
I was treated by Dr Pizza for an enlarged prostate. He performed TURP on me and despite telling me that side effects were not a worry, I was left incontinent. He also told me after the surgery I had prostate cancer. He offered no help on the incontinence. I went to another urologist and found out I did not have cancer, but none of the follow up treatments helped.
April 13 , 2017
Dr. PIZZA informed me that Foreskin is just an extra useless piece of skin. I explained that it was a very complex extremely useful part of male anatomy and he told me I was wrong and only useless skin. I was also diagnosed without an examination of which I was concerned about prostate cancer only telling me I was too young and not to worry!!
July 26 , 2019
The staff and doctor were very rude. The worst bedside manner. Did not even listen to my concerns.
March 15 , 2017
Years ago I had a positive experience with Dr. Pizza removing a stone in my ureter. Recently however he failed to identify a bladder cancer and missed abnormal cytology to diagnose it. There are likely more thorough urologists available.
November 08 , 2020

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Promedica Genito Urinary Surgeons LLC
2120 W Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606
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