Seasons Womens Health And Aesthetics
2319 SW 320th St
Federal Way, WA 98023 (Directions)
4.5 out of 5
Seasons Womens Health And Aesthetics
2319 SW 320th St
Federal Way, WA 98023 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
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I first saw Dr. Yamaki when I was having bleeding and needed an endometrial biopsy which a previous GYN said needed to be done during surgery. I have a problem with sedation and that doctor told me it was not her problem and I could go talk to the anesthesiologist, but that I'd have to be put under. (Having had no children I guess it was difficult to perform on me.) I heard good things about Dr. Yamaki and went to see her. She was very patient and able to take the biopsy sample in her office, with no sedation. She just took her time and was very gentle. She did a great job! I find Dr. Yamaki very straightforward and helpful on most health issues. She's a neat lady and I really like her style of interacting with patients.
August 03 , 2013
I don’t understand these bad reviews, but I personally trust Dr Yamaki for she is so nice to patients and very knowledgeable.
June 28 , 2018
Dr. Yamaki is my absolute all-time favorite doctor, period. I recommend all my friends to her. She was the delivering doctor for two of my three children, as well as helped me when I became the woman with the 'issue of blood'. I simply cannot say enough good things about Dr. Yamaki.
July 15 , 2011
Thank you for all you've done
January 02 , 2016
Dr. Yamaki is hands down amazing! She make you feel so comfortable and you can tell she truly cares about women’s health.
August 07 , 2019
I think Dr. Yamaki is an outstanding doctor! She performed a robotic hysterectomy on me in 2014. I had multiple fibroids and it was a very difficult surgery. Dr. Yamaki was patient and proceeded robotically verses making a large incision and opening me up. I recovered well with out any complications. She is very particular and very thorough! As long as she is practicing, I will never go to another GYN, she is very competent and truly cares about her pts.
March 08 , 2018
I have been a pt of Dr. Yamaki's for over 15 yrs. She is a perfectionist and always up on the latest research and technology. Her staff is on the ball! They all are very helpful in getting the information that I need, regardless of what it is. Dr. Yamaky REALLY takes the time to listen and look me in the eye. She wants the best for her pts. She's done only necessary surgeries and was the only gyn to diagnose and to help my endometriosis. I would not go to any other gyn. I LOVE her whole staff, especially Karen (who has been with her forever) and her office manager (who has also been with her for many, many years). Not a fan of her NP's though...I will only see Dr. Yamaki
January 29 , 2013
Terrible unfriendly
January 28 , 2016

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