1 Shrader St, Suite 560
San Francisco, CA 94117 (Directions)
2.8 out of 5
1 Shrader St, Suite 560
San Francisco, CA 94117 (Directions)

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2.8 out of 5
7 ratings, 7 reviews
Love my Doctor
September 02 , 2019
Dr Ernest R Rector is an Excellent Urologist,top tier across the board
June 18 , 2018
Doctor Rector listened and took time to find out what my concerns are, and scheduled me for a diagnostic procedure. They were able to fit me in very easily, and so far I am very satisfied.
November 07 , 2017
Extremely unsatisfactory experience. Dr. Rector insisted on multiple visits, at $50 a pop. He was extremely dismissive of my symptoms and didnt seem to be invested in finding a treatment or cure for me. Beside manner was not existent. When I finally convinced him to run the tests I needed, he referred me to a facility that did not accept my insurance after assuring me numerous times that it would. All in all, a huge waste of time, effort, and money, and worst of all of course, I am still sick.
October 16 , 2011
I would not recommend Dr. Rector to anyone. My experience with him was very unprofessional. I saw him once and he could not diagnose my symptoms. So he ordered some tests and then did not call me back with the results for three weeks until after I had left three messages. This in and of itself is unethical, but top it off with his office lying to me about the insurance they take and then billing me for my visit before Ive even gotten my test results back is absurd! DO NOT go to see Dr. Rector. Spend your money somewhere else (because youll likely be paying out of pocket since he lies about what insurance he takes).
November 02 , 2010
Really there is no manners and respect to patients by dr. rector at Saint Marys Hospital in San Francisco
October 08 , 2014
This is the worst urologist I had the unpleasant experience to have several appointments with and this --doctor-- doesnt help a patient at all and it is just concerned about getting money from patients or insurances.
September 24 , 2014

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Medical School - University Of California, San Francisco School Of Medicine, 1991
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1 Shrader St, Suite 560
San Francisco, CA 94117

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